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    These are FANTASTIC! Really well done! Was looking for new assets to freshen up my Big Box setup after months of not being in use when I came across these. I do hope there's more for other platforms on the way.. Nice work!
  1. I too would be interested in knowing the process for adding non-installed Windows games to LB that just have a .exe. Stuff like fan-made games, etc. None of the importers work for me as none of these games are "Installed" and pining them to the start menu doesn't work either.
    Good stuff! I like the "Uniform" look of these and would like to see more of. Mega Man, Metroid, Mario, Zelda, etc.
  2. Yes, these are available with EmuMovies subscription only. They own the content.
  3. Mega Man Legacy Collection Bezels for RetroArch View File Here are the 6 Overlays/Borders used in Mega Man LC recreated for use with RetroArch and using the Bezel Project NES template. Enjoy! Submitter Riffman81 Submitted 02/10/2019 Category Game Media  
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Here are the 6 Overlays/Borders used in Mega Man LC recreated for use with RetroArch and using the Bezel Project NES template. Enjoy!
  5. That simple huh? ? thanks. At work now but will do that in the morning once I’m home. Just wanted to get some feedback tonight as I was expecting it to be a much larger problem. Thanks again @neil9000
  6. So last night I just started getting these types of errors upon launching LaunchBox. These didn’t start until I rolled back from the last beta version to the lates stable release. I decided to snap a photo with my phone of the type of errors I keep getting as there were to many popping up to screen capture all of them. They are all related to VLC and plugins related to VLC. Any ideas? The attached photo is of the first error that comes up.
    It's been awhile since I've posted a review on anything. This theme definitely got my attention and will be a permanent fixture on both my cab and my gaming PC for BigBox! Love the attention to detail, uniform look, and high quality art! Job VERY well done!!
  7. The link provided only gives the Sharp X68000 Overlays... any chance we can get a link to the full pack? Nice job on these! :)
    The theme that rules them all IMO. Nice work to everyone involved!
  8. Is this an actual playable game? Last I heard it was just a sample of the Unreal engine... As for box art and other media, I'd imagine it'll have to be made.
  9. Thanks for the updates @Lordmonkus I'll get these added to the set and hopefully get videos done for them this week.
  10. I think @CriticalCid might have posted a tutorial... can’t remember though. My setup uses scripts to kind of automate the conversion/encoding process so it really only works for me as everyone uses different programs for videos. In fact, my setup is basically the same thing cid was using but I’ve made some slight modifications. If you’ve emptied out the FTP then you pretty much have everything that’s been done to the best of my knowledge. The only big set of themes that still needs to be done is the PC (Windows) platform which I don’t plan on doing to be honest. I don’t own many of those games and I don’t believe proper video snaps have been done for those as most of what I can find are just game trailers ripped from YouTube. I have some PS1, Wii, and GameCube themes on the way but very little has been made for those platforms so I’ve been holding off and putting those out in hopes I can add to them... What we really need is more people to actually make the themes as all myself and cid have done is simply made them available in video format. With cinematic themes being the new standard in video themes now, I doubt that there will be any new interest in old 4:3 HyperSpin themes.
  11. Slow but steady man... not sure what you mean by “work harder” as I have very little time to devote to this hobby but try to do as much as I can when I can.
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