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  1. This looks awesome! 👏 Great work @Zombeaver When I was real young I'd beg my parents to get some specific game from a store, spent a lot of years as a kid going to friends houses and copying/trading games, going to local meetups and Commodore groups doing the same, and eventually downloading lots off BBS's. There are so many great games out there, but also many poorly made games! I remember being real excited getting a new game at a store or trading a stack of disks with friends only to find a bunch were awful. But the good ones are really really good! And still find myself playing C64. There's a mystique around the machine and whole experience and those years that I can't seem to shake. I kinda sorta started doing this same thing years ago but stopped at not too many letters of the alphabet in, there's just so much. I know I made some of my own custom video snaps for the handful of games in my Launchbox collection, and would be more than happy to share any of those with you if it helps at all. Super looking forward to your project and glad you are putting the effort in for this, it will make a ton of people happy.
  2. I have another PC with Launchbox on it and was able to import Steam games just fine with that one using the same account. So there is some issue that is local to my main game PC it seems. I checked my firewall settings and all the Steam entries are set to allow traffic through. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Steam, this did not help to resolve. Also downgraded from v9.3 beta 1 to 9.2 standard, and still have the same issue with Steam games. Hoping someone might have some additional ideas of something to check or troubleshoot.
  3. I just attempted importing a Steam Game using Tools > Import > Steam Games, when it gets past the portion to download images and such I receive: I added a few new games just a week or so ago and there weren't any issues. My account is public, and have an API key entered. I'm able to log in and access Steam just fine through the Windows app and the website, and the games play through the Steam Windows application. Just can't import anything into Launchbox, any ideas?
  4. Yikes, that's a bit embarrassing to realize... 🙄 I apparently need a great deal more coffee this morning, thank you for that @Belgarath I am a bit curious how this issue came about, likely something I did at some point (?) but again, not sure.
  5. I am not sure how long it's been this way on my setup or why/how, but in Platform Categories I am seeing all of my Platforms listed as individual entries (outside of the core Arcade, Computers, Consoles, and Handhelds categories). I wanted to organize my games in a different way with nesting, and then discovered this issue. I thought the easiest thing to do would be just right click and delete the category from Platform Categories, however after doing this for a few it also removed the Platform itself. For instance Atari 2600 was in Platform Categories, right clicked the platform and received: If I edit the Platform Category and check the root settings I'm seeing: Removing it from those brings Finally deleting the Platform Category by clicking 'Yes' on the first screenshot above removes the category but also the platform of Atari 2600 itself. I then have to re-import all my roms, which resolves the issue (Atari 2600 is listed in Platforms and no longer exists in Platform Categories as a separate listing of Atari 2600), but would rather not have to go through that last step of having to re-import everything. I guess my question is, is there a way to remove something listed in Platform Categories that I don't want to be there, without having to remove the platform itself and re-import my roms? From what I understand the default categories are Arcade, Computers, Consoles, and Handhelds. I have those, but for some reason also have all my Platforms listed outside of those categories too and wanted to just remove those from the categories list. For instance as shown below, Commodore 64 (among others) is an entry in Platform Categories outside of the Computers category.
  6. I'm not sure if this kind of idea has already been proposed or exists somewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere and thought I'd post. Was thinking about how it would be amazing to be able to access a web based page that lists your current game collection, broken down into the same platforms or systems that you have installed, and information about each game. Also the ability to filter on the same types of things like 2 player or 4 player, run searches etc. The idea in my mind for using this would be to have a tablet or ipad, pull up the page and scroll through what's installed to learn more about a game. This would be perfect for when multiple people are over and those that aren't actively playing can browse what else is installed and pick what's next to play. This would also be for sharing with other people to see what you have installed, or to look for yourself online when not using your launchbox setup and to confirm what you do/do not have. I can see how this (in theory) wouldn't be too terribly difficult to extract the information from launchbox to translate to a web page. It would be amazing to be able to have image and video previews and such, basically a web based access to how Launchbox or Big Box looks and accesses your collection, but only to view the things you have installed. Really just throwing out an idea here, I'm not developing anything but thought something like this would be pretty cool if it were possible. Almost seems like if this were possible / allowed, someone could host images and such (again no clue on what is legal or not or the 'who' would be for this idea) and provide a place with the main infrastructure, and ability to upload whatever would be necessary from your specific setup to the site which would populate your own collection page under your account.
