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Very slow.


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Hello everyone. Why Launchbox works so slow? .Bigbox works a little better but slow if we compare it with another frontend. I have I7 2800 3480ghz and gtx 960 4Gb. Although putting the media in a ssd along with launchbox is desperately slow in appearing covers and everything In the Bigbox every time I change the platform it takes a while to change the presentation video and if I move more than one platform, the one-by-one videos of the platforms that I have passed to appear to appear on the platform appear. I have configured everything well (Frontend and operating system). So slow is my system? .Put the roms in a HD implies so slow, considering that I have many games and platforms?. The program seems wonderful but I am Posing back to hyperspin as it does not have those speed issues. First of all give you the congratulations for this great frontend. I hope you can solve this problem although I think I have looked at everything. Many thanks.Sorry for the translation.


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So if you just moved everything, is your library still caching? That will eat up your CPU while it's happening, resulting in lower performance. The biggest factor for performance is your CPU, and compared to other front end software, we do a lot lot more in terms of features on the back end. Moving your install to an SSD wont actually give you a big enough performance boost to notice. I have my 29k library on a 5400RPM 8TB drive, and it runs fine. GPU does help, but mostly in Big Box mode. You do also have the minimum requirements for RAM for a 64bit OS, so the RAM LaunchBox or Big Box might want is also fighting with your OS. I would say to increase your RAM Size in the options to 4GB, but that's not really an option. You might actually perform better if you disabled it. It would mean your CPU and Hard Drive have more work to do as images are loaded, but your RAM is less taxed. I do also usually suggest that users have a CPU from within the last few years as well. While more performance boosts can always be had, we do have a higher requirement for a PC. I have seen users put LaunchBox on really really low end PC's, but your expectations need to also be at that same level. Follow this thread as well to help you get your PC in ship shape as well, this could also help out immensely, and it something you can do without looking at replacing hardware.



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Hello there

First of all, how many games you have in your LaunchBox collection?

Secondly, have you enabled RAM cache? LaunchBox>Tools>Options>scroll down to System and find RAM cache, allocate 1.5 Gigas if you have 4 G of total memory.

I have a six year old system, using an old AMD dual core CPU with 4G of RAM and a DDR3 GPU (very very weak) and I have no issues at all.

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1º- I have 59000 games.

2º- I have 16 Gb ram and 4Gb the ram cache.

3º-I have done everything that you have suggested to me. I have no choice but to change my system. Thanks for your help.

As a suggestion you could make the program improve in not so modern systems. In hyperspin everything is very fluid. I imagine there will be many differences of programming but fluency is very important for many people. Greetings and thanks.
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You have 59k games......... that's generally WELL above the average. So yes, performance might be taking a dip up that high, and there are certainly more things that can be done (merging games for example comes to mind), but yea. With a 2k series Intel CPU, 59k games is absolutely insane. That is a lot of data for your CPU to read.

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