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TI99-4 thru mame


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After a lot of trial and error got this up and running in mame then lb.  Anybody know how to get the voice syth turn on what -switch in mame?  For those who dont know the TI had  a pretty impressive ability to hear voice which in 1979-80ish was crazy.

Mame64.exe ti99_4a -cart parsec ---loads game as expected

Update: it should be Mame64.exe Ti99_4a -cart parsec -peb:slot3 speech

For some reason does not like the -peb switch, but everything i have read this seems close

Update#2 Got it running its a problem with mame/mess, I loaded a late 2016 version of mess and it loads.

I get why the dev of mame wanted to merge both but that only works if all features are intact,


Next up Atari 800 then I can be free of MESS,

I could get Atari 800 game I wanted running in Command line Mame/Mess, but for life of me could not get to launch in launchbox.  I took the easy way out since only Atari 800 game i wish to play I wrote a quick batch file with what i had set in the mame commandline and have the bat set to run in this game launcher tab.  Not the greatest method but whatever works ;-).  Might help someone



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