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BigBox hangs after a while using Attract mode


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Hi all,

I am having a recurrent issue and I want to know if someone else had it too. I usually use BigBox and let the machine on, with the attract mode actived every 10 seconds. It moves between the consoles and games and everything is fine... but sometimes, never after X time (it can be after 2 hours or 20 minutes) it hangs over a game (not a particular game all the time) and the video and the attract mode just freezes. It is not the machine since I can use it normally and everything is fine after re-open bigbox. But for some reason it just hangs and it seems not to be a problem related with used memory or something else that normally can be the problem.

I have installed a RetrOS 2.0.3 (Windows 7 64bit) over a quad core AMD A8 7600 and 4GB RAM. Last version of BigBox and using the default theme.

Anyone else had this issue before?




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Yes. There are a few threads on the forum with similar issues. I had it as well. What worked for me is changing video setting from VLC to WMP. If you are using VLC in BigBox try changing the setting to WMP and see if that helps. It worked form me, but for others it did not. I think someone even mentioned completely removingVLC from their pc and that helped. 

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