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problems launching .bat files from emulationstation for windows


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Apologies guys, I'll describe my issue more clearly. I'm using the latest build of EmulationStation on Windows 7 x64.

I've configured the systems I wish to emulate.

I'm trying to configure the launching of simple windows games (streets of rage remake in this instance).

My es_systems.cfg entry for windows games looks like this:


I have the windows game streets of rage remake (folder labelled sorr) in the roms folder.

In the root roms folder I made a windows shortcut (.lnk) to the exe in the sorr folder. I tested this in ES and it launched perfectly.

I then created a windows shortcut in the root roms folder to a .bat file in the sorr folder. The bat file contains the following code:

@echo off
start sorr.exe

When I execute this .bat file within windows, the game launches perfectly. Full screen and starts playing.

When I execute the same from ES, the game launches however the result is a odd. The screen resolution is resized as per the game however I only see my desktop (with ES and the game running in the background) (see screenshot).

It feels like EmulationStation doesn't like .bat files. I replicated the exact same configuration in RetroFE and that works perfectly.

The reason why I need to use a batch file is that I need to launch 2 exes files for my windows games (1st exe is the game, 2nd is an AHK script in the form of an exe file).

Any ideas please?


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