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error with super nintendo entertainment system\screenshot-gamplay


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That last image, those settings are for sharing folders across networks, it's completely unrelated.

Lets try and see if UAC is enabled first. So click your start menu, type in "UAC" (no quotes), and then click on User Accounts. Click on "Change User Account Control Settings", the one with the blue and yellow shield next to it. Drag the slider in the new window all the way down, click yes and do what it asks. If that still doesn't help, follow these directions. Option 1 and 2 might work, but I think the best one is Option 4. So go down to 4, and replace the registry key they show off here with the hard drive you're having troubles with. Follow that all the way through. When you get to the step where you need to enter in your name, it can be one of two or three things, it's kind of complicated. I had the best results when I would put in my Microsoft e-mail, the one that I used to log in to in Windows 10. You linked a Microsoft e-mail to the OS, and I find that that's the best; it seems to be the most overriding identifier for your account. Otherwise, if you didn't or you want to add a second line to be safe, it would be your account name (similar to what they showed off).


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Hi brad just in from work .was hoping to try and setup my big box to run through my steam link.i did manage to join the Launchbox  chat group in steam.though I couldn't get anyone to chat with.i noticed that you are on this also.so my question is if you can is .have you any walk through links that tells me how to setup Launchbox to run through my steam 

any help is always appesiated thanks 

 graham green .    ( callstanley247)


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