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Hey guys! After my hiatus over the past few months due to real life circumstances, I'm still playing catchup on all the new features added into LB/BB. With that said, I still have a few questions mostly to do with adding new platforms/categories and playlists.


For starters, if a wanted to make a new Category/platform called "Game Series" or something like that and add all of my custom playlists in there such as Zelda, Castlevania, Mega Man, etc. How would I go about doing this? I haven't actually made any playlists yet due to the fact that I'm not quite sure how to set them up the way I want.


My next question is related to Creating the missing Arcade sub platforms (Capcom Classics, Nintendo Classics, etc). How exactly does this work? Do I need to have those games already in my Arcade setup? What if I'm missing titles related to those platforms? The reason I ask is because my MAME set is trimmed down quite a bit and I'm not sure everything required to create those missing playlists is there.


If someone could give me a brief rundown of how this stuff works that would be great! All I'm seeing under tools is the option to create the missing Arcade playlists. I don't see anything about creating a new platform/category...



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In LaunchBox, on the left, go to the top drop down and select Playlists. On the right, right click and select "Add Playlists". From here you can set them up based on certain rules, and set their category. Once a Playlist is made you can edit them as well.

If you already have MAME set up, then you can go to Tools -> Create Missing MAME Playlists. This will just create playlists based on the games you have imported. As long as things imported correctly in LaunchBox, then the games that were imported should be put in to their proper playlists.

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