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Woke up yesterday, decided to teach myself Google Sketchup... never worked with CAD like programs before. Managed to get a very accurately designed cabinet made based on a side view outline I made. Glad I did, was able to avoid a few potential issues that would have been missed  if drawn on paper.

Still a bit to tweak here and there but, for the most part, I have all the braces in place inside, location of the holes for buttons, even little LED strips for the marquee. Just finishing up the back now. 

For extra airflow, instead of a door or wooden access panel, I'm using a 16"x20" furnace filter. I'll have a 120mm fan near the top to blow out warm air, but figured with the furnace filter I'd get better air flow and no dust inside.

Bought a power bar off Amazon for $17CAD with surge protection and a 12' cord, was cheaper than buying wire and a plug to run to a light switch then to a power-bar anyways. This way I can cut off 10', wire it up to a light switch about 4' up, and have 2' from the switch to the power bar inside.

2 small holes under the monitor are for USB plugs I got off eBay for times I may need a keyboard or controller.

The small hole between the speakers, I initially made for the volume knob for the AMP I got (also eBay) though may set the volume and use a button-combo to adjust the volume, and use that hole for a power button for the PC since I have a small one about 1/4" in diameter. Speakers, I have a pair of full range Sony 3.5" speakers I got for $3/pair at a garage sale. Were from a surround setup, but very heavy duty magnets in them. Still waiting for that eBay amp so I can test them out.

Will have a joystick, 6-buttons, coin and player button for each (two) player. Plus 4-aux buttons recessed at the front so can't accidentally press them. Using these buttons from Amazon.

Idea for this one was to make something a bit shallower and narrower than traditional cabinets. Plus I wanted the marquee to sit back more... I'm 6'3" tall and I don't want to have a marquee right in my face, and because of the angle I'd have to look down at, if it sticks out too far it would block my vision a bit when looking down at the screen. Sides are 3/4" plywood, as is the control panel and monitor panel. The monitor hole will be cut at the front to match the screen size, and at the back I'll route in 1/2" for the dimensions of the monitor's frame, that way the screen will only sit 1/4" away from the front. I may even route the front a bit, use a bit to add a 45' angle cut 1/8" in. The bottom of the cabinet will have doors and shelves for storage. Debated a drawer for a keyboard but, unlikely I'll need it... probably use a Rii when needed.

Overall dimensions so far are 6'2" tall, 26" wide and 22" deep. PC specs in my signature.

I'll keep this thread updated as I go... just looking for some thoughts/ideas so far.





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Thanks! Few things gave me issues at the start but starting to get the hang of the basics, though, having used Illustrator/Photoshop for years I keep trying to do things and use shortcuts that obviously don't work in Sketchup. Been wanting to learn it for years, figured, long weekend, no plans, may as well learn it.

I've gotten most things sorted out but still stumped for painting it. Wanted to get it vinyl wrapped, but, if I do the graphics, prep the files, cut out the shapes and apply it myself... it's still $400CAD for just the sides and top of the control panel. :S

Sort of wanna go borderlands yellow with it, or maybe Last Starfighter... but not 100% excited about either. Upside is, should be able to apply the design to the 3D model first before doing it for real.

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