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Big Box joystick button menu set up no longer working


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Don't know what happened, but after I added new rom directory it seems, I can't even navigate the menu the way I had it set up anymore..only the keyboard in Launchbox or MAME alone works

Buttons that I had mapped on my joystick to go back or start a game now have other commands set to them such as showing the flyer, and pulling up other parts of menu. When i go into the menu to set joystick buttons & TRY to set them back, it won't even respond to the buttons being pressed, just continues to say "press the button or back key to leave none" nothing happens




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6 hours ago, SentaiBrad said:

What controller are you using, and is it still selected in the Controller Menu?

Hori RAP4 , and yes it still shows up...the stick still navigates the menu, but button assignments changed on their own & I can't get it to respond to setting new ones...&this is only in Big Box..Launchbox mode works

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2 hours ago, SentaiBrad said:

My guess might be drivers, but I am honestly stumped if it's working in LB.

All of a sudden it started working again...I tried it again later on & for some reason it let me choose 1 button for a setting, but none of the others would recognize the buttons being pressed.  So I restarted it & then it deciced to read my button input & set what I want....IDK weird, but pretty frustrating, hope this doesn't become some regular issue now

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