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  1. It can but the theme would require a plugin to pull from the Custom fields metadata. I believe the standard BigBox coding is not set up to do that as it is right now. The theme you use would then need to be coded to use the plugin and show the fields data in the relevant view. So it is not something that is simply editing an existing field.
  2. I am not confident it would be possible if it is for a single game. Themes for BigBox will affect all games. So if a theme is coded to use Red and Bolded font in a game detail screen it will show Red and Bolded for any game selected. Maybe a plugin could do what you want. I am basing this off the fact you stated "a game" not "any game"
  3. Nothing changed that should affect it. In fact just tested on latest stable version and latest beta of Launchbox and that code still close Nestopia without issue for me. Do you have you keys or controller button mapped in Launchbox for the "Exit Game" command?
  4. I use the following without issue, but I know TP can be a pain so it may need more. $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} } If that does not work alone try also adding something like this under the code above. I am not an expert in AHK. These are just some things I have pieced together over the years. I am sure there is better or alternate way to code it. Joy7:: If GetKeyState("Joy8") { SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 } Send {Esc} Return
  5. You can use something like this. Although you would likely want to edit it to read 1Joy7 and 1Joy8. If you change the name of the exe to the exact one an emualtor uses you can use it for other emulators. Joy7:: If GetKeyState("Joy8") { SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 WinClose, ahk_exe supermodel.exe } Return
  6. @JoeViking245 Is correct in a lot of what he said. My recommendation is do not delete, remove, or reinstall anything while we try to help. Let's start with the foundation. 1) Can you run a game directly in Retroarch without using Launchbox? If the answer is no then you need to set up Retroarch first to make sure your games work and set your controller up in Retroarch as well. Once we confirm that is set correctly we can then make sure you have Retroarch set up correctly in Launchbox. Pro Tip: Always set your emulator up first, test the games, then import into Launchbox. It makes troubleshooting easier.
  7. You would suggest it in that theme's support thread. That way if the theme creator can assist they would be able to respond directly in the related thread.
  8. It is one of the easier emulators to set in Launchbox. In the associated platforms tab for your SuperModel emulator in Launchbox do you have the platform name listed? Just point to the Supermodel.exe and also make sure you do not have any of the boxes ticked for "dont' use quotes", "No Space before Rom", and "Use file name only...". Tip: Anytime you add an emulator you need to make sure in the Associated platforms tab you have the platforms listed that will use the emulator. The name must match how you have the name in Launchbox. This missed step is one of the most common issues with users causing games not to work.
  9. The default theme (as well as other themes) depending on the view you use will show anything from box images (flat or 3d) to gameplay images as well as platform and game videos. Each view is designed to show a certain type of image/video. However, you can alter this as in Launchbox certain image types have a priority you can set. For example lets say a certain view in a theme is designed to use 3D box images and you do not want them. In Launchbox settings under the image priorities you can change it so anytime a screen needs to show a 3D box image you can have it show the normal flat image by checking Box-front and moving it to the top. You can leave 3D box checked and have it as a backup or uncheck it so it will not show. It many ways it is up to you what media you want. Launchbox can be fine tuned up to a point to allow you not to need as much media as is available.
  10. Place this bat file anywhere you want. I keep it in the AHK folder in Launchbox. Then edit the game and go to the additional apps tab. Choose Add new application. In Application Name filed call it what you want. In application path link to the .bat file where you stored it. Then make sure to tick the box to run after main application. I use this for some windows games so if this is for an emulator I am not sure if you need to tick an other boxes. If you right click the bat file and edit with notepad or notepad++ you will see it is just a command to close Joy2Key.exe. JoyToKeyClose.bat
  11. You can compile an AHK script to close joy2key when the game closes. Then set it as an additional app to be run after main application.
  12. You can use the script below. Place it in the Exit AHK Script tab of PPSSPP emulator details in Launchbox. If it does not work and simply sends you back to the game and the game ends up in a Windowed state do the following: look in the Pause Screen tab and then going to the On Resume tab. If you see an AHK there send Alt+Enter (or !{Enter}) delete it. That script sends PPSSPP to a fullscreen state and I notice it messes with exiting from the Pause Menu. The sleep in the code is not needed, but I usually set a slight delay in case the window does not focus immediately.
  13. There is no feature. For now if you do not want to keep updates just open the folder and delete.
  14. Might be slow getting an answer since this is a Launchbox forum. You would probably get a faster answer posting in the actual Rpi forum.
  15. We are not overt sticklers here to where things are posted.
  16. Demul should have a "Rotate" option in the menu. Run Ikaruga and then go into the Demul video options. I think my setup shows it set to 270.
  17. There is no way to do this. That is how Launchbox/BigBox know one region image from another.
  18. @ItchyRobot I designed my own. A couple different styles for my cabinets. One is based off my Big Fade pause theme. The background image in that theme will display the control image instead. Sorry on a business trip and not near my pc to share a pic. I did make single platform images for systems like NES after I learned how to code better so I no longer needed to make images for all games. Tue theme would look for a game specific then fall back to platform specific if none located.
  19. Pause themes work perfectly fine for this. All my control images I created are stored in the Arcade Controls image directory for each system and my pause theme I use currently displays that image. it does suck for systems like NES that all games have the same layout to have to make so many images. But a simple batch process made it easy.
  20. It is still there. Shows up when you drag and drop a file as always.
  21. There were tips mentioned in other similar posts that have helped some users have you tried any? There was even one mentioned here have you tried it? The more feedback we can get on what worked or did not work helps a lot more than just knowing it is happening to someone else.
  22. I responded in your thread since you started a new post.
  23. You would have to write code into a theme to get this to work. There is not an option or image priority you can set. Jason did state he will eventually get to upgrading marquee support.
  24. Try changing the canvas grid height and width to match your lcd’s actual dimensions.
  25. Can you share the xaml file and a screen shot of what you are seeing.
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