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Is it possible to have Recent/favorites games AND game theme video at the same time on BB?


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Everything is in the title. I tried several custom themes and chose my fav view for each platform, but I realy would like to have a view where i have the platform video, and the recent/favorites games for the platform, instead of the details of the platform. 


Is it possible?

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It's nearly perfect, but either I have the video's music and my favorites and recents game, or the video and the music, but only the recent games, not the favorites.


Instead of the background theme's video with the favorites and the recent games, I'd love to have the platform's theme video :/ 

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I just noticed that for some platforms, it works exactly as i wanted, for the sega genesis i have video, music for that video, favorites, and recent games, and even a photo of the console, but for playstation i only have the music of the video, and the favs and recents games :/ Why?



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All themes have several different views and although those two pics look like the same view they are probably different views (one supports videos one doesn't). You can cycle through the different views in the settings, or set change view to a controller button i have it on Y. That way i can just hit Y to cycle the views. Also there is a option to have different views for different platforms and you probably have that option switched on.

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