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Cps 1 and 2 creating auto playlist in launch box

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Hello all, the issue I'm having is with Capcom play system 2, my roms and emulator works just well  I use Kawaks with the cps and cps 2 rom sets. The issue is when I add them to launch box and edit the individual rom to get the proper names box art etc. Launch box moves the rom out of the platform and makes a new play list called arcade or a duplicate cps 2 playlist which only has the edited rom with the proper name in it. If I rename all the roms to the proper name and in this case global rom may be a Euro rom but i want to use the USA version being i have both roms i can load the usa version. With this issue if i rename all roms and delete the old set nothing will launch. It sucks having to have the zip file name and duplicates in the platform catagory for cps 2. Anyone found a way to work around this issue? I"m pretty certain its something simple that I am missing.

2017-05-26 (1).png

2017-05-26 (2).png


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