  7. I have had the exact same issue with the stuttering startup sound. I disabled it recently since it was pretty annoying. Never thought about posting about it until I saw this thread, and it appears others are experiencing it. Any ideas on this?
  8. I have a question that I couldn't seem to find an answer for. Is this possible using the Default theme? For some reason when I edit the View and add the necessary edits and save, then launch BigBox, it clears the edits and reverts to its original state. Not quite sure if it's my settings, or just the fact that it isn't possible with the default theme.
  9. I love using the save states in CCS64! I have all my favorites setup this way to skip the loading / cracktros. I believe it was Zombeaver that suggested that, and thanks again.
  10. Thanks, when I imported my roms and connected to emumovies (lifetime subscription) it only found a pretty small handful. I do have them named properly. For the 2600 packs, are these intended to download and place manually (i.e. they won't normally be found when searching in Launchbox)?
  11. Hey all, by chance, does anyone have a good set of Gameplay videos and image media for Atari 2600 Prototypes and Homebrew games? If you would be willing to share these at all, I would be interested. Thanks!
  12. Hey @pattonthompson - I did not, I kind of left this here hoping an admin or someone on the Launchbox dev team might look into the Launchbox DB play mode issue... I didn't see any response yet, does anyone know who might be best to ask for issues like this?
  13. It looks like you are right, I just spot checked a handful of 'Multiplayer' Play Mode games from various console systems and computers, and the Launchbox DB entries are all showing Max Players with specific values the same as any of the Arcade systems, but appear in Launchbox as Multiplayer. For instance Barbarian for the Amiga in Launchbox under edit mode: Clicking on the Launchbox DB ID on the top right, it shows Max Players = 2: The Arcade games appear to be the only ones that show the Max Players properly. Checking Aero Fighter for instance in Launchbox DB ID Page, it shows Max Players = 2 just like the Amiga game: But in Launchbox it shows as 2-Player Simultaneous: Curious if anyone in Launchbox development might possibly be able to take a look at this issue? In my opinion I think this would make a lot of sense to have the other consoles and systems show the proper Play Mode and number of players, rather than Multiplayer. It would be prettty awesome to have all systems/consoles etc display this way. Also thanks for pointing that out @Junky B
  14. Hey all, I have been compiling some 'best of' lists for 2-4 player simultaneous gameplay games for a number of systems. I started with Amiga and am moving to others, which made me think - maybe I shouldn't reinvent the wheel and might ask around here if anyone has put together a decent list themselves for multiple systems? I guess I mean specifically games that 2 or more players can play simultaneously or at once (possibly cooperatively too), rather than 2-4 player alternating taking turns (that could be another list). It's kind of easy for systems like Arcade, most games have the 2-3-4 player simultaneous tags filled in, which is awesome to use to filter when I have several people over. I've found some great games I never knew about this way that were fun to play. But for systems like Amiga, if you open Launchbox box click on Amiga, then arrange by 'Play Mode', it shows None, Cooperative, Multiplayer, Single Player. It's kinda sorta helpful but doesn't narrow it down quite enough, and have to play through them or run through a manual or look up info online to see ahead of time etc. This was a pretty good start for Amiga games that support 4 joysticks at this link: https://ftp.fau.de/aminet/docs/misc/FourPlayerGames_EN.pdf - but after an hour or so of manually scraping information online on which games were specifically 2 player or 3 or 4 etc, it just felt like this would be a massive undertaking for multiple systems. I also kind of sort of have a life too, regardless of how much I'd love to have my games arranged like it makes sense to have them in my mind. I think most other consoles and such categorize games into single player/ coop / multiplayer if I'm not mistaken (I just spot checked a number and it seems to be the case). Well anyways just thought I'd start a thread for any discussion on this, if anyone cares to add. Once I get my Amiga games sorted out into some tried and true lists I will do my best to contribute some playlists here. That is, unless someone already did this and I haven't come across it yet.
  15. Thanks @harryoke - I'm already seeing a few things on that page that help, I appreciate it.
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