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Geometry error in Crystal Caves running in dosbox imported from Steam


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I have a problem with the game Crystal Caves when importing it from Steam to Launchbox.

The game is from the 3D Realms Anthology-Steam Edition package. I have seen that most of this games is installed together with dosbox when they are installed to Steam and it is not the original 0.74 DOSBox, it is the SVN-Daum Dosbox which I have as a default dosbox as well in Launchbox.

The problem here is when importing this game from Steam to Launchbox is that the geometry of the Crystal Caves screen is wrong. The screen is too big to fit in the dosbox window. This is not the case with the other games from this package, they looks completely right. So I wonder what's the problem here?

As I want to have all my games in my Launchbox folder I copy the Steam game folders to my Launchbox Games/MS-DOS folder and all the dos games from this 3D Realms Anthology packae works correct except Crystal Caves. Why? I have tried to fix the resolution and all those options with no luck. Any suggestions?

The game works flawless, it's just the screen how is too big...I uploaded 2 screenshots. The first is the screenshot of the game running in Launchbox and the second is when I play from Steam. It is the second screen I want to have, also when playing from launchbox.

I run on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit. 

I appreciate all the help I can get!




In Launchbox.png

In Steam.png

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