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  1. I am reading Asimov's novels these days, and I concluded I want to live in an era where I ask myself if the person I just met is a robot or a real human
  2. Thanks @Kondorito , looking forward to your finished work to use it with my LaunchBox
  3. That is what bothers me the most, Indie devs who poured dedication and love into their projects getting drowned by all the trash. I guess Steam isn't a good place to publish your first Indie games anymore unless you have a ton of money to market your game. Guess I will just accept them if I found them at the moderation queue. At least I haven't found many of such submissions.
  4. Thanks Kondorito, I think Neutral Spanish is the best version since our language is used in many countries with different flavors of it. If you run into a problem or have a doubt about the translation let me know via message
  5. Hey there. Just reporting, the Spanish translation is seriously outdated, I stopped translating around a year ago and I cannot remember which was the last version I did. I do not recommend anyone using it, unless you want to have Spanglish all over your interface. I cannot give a date for it to be updated and revamped, sorry. I have been silently moderating the Games Database and I feel very comfortable doing that, is the thing I feel ok doing in this moment of my life. Just wanted to let you know Jason.
  6. Hey everyone, I have started to retake some moderation at the LB Games Database and I have one big question: How do you deal with the avalanche of trash and asset flip games that Steam has been accepting since last year? There are thousands of them and honestly, I kinda feel dirty adding them to this database since in my opinion they are worthless, even from an artistic and historical point of view. Of course the problem comes with subjectivity. How each one determine what is trash, everyone has their own standards. Wanted to hear some opinions or official stance about this.
  7. How in the heavens did Mario Kart 8 got in there lol? Thanks for posting these images, I am noticing a lot of context and translations improvements I need to implement. I haven't used the playlist feature at all and I need to know what function each thing has in order to provide context Edit: @Jason Carr I clicked Edit instead of Quote and deleted @flores9 images!!! Incredibly dumb mistake I made. I can't find a way to rollback the edit, I sent a message to flores9 to apologize what can I do to fix this?
  8. Oh! hehe I just saw that... hopefully gets fixed
  9. Playlists are now available for premium users! The arcade platform is now automatically split up into various playlists Platforms can now be custom sorted with a new Sort Title field Las Listas de Reproducción ya están disponibles para usuarios premium! La plataforma de arcade ahora está automaticamente separada en varias listas de reproducción Las plataformas ahora pueden ser ordenadas al gusto con el nuevo campo Ordenar por Título Translations: 7.8 Spa
  10. As far as I know, due to games database scrapping, those fields cannot be translated, since the database only has English text for now.
  11. I'll try to get them tomorrow!
  12. I am only on a good mood hehe Sorry for invading your thread lordmonkus, feel free to hide all these
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