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  1. bran479

    Fresh install

    i think it is steam,
  2. bran479

    Fresh install

    no third party plugins
  3. bran479

    Fresh install

    good point, good to know i will keep digging only thing i have running in background is steam. i thought maybe steams controller profiles might be conflicting with some of launch boxes controller settings
  4. bran479

    Fresh install

    I recently completed a fresh install and redo yay!. Now when I finish playing a game in bigbox. (Exit any game) it snaps back to windows. I have to hit windows key and click the bigbox to focus back on big box. Is this a windows 11 thing?
  5. Because Xbox executables are default.xbe its using that in the title??? But not for all my xbox games
  6. How do you guys handle this? When I have steam running in background for some games. BB controls are super sensitive. XBOX 360 Controller. Some games need these custom steam controller setups? thoughts?
  7. exfat. I just left it as default which could be the issue, I have not had the issue reoccur on retrostastic so leaving it alone to big of a hassle to reformat and redo
  8. I started having this issue as well: My original LB/BB drive got too big, moved entire LB folder structure to new drive. 1. Pointed all Emulators, Platform Folders and Games to New Drive. 2. Started having the issue changing themes in BB. Will try grab a good log when happens next time, does not seem to happen with retrotastic theme so far. I do think its some kind of weird permission issue with new drive. Running lastest Beta of LB/BB, Window 10 pro version 21h1
  9. I even put an hatari config file in the retroarch directory with paths set. something i am not getting but will keep at it. Got working 1. Setup standalone hatari 2. Copied Hatari Cfg fjrom standalone to retroarch system 3. Normal launchbox setup 4. Hope helps stll need to do more testing but games now boot.
  10. Regular Hatari works When I do retroarch is goes in to the gem os but floppy drives never have anything loaded? -thoughts
  11. I have been using dos box-pure and loving it in retroarch only catch is you have to download and install core manually. Have a look https://github.com/schellingb/dosbox-pure From the github Locate the directory where your libretro frontend stores its cores. In RetroArch, you can open the main menu and go to Configuration File -> Load Configuration -> Parent Directory -> cores to find it. The release ZIP contains 2 files, dosbox_pure_libretro.dll (or .so for Linux) and dosbox_pure_libretro.info. The .dll or .so file is to be extracted into the cores directory. The .info file goes into the info directory or into cores if it doesn't exist. Just make sure to associate the dosbox pure core with retroarch. (Note its still a beta but so far so good in my testing) Note you can import the zips as roms I just called mine MS-DOS as the platform name. -Hope that helps
  12. I figured it out. Steps I did: 1. Edit the Gameswin.zip file to store just games I want to play about 19 games 2. Install meagre like normal 3. Import in to LB as Win 3.x and use meagre as emulator 4. Point to bat file for each game in !win3x Directory. 5. Use no Emulator in LB 6. Scrape for images
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