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help with command line for CPM Box emulator (for Amstrad PCW)


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Hello. I am trying to load a game on the emulator CPM Box.....for the Amstrad PCW system.

Here are the available command lines.

The actual commandline options are (you can use - or / and they are executed sequentially):
/A name.dsk  ->  Insert a disk in A drive (eject the actual floppy before). Use a '.' (dot) for empty drive.
/B name.dsk  ->  The same for B drive.
/E -> "Synchro" the emulator state (Stop the emulator and toggle to window mode).
/F -> Toggle between window and full screen mode.
/G -> Toggle Fast mode.
/O -> Toggle emulator between pause/play
/P A V -> Poke in the memory address 'A' (absolute address) the value 'V', both values are in hexadecimal.
/R -> Reset the PCW
/S name.pcw  -> Load the snapshot name.pcw.
/T -> Simulate keypress. You can use the char '#' for escape codes (in hexadecimal), for example #0D for carriage return, ...
/W time -> Wait 'time' miliseconds in emulation time.

Would somebody who is more familiar with command line use help me figure out how to load a game?

i tried: -S cosarios.pcw -O......and it load the game but then i get an "waiting for command error"

i also do not know the placeholder for the romname? is it %romname% %file% etc?


thanks in advance



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