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  1. Regular Hatari works When I do retroarch is goes in to the gem os but floppy drives never have anything loaded? -thoughts
  2. I have been using dos box-pure and loving it in retroarch only catch is you have to download and install core manually. Have a look https://github.com/schellingb/dosbox-pure From the github Locate the directory where your libretro frontend stores its cores. In RetroArch, you can open the main menu and go to Configuration File -> Load Configuration -> Parent Directory -> cores to find it. The release ZIP contains 2 files, dosbox_pure_libretro.dll (or .so for Linux) and dosbox_pure_libretro.info. The .dll or .so file is to be extracted into the cores directory. The .info file goes into the info directory or into cores if it doesn't exist. Just make sure to associate the dosbox pure core with retroarch. (Note its still a beta but so far so good in my testing) Note you can import the zips as roms I just called mine MS-DOS as the platform name. -Hope that helps
  3. I figured it out. Steps I did: 1. Edit the Gameswin.zip file to store just games I want to play about 19 games 2. Install meagre like normal 3. Import in to LB as Win 3.x and use meagre as emulator 4. Point to bat file for each game in !win3x Directory. 5. Use no Emulator in LB 6. Scrape for images
  4. Does anyone know how to import meagre games from win3xo in to launchbox? I see in the meagre menuj an export to launchbox menu but not sure what xml file in wants after that. -thx
  5. I know you can edit all the folders under platforms but that gets very tedious. Example when you run out of space on drive, start putting media on new one without have to edit every folder for each new platform. =thoughts?
  6. Thank you! Time to turn auto update back on was on 11.7
  7. and this only happens in Bigbox, in launhbox same videos play audio, i am stumped
  8. And by that I mean any video wont play sound
  9. Is there a setting I checked on accident?
  10. I have several controller mappings via steam. I noticed if i want them to kick in for all games first 1. Launch big box from steam. Is there a better way to accomplish this
  11. When I hit Right Trigger on xbox controller takes me out of hades and in to bigbox... What do I need to remap or turn off?
  12. I got it this forum is my good luck charm. I had to switch romsets to one mame likes.
  13. switch to retroarch sharp core for testing then will try get back working in MAME
  14. My procedure for getting any mess/mame working in command line before I import to launch box. My roms are stored in x1_flop in mame roms directory bios is x1.zip where am I going wrong? D:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Mame>mame64 x1 -flop1 daisenr 80c48 NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN ank.fnt ROM NEEDS REDUMP WARNING: the machine might not run correctly. Fatal error: Device 5.25" double density floppy drive load (-floppydisk1 daisenr) failed: File not found
  15. got ya thx, will look at button mapping again
  16. When I hit view manual in Bigbox at the pause menu manual too zoomed in. What keys unzoom the PDF? Steps: In Bigbox launch game, hit pause Click View Manual
  17. Thanks! That's what is was, Sub had lapsed did not realize
  18. Sorry I posted this originally in wrong section, When I go to download Metadata why dont videos show up?
  19. I am trying to re-download my metadata videos for games, I am subscribed to emumovies and can login why dont I have option for videos?
  20. Is there anything I am missing lot of steam games seems to be missing videos? I am adding manually in video path of game but its there any best practice to follow for scraping from steam gog etc.
  21. weird when i look at the mame hash folder cant see it in the software list so i dont know what name to load it under mame64 a800 -flop
  22. I get confused I see this released for Atari 8 bit computers but which model?
  23. No worries I just meant its an easy way to export favorites for each platform to multiple computers etc. because of the folder structure.
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