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  1. bran479

    How do I add logos for wheel in Bigbox

    Thank you thats step was missing
  2. 1.Missing a few so I download some Where do I put them I tried in the Launhbox images Platform folder but still show up in bigbox as white text
  3. bran479

    Modern War Games

    Anyone know any good NATO VS Soviet games? Strategy or otherwise been messing around with Command Naval Operations sim. Anything really in modern warfare
  4. bran479

    Mame/Mess TI-99 help

    Thank you! Was using tosec set, gives me a direction to go All Sorted Now Thank you for the guidance! That was driving me mad
  5. bran479

    Mame/Mess TI-99 help

    Stumped on this every set i found just has two files ? any ideas? this ti99 version of burgertime
  6. bran479

    Mame/Mess TI-99 help

    this only file missing now phm3233g4.bin
  7. bran479

    Mame/Mess TI-99 help

    Figured it out sorta, Unzipped my files and renamed to what mame expects and works with dig dug, still not giving up
  8. bran479

    Mame/Mess TI-99 help

    I have Parsec and Beyond Parsec setup correctly trying to add burgertime for TI-99. Using a TOSEC TI-99 Romset, Its looking for D:\Emulators\MESS>mess64.exe ti99_4a -cart burgertm phm3233g3.bin NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_cart\burgertm burgertm) phm3233g4.bin NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_cart\burgertm burgertm) Fatal error: Required files are missing, the machine cannot be run. but when i open zips i have i see .g and .c files i played around with renaming worked a bit but graphic were grabled because checksum incorrect. What should I look for or am missing something in front of my face/
  9. bran479

    Configuring TI99/4A for Launchbox with MAME emulator

    Not sure if they changed this in current versions of mame but I use an older version of mess ti99_4a -cart parsec -peb:slot3 speech if you want the speech in parsec. think you need ti99_speech.zip to make this work
  10. bran479

    Hide games missing front box image question

    Had to reinport, was weird images would show in main view but not in edit front image. Can we hide front images per platform?
  11. Seems to work fine, expect after I do that hides all my MSX2 games even though some have a front image. what am i missing?
  12. bran479

    Emulation Hidden Gems

    What are some good emulated systems that go under appreciated?
  13. bran479

    Added Platforms help

    I added twp new platforms last night Sammy Atomiswave and Naomi. All is well shows up in Launchbox but Cant find them in Bigbox. What am I missing? 2/2 LOL, Had Stuff Hidden Fixed
  14. bran479

    Naomi Help -Reicast Core

    I can get games working in Retroarch, When I click same file in launch box nothing.... Where do I start the troubleshooting? Stumped on this one 1.Bios in correct path check 2. Under Associated Platforms in Retroarch Check (Using same core) Reicast 3. Tried both .LST file and Bin File. 4 Disabled Startup Screen Just for Kicks Figured it out, I had called the Platform Naomi Instead of Sega Naomi
  15. Just be sure you have everything the way you want it because you cant edit or change it later.