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Thumbnails won't populate?


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Having some issues recently with thumbnails in Launchbox.  After having my image cache directory corrupted, I deleted it and started to rebuild within Launchbox.  All titles have images associated with them (verified on disk as well as clicking edit on individual titles in Launchbox).  

The issue is that the thumbnails repopulate very slowly, and require that I manually scroll the window in Launchbox and watch them pop in.  The process will stop if I don't continue scrolling.  This must be repeated for each platform at each zoom level.  This process is not perfect, however, and some platforms refuse to populate at all.  Not even the default "missing artwork" launchbox logo thumbnail.  Just a blank view, with items highlighting when I hover my mouse, but not other markers.

Issue exists on 7.11 and 7.12-beta.   I have tried "refresh all images" as well as "refresh selected images".  

Anyone else seeing this?  Any suggestions?

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Some additional details:

1. After each attempt to "refresh all images" there will be large blocks of thumbnails that are missing from contiguous chunks of the alphabet.  For example, everything from G to partway through K will be missing in one chunk.  After another attempt, that section might be fine, but something earlier in the list that was working on the last attempt is now missing.

2. RAM Cache is set to 4GB.  I have tried a few settings, none seem to make a difference.

3. Images all work fine in BigBox mode.

4. When the thumbnails are missing, there is nothing.  Not even the title is visible.

5.  Attaching a screen shot


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yeah, this happens to me all the time after adding a lot of new games or setting up a new LB install. the only way i've seen to get ALL the game images cached to the images\cache folder so they don't appear in LB as empty tiles, is to manually scroll up and down over and over again (inside every platform or the ALL platform) or very slowly until image files are no longer being written to the images\cache folder.  if you have a large number of games and images, this can take quite a lot of work.

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