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  1. I can confirm this as well. I hate Comcast, but I have no other alternative.
  2. There are a few here. Vikings 'Colorful' videos he is working on would be a good one to investigate. He has a number of templates and resources to read about what would be required to help. Another Viking related thread are the Silver Ring logos. Users request new additions to his original release all the time. @sundogak has picked up creating new art for this, and I'm sure he would appreciate some help. @seaview59 also is the go to person for clear logo creation requests and LaunchBox art submissions to the database. He also might appreciate some help. Just search for those threads here on the forum for reference.
  3. Welcome! Maintaining and collecting original console hardware, games, carts, optical media can be great fun. I used to do it myself, but as time marched on, hardware dies, plus my wife & I have downsized which made keeping all the hardware I had impossible. Now, many have the space and disposable cash so they can keep their collection for their entire lives, and that is great. Some will have to make a decision very similar to your topic, sooner, or later. I sold nearly my entire collection (keeping only a couple of consoles which are on display only positions on my shelves). I have no regrets. I am 99.9% emulation now. I collect all the associated art for my collection like I used to do with actual boxes, flyers, etc. I also dabble in creating my own art because you will always find holes in your art collection. There are numerous loose collections of private and open 'teams' that work on art for free, and out of respect of the history of the hobby. Many users have ways of receiving donations for their work, which I fully respect and support. Many others just do it for the users for free (what I do). Consider joining in on those who do this as it can be a lot of fun. Even if you don't have any artistic experience, you can find ways of developing the skill required. Finally, there are some modern hardware solutions which some users here also take advantage of. Mister is one example, https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki
  4. Man, I go away for a few days, come back, then see all the good stuff you keep adding. Thanks much, good sir.
  5. Sorry, can't answer your question, but I am curious why you still need to use AAE to run vector games? The latest MAME runs them wonderfully, and you can configure the vector parameters easily to get the look you want.
  6. Have you tried: >python "F:\Video Snaps\script.py"
  7. That is going to be tough for renaming utilities since the long name and the MAME rom names are so different. Your best bet is to find a clear logo pack that already uses the rom name format for the files. EmuMovies and/or the Hyperspin site are good places to start your search.
  8. You may have to use the keyboard to start some games. Reference a game manual for specific usage instructions.
  9. Your best bet for Yacreader is the official website. There is a FAQ and a forum.
  10. You can download it from 3rd party web sites. I have compared the installer with my old installer I downloaded from the old, official web site, and so far the files have matched.
  11. Comic Utility Belt is pretty straight forward. Just follow the different sections starting at the top and select what type of operation to perform in the lower section. Having said that, I really recommend you reconsider trying to use LaunchBox to organize comic books. It really is more trouble than it is worth. Like DOS76 said earlier, maintaining, adding, etc., becomes unsustainable very quickly. ComicRack is the way to go, and following ComicRackManual will give you all the info you need on setting it up, using it, adding comics, etc. https://sites.google.com/site/comicrackmanual/ You can always call ComicRack from LaunchBox/Bigbox for a pretty seamless experience after getting ComicRack configured.
  12. Here is the Cave extraction batch file I created for myself. _MAME to Cave (05-10-2020) (dragon57).zip
  13. Hey, nothing wrong for using what works for you, or for once using HS. I have 5 machines with arcade type front ends on them currently. One still has my original HS install on it. It is all working well, so no reason to wipe and reinstall yet. Two have LB/BB on it; one has the betas so I can test in my environment, and one with a stable release. The last two have Attract Mode which seems to run better on older hardware and requires less memory and hardware horsepower while still offering quite a bit of eye candy. Welcome! Glad you are here.
  14. @CitznFish, here is a bit of history that will hopefully be helpful. At the time of creation, we try to use the most current no-intro dat file, if available. Having said that, the no-intro dat files aren't always going to match a set that was created some time ago because the No-Intro team make name changes, so the dat info evolves over time. What was correct 2-3 years ago may not be correct today. Also, the early sets were manually checked by a project member. Today, the names are checked by an app before release. Errors can creep in, but hopefully recent bezel packs have must closer naming than the early sets. You can correct the naming two different ways. 1. Rename your roms to match our cfg file names, or, 2. Rename the cfg files to match your rom names using your utility of choice. Generally I would recommend #2 (rename the cfg under ...\retroarch\config only, you do not have to rename anything under ...\retroarch\overlays\GameBezels). Finally, once the group members have made it to the end of our to-do list, the intent is to go back and update anything that needs it, including updating file names, if needed.
  15. On long threads, I personally always start at the end and work my way back. That usually gets rid of the out-of-date stuff. Look for my replies for pertinent info since I am the creator of the Windows app.
  16. Just wanted to make sure you had seen it since you hadn't mentioned it, and because the Retroarch question you asked is covered multiple times in that thread.
  17. @CitznFish, please read over this thread as it should cover just about any question related to the Bezel Project:
  18. Try here: http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&p=44551&viewfull=1#post44551
  19. I have both of those in my Nostalgia additions sets:
  20. @masterfulmethods, I wouldn't mind helping out. I parse xml files quite often here. Shoot me a PM when you have some time.
  21. That isn't a MAME feature. It is the torrent client that performs that process.
  22. Indeed he is! Thanks so much for your continued work on this, JV.
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