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  1. Zaazu

    Retroarch, mayflash, and dolphinbar

    Another way to disable the dolphin bar controllers from RetroArch (and possibly other programs) is to use this program: https://github.com/briankendall/devreorder Just download it, edit the ini file to include the ID of the 4 controllers, then copy both the ini and the dll to the retroarch root directory. That's it, RA should now ignore the dolphin bar.
  2. Zaazu


    Thanks for getting back to me. I've tested the built in startup screen with Dolphin which runs in windowed, that works just fine? Yep that's all I have for the log file, can confirm that the startup screens are disabled for both LB and BB, I've tried it with Dolphin and Retroarch, nothing happens and finally, it doesn't work in BigBox either.
  3. Zaazu


    Is there any chance you could make it so it would work with LB/BB's game startups? Maybe have the option to disable this version if the default one is active? I like the customization of the default game launcher, but the pause menu and bezels from this plugin. Thanks Edit: Can't get this to work on another computer I have. No fades, no pause, no bezels. This is with the default game launcher disabled ofcourse. Log: https://pastebin.com/jBfZUEyb
  4. Don't launch bigbox/launchbox as admin, and if that doesn't work try launching xpadder as admin. I use a software called DS4Windows, and that wasn't being launched as admin, which is the problem I had. Good Luck.
  5. Zaazu

    Bigbox + Mame + Controller strange issue

    That's strange, how about trying to run mame as admin?
  6. Zaazu

    Bigbox + Mame + Controller strange issue

    I had this exact problem the other day. Are you using DS4Windows or InputMapper? If so, you need to run those programs as administrator.
  7. Quick update, decided to backup my system, so I could download the latest beta, the slowdown is still present when I switch to VLC.
  8. Zaazu

    Joystick jumping 2 spots in BigBox

    Try unticking "Use All Controllers" in Options > Controller. See if that fixes it.
  9. Its nothing personal, it just feels like every time I make a change to something, two other things break :D. Right now i've got this weird interaction with LaunchBox/BigBox where keyboard commands aren't being passed from InputMapper to any Emulators if I launch them through the frontend, but if I launch them manually with rlauncher, it works fine. Just randomly broke one day, I'll figure it out . Anyways, had like a 10 hour gaming session with friends and no slowdown so deffo fixed with media player.
  10. I won't risk using a beta build on my machine, I'll try it when it's released and report back
  11. Just took a look, it says ### vlc 2.2.6
  12. I'll take a look when I get home later.
  13. Weird thing is, there's absolutely no problems until I launched one or two games, then it would get bad. Is there anything I can do to help you figure out what's wrong?