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After import no place holders or icons showing


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I hope someone can help with this one. I have successfully imported a number of machine no problem, but I have had an issue a couple of times which seems the only way to fix it is to wipe all my imports and start again. Basically I have a number of machines imported and all working great then every bow and again I import a new machine and get a prompt saying how many games got imported and the platform shows up but when I click on that platform I have no black placeholders or icons showing. If I can locate a place holder I can click on it and get the background image to load. Changing image type doesnt help either and all the games have a box front or gameplay image (this is all I normally import) when I edit the game, but once saved again it doesnt show. I have attached a couple of screen shots. This is really frustrating. Thanks for any help you can offer.

1.jpg shows a typical machine working

2.jpg shows a faulty machine

3.jpg shows what happens if I can find an icon and click on it once

4.jpg shows what happens if I edit an icon, but once I click ok I am back to the screen shot in 2.jpg






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That's strange. Are you on the latest version of your OS and do you have all of your drivers updated? Past that, where is your LB located? Also, deleting the cache wont hurt anything, so you can shut down LaunchBox, delete your cache folder (in your LB folder), and open LB again. The images and text are all held within the cache, so if it's not writing properly (can depend on if you have write permissions wherever its installed), or if it's corrupted, or if your drive is failing, you can easily delete it and test it. If everything is updated and you've already deleted it once and checked, then moving your LB install to another hard drive completely is another step. This will do two things, move it out of your C drive which is notorious for write permission issues and check against your C drive potentially going bad.

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Thanks for all the help, I am on the latest version. Luckily I had a separate installation on another PC. The one in question is on a flash drive with loads of space free (30+GB). I tried to copy all the files from the HDD copy onto the flash drive overwriting all files but that didnt help. So I ended up deleting the whole LB folder and copying LB back onto the flash drive and all is good again. It would seem the Cache is where the issues are. I had this issue a couple of times with the last version on a HDD and a different flash drive.

At least now I know how to solve it. Thanks again

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If you're trying to run from a thumb drive, make sure it's a fast speed thumb drive. They're notorious for having low read and write speeds, even if it's USB3. Most devices don't follow the proper USB3 spec, and come in under, but enough to be called USB3. My USB3 thumb drive writes at 41mb/s, but my externals are all 100+mb over the same USB3 connection. You don't need to put your install on an SSD, LB / BB wont use those crazy speeds, but at the same time you can't put it on something too slow or odd things like this may happen. It may just be that LB is caching extremely, EXTREMELY slow.

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