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Version 7.9 - Released April 11, 2017

- New Premium Feature: Platform Categories are now accessible in Big Box! You can choose "View Platform Categories" in the main menu, and platform categories can be made the default view on startup in the view options.

- New Premium Feature: Nested Filters are now available in Big Box as well! You can filter any games list in Big Box by pretty much any field or combination of fields. This includes keyboard and button shortcuts and a menu item listed in the alphanumeric navigation.

- New Premium Feature: New options are available under Options > Image Cache in Big Box to force populate all cache images. This should help especially on lower-end devices like the GPD Win, where the device is too slow to do it during normal operation.

- New Feature: Platform categories can now be edited with a sort title, video, etc. via the side bar in LaunchBox

- Improvement: Five new platform category images are included by default with LaunchBox, thanks to GiantTitan from the forums :)

- Improvement: Theme videos can now be downloaded for platform categories as well using Tools > Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos

- Improvement: Empty games lists in Big Box should now show "no games found" instead of an empty list

- Improvement: A new Arabic translation is available thanks to MajKSA from the forums! :)

- Improvement: Added missing field "Broken" to playlist auto-filters and nested filters

- Improvement: Hide/Unhide is now available in Big Box in the game details view

- Improvement: Added a new "CurrentTime" binding to all views in Big Box for custom themes

- Improvement: Big Box CoverFlow performance has been marginally improved; also, for lower end machines such as the GPD Win, the reflections are what cause performance issues and can now be turned off under Big Box > Options > Images > CoverFlow Reflection Opacity. Set the opacity to 0% to drastically improve performance.

- Improvement: Hide Taskbar is no longer the default for Big Box since it seems to cause some rare issues on some systems, specifically when coming back to Big Box from a game (thanks to Charco for figuring this out)

- Fixed: Playlists in Big Box were not switching image types correctly

- Fixed: Controller automation was occasionally causing issues with Big Box when closing out of certain emulators

- Fixed: When selecting a platform, platform category, or playlist in the sidebar in LaunchBox and no previous image type had been selected for that item, LaunchBox was not using the default image type but rather it was using the image type that was used for the previous selection

- Fixed: Playlists were not looking at additional apps when populating the games in the lists

- Fixed: When creating automatic arcade playlists, some non-arcade games were ending up in the list

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