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PS4 Controller Setup for multiple emulators


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I have four PS4 controllers and have been using them wired into my emulation PC with Launchbox. Things are working great for a number of emulators, but I'm having trouble with a few and often losing my mapping in a few as well.

For some reason I'm having trouble getting the mappings correct in MAME, I had things working well and setup the coin buttons and start and such, but strangely after some time the mappings just completely reset.... I'm wondering if that might have to do with me updating Launchbox/BigBox? I'm not sure if controller settings get wiped when that happens, but I can't think of any other reasons.

Also I'm running into problems getting controls to map well with N64 games, especially multiplayer. I tried Goldeneye out with a few friends and it was super frustrating trying to get the controls to map properly across controllers. Player 1 settings would be perfect, then when attempting to set the same controls for the other player controllers, the behavior was completely different. I can get more specific about what's happening, but wanted to post something specific to PS4 controllers here to see if anyone who is using multiple PS4 controllers might have any tips for getting a good setup going?

Are there any general tutorials out there for PS4 controllers or anyone with some helpful insight? Thanks.

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So, if you use multiple controllers, it's not that they're losing their bindings, the internal ID's change. It's a Windows thing that we can't do anything about. So if you have two controllers plugged in, I don't remember what triggers it, but your bindings would essentially switch. If you're playing single player games, just leave one plugged in.

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