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  1. Tools/Options/Game Details, make sure video is checked.
  2. Mine shows as a xinput/bluetooth device. Of course i paired it in xinput mode.
  3. Working fine here, i just set the pause screen to the guide button and it works great in Retroarch. If you had to actually enable the controller first back out of the options and then go back in and try. I had controllers off, and after turning it on and selecting it i couldnt change any buttons at all. Backing out then going back into options worked fine.
  4. I have the same controller, let me connect it and have a look.
  5. Just go to options/Game controllers/mapping and press add next to the item you want, then a button on your controller, couldnt be easier.
  6. I have mine set to Kempston also, as you say it was the most used interface. You will need to press the correct spectrum key to start a game with that though and its different per game. It will say on the title screen press "insert key here" to start with kempston, so just bring up the keyboard overlay with back/select and press the corresponding button to start the game. Dizzy here for example says "press K for kempston" on the title screen. So bring up the overlay and press K.
  7. Actually its possible its your motherboard or your connection/cable, that IGPU does do 4K60 but you need either a HDMI 2.0 port and cable, or display port. Standard HDMI ports and standard HDMI cables that are not 2.0 certified can often do 4K30, but they dont have the bandwidth for 4K60. If i was you i would look into it, it could be that your motherboard supports 4K60, but you simply have a non spec HDMI cable without the needed bandwidth to transmit 4K60. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/80806/intel-core-i7-4790-processor-8m-cache-up-to-4-00-ghz.html
  8. Sounds perfect for a user created plugin if you ask me, to scrape the ID from the URL on demand with a simple right click context item.
  9. Yes it is using the RetroAchievements API. Jason would have to comment on the more technical issues of that though. Looking at the thread for the bitbucket you linked the other guys example of Ys III not showing correctly, they show for me just fine in Launchbox and Retroarch.
  10. It may not strictly be a matching issue. Retro Achievements nearly always use the original rom for achievements. So if your default roms being launched in Launchbox are (rev 1) (rev a) etc then that is simply the wrong rom and not strictly a matching issue. I use Retro Achievements myself and its very rare that i find they are not working, and in those cases i just change the default rom launched to the "original" one and not a revision.
  11. Hmm, fair enough i guess, but that is what the hotkey button is for in Retroarch, so you can use any buttons on the controller while holding another. In my case i have select/back as the hotkey then i can use every other button on the controller for Retroarch functions if i so need. Whatever works for you though i guess.
  12. Thats what core/game/content overides are for, you havent actually needed to specifically load configs in Retroarch for a long time. Just load a game in a core, change any settings you want and save a override that will be autoloaded on future launches
  13. That sounds like a permissions issue as if the Platform isnt written to the xml as it should be when Launchbox is closed. Have a look in Launchbox/Data/Platforms/ for your nes xml, right click and go to properties and make sure its not set to read only for some reason.
  14. You can download to wherever you like.
  15. To add, if you want to hand pick specific games like it seems that you do, then get the Non-Merged set. While it is indeed twice the size every game.zip will have all the files it needs to run, so picking out specific games to import is possible with that set. Picking out individual games from other sets is much more problematic as like i said in my previous post games will rely on files that are inside of other game zips as thats how it keeps that file size down, by just including a file once that many games may actually need to run that game.
  16. All three set types contain the same games, however they are structured differently, hence the file size difference. A Non-Merged set is the biggest as every single game zip has all the required files inside it including bios files, so essentially you will for example have several hundred copys of the neogeo.zip bios as it will be in every neogeo game zip. The other two set types share files amongst games, taking neogeo again as a example there will only be one copy of that in a set, and all games that need it will will get it from the same location.
  17. No, its tied to your google account like any other game/app.
  18. Its also worth mentioning there are thousands of files in a MAME romset that simply do not work in the emulator. A romset contains all known good dumps, that doesnt mean that they are actually emulated at all.
  19. That makes no sense at all, retroarch doesnt add anything.
  20. OK, at this point i think you should start from scratch with importing that system. Right click and delete it, and start again. Setup retroarch first.
  21. Should have a ton of stuff in that folder.
  22. Download from here, (not the installer version) pick your poison, either 32 or 64bit depending on your OS. http://www.retroarch.com/?page=platforms
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