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  1. its ok guys i found it just put "-nogui -cdfile" in default commad line for PCSXR to launch games 😎
  2. yes i cannot get pcsxr to launch a game from launchbox i have used the commands also not working... there should be a whole spread sheet with all the default commands for all emulators would come in very handy when configuring launchbox
  3. I am just wondering is there a way to change the default image when you exit a game in BigBox?
  4. I am having a similar problem i use a 4k monitor all scaling settings are set to 100% at 3840x2160... Everything else is fine but when i press the pause menu button the whole pause menu pops up the the upper left quadrant of the screen... also the manuals are the same when i press view manual it displays in the upper left quadrant any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Wow thanks you fixed my same issue... Launchbox recommended some default command line parameters but when i deleted them it launched the game straight away
  6. im having an issue where none of the bigbox cinematix are showing up in the drop down menu... any ideas?
  7. yea im getting the same when i exit a game i can see desktop for a few seconds just like yours but then it goes back to fullscreen after like 3 to 5 seconds... im using a 4k monitor and thought maybe it had something to do with scaling or something i dont know im puzzled
  8. Nice one man ill try that now thanks for the help
  9. Hey guys i have a collection of pdf magazines in my bigbox setup im just wondering is there a way to use the pdf reader built into bigbox to read them with the controller any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Emumovies is hands down the best option and its integrated with launchbox you gota pay like 20 bucks or something but its worth it to get all your videos for all systems it lasts a year too so plenty of time and they download automatically through launchbox is you have a paid account.
  11. That must be it @CriticalCid i think you cracked it im only on 7.0.1 i need to renew my licence HUGE thanks too all you guys for your help awesome community
  12. Ok guys so i re downloaded the theme i left everything as is. however all the game views have the default Bigbox background i checked and double checked all my platform names match the media file names for example my Nintendo 64 is named exactly Nintendo 64 in lunchbox and the background image file in the ..\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\ folder is also named Nintendo 64.png so why am i only seeing the default Bigbox background? that is why i started moving things around in the first place.
  13. Sure heres a link to a picture https://forums.launchbox-app.com/uploads/monthly_2018_04/sc0-1.thumb.jpg.76a2e54a39f83ba4982c0223e4a8dd5f.jpg you see how the background is all purple with a nice GameCube logo well mines just all black accept for the game box art and the video and game name wheel everything else works great just not the nice purple background its the same in all my consoles black background.
  14. Sorry i made a mistake calling them platform backgrounds i should have said game view backgrounds like when your cycling through your Super Nintendo games and there is a custom background with a super Nintendo logo in the background... well i cant get any of them to show up and they are named the same as my platforms in lunchbox i must have something wrong somewhere thanks for your help though
  15. Hey guys anybody know why or how my game view backgrounds will not show up? They are named the same as my platforms in launchbox i dumped them into the folder that has the read me file that says put backgrounds in here im at a loss nothing shows up only a black background i have followed every instruction to the letter am i missing something do i have to move the folder or something? if anyone has any idea at all your help would be greatly appreciated because its the coolest theme there is IMO huge thanks to @CriticalCid for making it its awesome
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