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  1. weird when i look at the mame hash folder cant see it in the software list so i dont know what name to load it under mame64 a800 -flop
  2. I get confused I see this released for Atari 8 bit computers but which model?
  3. No worries I just meant its an easy way to export favorites for each platform to multiple computers etc. because of the folder structure.
  4. Before I use launchbox I typically get it working in source emulator first then move on. For Atari 8 bit I am using Alterra trying to load the game M.U.L.E, I am loading AtariDos first, does anyone have this working? If so how did you set it up? i have it working ended up using MESS pre merge with mame.
  5. Thank you for Android export feature, a nice side benefit is if you have your games favor- tied by platform its a nice way to keep devices the same if you have launch box on several different devices, without importing entire collections since storage always a favor on tablets or phones.
  6. With a platform video right now just black screen with selected?
  7. No worries, I know their is a select random game option just cant make a playlist from that. Just trying to think of a cool way to do a party mode
  8. never had issue either its his work can do as he wishes/
  9. Any Advice? I have custom playlist. But would like to throw in a random list
  10. Where do you guys find old PC game manuals? Emu has you covered for consoles
  11. bran479

    Modern War Games

    Sorry brain not working today meant Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm
  12. bran479

    Modern War Games

    found a few niche games operation flashpoint and art of war iv
  13. 1.Missing a few so I download some Where do I put them I tried in the Launhbox images Platform folder but still show up in bigbox as white text
  14. bran479

    Modern War Games

    Anyone know any good NATO VS Soviet games? Strategy or otherwise been messing around with Command Naval Operations sim. Anything really in modern warfare
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