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  1. neil9000

    HUUUUUUGE bug in Launchbox

    my system says/.....
  2. neil9000

    HUUUUUUGE bug in Launchbox

    ermm, im not sure which part to get spanked.:)
  3. neil9000

    HUUUUUUGE bug in Launchbox

    bloody Aussies. give the commonwealth a pick first would ya??
  4. Erm, with all due respect,maybe you should actually read what was said????
  5. neil9000

    Nothing seems to be working

    Then maybe bulk edit your games, like i suggested earlier?
  6. neil9000

    Virus detection.

  7. neil9000

    Virus detection.

  8. neil9000

    Nothing seems to be working

    any difference there???
  9. neil9000

    Does a Namco N2 / Es3 Emulator actually exist?

    Welcome to emulating "sort" of current systems.
  10. neil9000

    Nothing seems to be working

    Have you told MAME the location of your romset? MAME has to know this, but it seems like you know enough about the process to be aware of this already right?
  11. neil9000

    Nothing seems to be working

    If you imported them to work with retroarch you need to bulk edit the games to use another emulator. Do you have a MAME fullset? did you use the fullset importer? I dont currently, but have used a dual shock 4 with both ds4 windows and input mapper and they always worked just fine. nowhere ever have we claimed that, Launcbox, as you may tell from the name is a launcher, you tell it where your games are and where your emulator is, Launchbox then passes the game via commandline to the emulator. If the emulator requires setting up to some extent, which some do, then that is on you im afraid. As i said Launchbox has no more interaction with the emulator other than passing the rom to it.
  12. neil9000

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    You dont need visual studio for themes. I believe @CriticalCid created all his themes by just coding the .xaml by itself.
  13. neil9000

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    I havent seen @Grila around to much lately, and of course i do not speak for him in any way. That said, i don't think he would ever give a release date, he is a done when it's done kinda guy, and as he said earlier in the thread he is actually making this for his personal use/build, with no guarantee of it being released to the community. Which is fine by me, @Grila has been a godsend here with the themes he has released and the general courteous and honest reply's to comments/requests on his other themes and plugins. If he chooses to finish this theme but keep it to himself, then that is entirely his choice, and i for one thank him for his contributions to this community thus far. So i would say at this point to not hold your breath for a release, but who knows. Also he already has some themes available for low specced hardware if that is specifically what you are after.
  14. neil9000

    HUUUUUUGE bug in Launchbox

    Also if you are scraping the Launchbox database AND emumovies at the same time you will also get duplicate images as often the same images are on both services but with different hashes/file types.
  15. neil9000

    PC-Engine Supergrafx 16 Mediadata

    You have imported them to the wrong platform, you have them as PC Engine SuperGrafx, that is a different system to PC Engine. That is why it wont find the games, wrong system. EDIT: Import them as NEC TurboGrafx 16.
  16. neil9000

    NES roms not launching through Retroarch

    Cool, glad i could help. Those defaults are there for simplicity of getting up and running, and for a lot of systems are the cores i would recommend myself, but not all of them. I use mesen as well for example and Higan for SNES. so if you ever want to change any just head there and pick what you specifically want to use.
  17. neil9000

    NES roms not launching through Retroarch

    You are correct in your assumption,Launchbox has nestopia as the default core for NES, you need to change it to mesen. Go to tools/manage emulators and double click retroarch, go to the associated platform tab and find NES it will say nestopia. Double click that and it will open a dropdown of cores, pick mesen.
  18. neil9000

    Frustrating installation

    I don't expect you will get any help on these forums for that issue, i would try the Lionhead or The Movies forums, or a simple google search of your issue.
  19. neil9000

    Imported Roms Not Showing Up

    Yes you can manually add it, but it wont be added with the fullset importer as it is marked as "Prelimary" by MAME themselves, so is skipped by the importer.
  20. neil9000

    9.3-beta-1 Released

    Sorry my bad, that was the previous poll, here is the most recent one.
  21. Version 1.0.4


    Important: You will need Launchbox 9.2 Beta 1 or above in order to use this Startup Theme!!!!!! Version 1.0.2: I have increased the image sizes and included some more CD based systems in the folder. Version 1.0.3 New: Moved images around and added two new ones. There are now three images on the top row from left to right, 3D Box, Clear Logo, Screenshot. The bottom row will have in the bottom right either a Cart Front or spinning disc depending on the system. If you have a disc system i have not included you can just copy/paste one of the existing disc system xaml's and change the name to match your system. V 1.04 New: Added shutdown screen. Important: Launchbox 9.2 Beta 4 or above is required for V 1.04 and above. Simply unzip the downloaded file to Launchbox/StartupThemes, and in Launchbox go to Tools/Options/Game Startup and use the dropdown to select the theme. This was tested at 1080p resolution, i can not guarantee it will work at other resolutions.
  22. neil9000

    Deleting non imported MAME games

    I thought that was pretty clear, but meh.