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  1. 🤘 Good to go here, both themes working now.
  2. @Mr. RetroLust I'm getting this at startup. But this on shutdown.
  3. Yeah same, i just add neil9000, then my api key on the next page.
  4. Only by completely re-coding the theme.
  5. neil9000

    Missing box art

    I see in your image that the platform is named "SNK Neo Geo AES" did you scrape it as that name? You should really scrape them as "Arcade" in order to correctly get all associated images. As you can see in your image where the game is found in the dropdown and has (Arcade) after the game name.
  6. Then it sounds like what @DOS76 said, that you have some overrides setup in which the filtering is on. Changing it with a core loaded and saving a core override will only change it for that core, doing it without a core loaded will turn it off globally for all cores, unless you have overrides for cores that are overriding that default setting. Also do you have Retroarch set to to save a config on exit? If so turn that off, so that it only saves settings when you want it to.
  7. Glad you got it working correctly now. That is good information on the folder structure though, i just have rom folders named after the systems with all the rom files directly in them and the "save content directory" has always worked. I guess it does make sense though as the option does say that it will save a override for the content in the directory and yours is technically empty as there are no files there, just another folder. At least you figured it out and have it working now.
  8. Save them as a "content override" that was added in the last few versions and is exactly for this sort of use.
  9. Is your steam profile set to public? I just tried here and its working fine for me.
  10. You would have to edit the actual xml files, but i cant help there im afraid. Have you tried this though?
  11. lol, Yeah that is the BIG extra feature you get with a license and is designed for controller navigation. Enjoy.
  12. It definitely does, its one of the first options i change in retroarch as i hate how blurry it makes everything look. Maybe you are using a shader as well so it looks like it is still on?
  13. Thats my mistake then as i said previously it was using VLC, apologies @7ank0v1c.
  14. neil9000

    Poll Results

    I believe the default pause screen shows them by default on the "Arcade" platforms.
  15. Yeah, not pointless at all, its just that timings will vary for everyone depending on there hardware, but knowing where and how to adjust those settings is half the battle.
  16. The problem with default times though is that everyones system is different. Emulator startup time is dependent on your CPU/HDD speeds, so there is no one size fits all.
  17. It could also be that that game isnt fully emulated yet, there are a few games that run, but not at full speed, even on high end hardware.
  18. Actually i think its "input UI" not general.
  19. You do not need a script for MAME, you can just set a button combo in the MAME UI itself. You want to go to the tab menu/input general and set a combo for "UICancel" and that will exit MAME when the combo is used.
  20. Well it is a audio file so will be using VLC for playback, as will the startup video, so you have two instances of VLC running while also loading Bigbox, so that is a few things running at the same time from the same disk.
  21. Also bear in mind that when the video is playing Bigbox is loading in the background so there is a lot of disk activity going on at that point, but yeah personally i have that "initializing Bigbox" turned off in the Bigbox settings so i never hear it.
  22. If you have premium then the built in automation will work to close "most" emulators without any additional AHK scripts, any outliers that do not "just work" you add this script to the "running autohotkeyscript" section in manage emulators, and that should then close those stubborn emulators with the same automation combo. ; This section closes Demul when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  23. Do you have premium? Because the standard automation will exit retroarch just fine. Alternatively you can set a exit combo directly in Retroarch itself, Retroarch simply uses Escape to exit.
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