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  1. is there a way to add music to "platform category" screens? thanks either way
  2. Not as good as yours....but have this to share...just fyi
  3. thanks a ton! if you are really bored and could do an "Others" platform category......that would be great thanks either way in advance craig
  4. All fair points...but I think I kinda like seeing the "real" controller as well....... still a WIP..........
  5. I think I will add pic of the "real" controller as well.....
  6. Just sharing. Below is the PSD file..... Game Controller Template_.psd
  7. i have the marquee option working on my second screen. awesome! it is currently set up by romname.png is there any way to do this on a platform level (i.e. all 3DO games display same marquee image)? thanks either way
  8. i do not know how to make one.....so if you ever feel the urge to do it......i would be grateful thanks either way....... craig
  9. Hello. Thanks in advance. Does anybody know of a program/plugin/photoshop PSD that could be used to create images of xbox360 controller and how it applies to certain platform (NES, genesis etc) something like the pic below? thank you very much craig
  10. (in launchbox)right click the system/platform and select edit down at the bottom is a category option
  11. thank you. sorry i did not figure that out......
  12. how to add new categories? (i.e. console, handheld, foreign handhelds etc) thanks in advance. great update today!!!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Pel Varazdin Orao GENERIC Tape Covers
  14. Pel Varazdin Orao GENERIC Tape Covers View File Pel Varazdin Orao GENERIC Tape Covers Submitter craiganderson Submitted 05/12/2017 Category Game Box Art  
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