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  1. It should work automatically. What games/emulators have your tried it with? Is your Xarcade the newer tri-mode version? It would be helpful to see a pic as I mentioned.
  2. So in BigBox in keyboard automation you mapped 1) a hold key 2) a Close the active Window Key and 3) a Pause key correct? (I am sure you did, just confirming) Is it not working with any emulator or just certain ones? What keys did you map (share a pic of the keyboard automation if you can)?
  3. @Mr. RetroLust I do not usually use bezels but I have definitely used quite a few of these. Keep up the good work as always!
  4. The game titles do appear on mouse over. Shows up centered over the cover.
  5. What version is your Mame? If you are using an old mame version you will need to remove the line below from the default command line parameters. Go to manage emulators and edit your Mame setup. -keyboardprovider dinput
  6. Moving to Android subforum as it would likely get a response there. I cannot help as I have not use the Android version much.
  7. It's not a dead code. It shows only when you have "Extract Rom Archives before running" checked for the emulator.
  8. To answer the question on how to request a feature: At the top of the website click on Help & Support click on the Request a Feature link.
  9. You just download it from here and unzip it into the Themes folder. It overwrites what it needs to. If you download from within BigBox when it is available there, that is exactly what it will do automatically.
  10. Well that would be up to Y2guru's theme creator to see if it is capable of doing that. Are you wanting to do this as a wheel selection for games? If you are using a wheel to show platform selections or game selections it works to show previous, current, and next based on the binding categories coded into BigBox (such as SelectedGame.ClearLogoImagePath or SelectedGame.BannerImagePath ) and it uses only a single image in the wheel. I am not sure it currently could bind 3 image categories into one wheel image selection. At least that is what I think you are describing.
  11. That button is mapped to Mouse 3 (M3). Xgaming only says that button can be used to exit. It is not already mapped. You have to do that yourself. Launch a game and hit tab or just open the Mame UI. In the options for Input General, go there and choose User Interface. Then map that button to UI Cancel.
  12. Just to give you exact measurements I went next door to measure. Wide = 17 3/4" x Height = 16 7/8" That is the exact viewable area taken from his cabinet. The one I built I widened by 4" to make 2 player better for the kids.
  13. There is 2" of that vertical measurement that sticks below the control panel. So the viewable area from top to bottom is not 17.5" It is only 15.75".
  14. If you are talking left to right then yes. That is the dimension. I mentioned the measurement I gave was from the CP to the Marquee (Top to Bottom) since the original poster is running a vertical monitor.
  15. That likely will not work. I took my neighbor's MK cabinet apart to use as a template to build a small cabinet for my kids. The distance from the top of the control panel to the bottom of the marquee is only about 40cm (15.75") if my memory is correct.
  16. That's part of how the theme is coded. There is no setting to remove it. You would have to edit the code. That box is designed to show a game video and then in absence of a video a screen shot.
  17. We have a whole downloads section for all kinds of media. I would suggest browsing through the downloads section. Platform logos of different styles can be found here. You should be able to find SNK Neo Geo CD version in different styles there. If you want one in the style above look for one of the downloads for "Basic".
  18. I don't believe you need to worry about coding an offset. BigBox coding display images alphabetically based on the coded image type for the theme. So if the wheel was vertical and penguin was selected the upper most item would be duck and the lower zebra. You would not need to code anything. Unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are asking. Vertical Wheel: duck PENGUIN - selected item zebra
  19. There is no sizing standard for images in BigBox. Just name the file exactly as your platform name is an drop it in the correct folder.
  20. It should recognize them as duplicates and not import. So long as you do not check the "import duplicates" box.
  21. Funny as this is what I was tinkering with early this morning. I was using a MonkeyPlexCondensed mix. It is getting redone with the new changes. I'm just not altering the naming. Do not want to alter Jason's vision too much. 🤣
  22. I know. If @C-Beats has enough time to post on the forum that must mean coding is not getting done. We're taking a bit of a liking to you too. Yeah that is not happening anytime soon. Already getting irritated trying to figure out something in a LBTheme I am doing. Time to bug Jason.....lol
  23. Or if you really want it bad enough spend a little bit of time each day and learn some coding. I have been able to tweak some themes to my liking and managed to learn enough even to release my own pause/startup themes. It really is not too daunting.
  24. In the theme's folder there will be a Views folder. Inside that are all the xaml files for the theme. You will need to find the view you are using and edit that xaml. I do not know which view you are using so I cannot be specific as to what xaml you need to edit.
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