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  1. I see your issue it hasnt scraped from our database due to the rom name. Delete the "/Space Invaders M part", then click the "Search For Metadata button" that should then match the game correctly and add the metadata, you can then use the "Download Images/Media" button to grab artwork.
  2. My guess is it is imported as a different name or region as there is a ton of artwork for it on our database. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/113
  3. Well thats down to you using screenshots, if you were using a more standardized image type it wouldnt be a issue, but you have horizontal and vertical screenshots all mixed in together. It looks just fine for me with standardized 3D boxes for Arcade.
  4. Actually users have been asking for this feature for years, and now it has been added. You can actually turn off dynamic box resizing in tools/options/visuals/boxes.
  5. Anything that may show in a log file?
  6. Yeah, i wasnt disagreeing with you or trying to be argumentative at all, just looking at the image and reading the issue in the OP, something certainly doesnt seem right. In my case i never see Launchbox hit 2GB, and its mostly in and around the 1GB range, so to see both CPU maxed, as well as heavy ram usuage whilst sitting in a platform with only one game in it does seem somewhat off, especially with the specs provided in the OP.
  7. So, this is a side by side screengrab from both your videos, the first one (on the left launched alone) list's time played, the second one (on the right launched with LB in the background) does not. So i am leaning more towards a Retroarch bug to be honest. Launchbox does not monitor or interfere with anything on your PC, it has no idea that you have run Retroarch in either occasion, so the only variable i see there is retroarch itself.
  8. Im just about to look at the videos attached, but of the bat this concerns me, the quote above, you are launching Retroarch via its shortcut, with launchbox in the background. If you are launching it from its own shortcut, then Launchbox has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that you have launched Retroarch at all, so there is no way at all it is changing anything (not that it does anyway). Ill look at the videos and get back to you though.
  9. Oh totally, i understand that. His particular image though shows him sitting on the PS1 platform with one game, the caching of images for platforms is done whilst on said platform, so if for example he "was" on mame but then switched to PS1 then the mame caching stops, (and will be finished next time you switch back to it) and it would then cache the platform he is on instead, (in this case PS1 with one game) but he still has 100% CPU, as well as a rather large nearly 5GB of ram usage. Not trying to contradict or anything, just curious as to if that is expected?
  10. To be fair @Jason Carr in his image his platform has 1 game in it, surely that doesnt need multi threaded 100% CPU to cache one image?
  11. then my guess is bad roms or wrong format, but as i just said you mention two different systems, are you loading the wrong system game to the wrong emulator?
  12. Also those are two different systems that use completely different emulators.
  13. More info will be needed, like which emulator for a start, does the game work in said emulator by itself without launchbox, do you have the correct bios files?
  14. You would have to edit the xaml file for that specific view you are using.
  15. It looks like a file in actual windows is missing/currupted and is stopping Launchbox from starting, at least that is how it looks to this layman. Have you tried a sfc /scannow in a command prompt to see if windows finds and fixes any issues?
  16. neil9000

    Wheel Spin

    Yes, that is how the theme is designed. As @Retro808 said you would need to edit the theme for the wheel to show longer, or use a different theme where the wheel doesnt fade away, there are plenty of them in the download section.
  17. Because supplying the actual tables is illegal, they are copyrighted just like any other rom file, and therefore are NOT allowed to be shared on these forums. Ever heard of google? Im sure you can find what you want pretty easily there.
  18. OK to update, i have just imported snes again (gotta be at least a dozen times i have done it today ) using the default name and checking the "force import duplicates" checkbox in the import wizard. All roms imported just fine this time. So @C-Beats i think you are onto the solution and i look forward to the fix. Thanks for troubleshooting through this with me.
  19. Ha ha, oh yeah i forgot about that, disregard what i said above.
  20. It will be downloading in the background most likely, but you can make sure. Uncheck the download in background and close/re-open launchbox, you should be prompted immediately, that is as long as your license is still active.
  21. And here is the xml for importing exactly the same files but with platform name as "SNES", F-Zero as well as the others in that one just fine. SNES.xml
  22. So i just did another import, this time 727 games were imported from the 854 that should of been, again some pretty major games just not there, and also not in the .xml either but clearly in the rom folder, like F-Zero (USA).sfc,about as clean as a name as you can get, completely missing. Super Nintendo Entertainment System.xml
  23. Yeah i was just thinking that, give me a few minutes to delete and re-import that system again. As i imported it as SNES and then changed the name back to catch all the roms at import.
  24. I have tried with and without media, same outcome. in fact most of my tests have been without media as i did it the once so i dont need to re-download any of it. the romset is a no-intro 1g1r set, as are my N64, Genesis, GB, GB Color, NES all those imported all games as far as i can tell, it seems to be isolated to snes only as far as i can tell. Although @MadK9 says he also had issues with some other platforms.
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