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  1. Not sure why you have to wait to see what happens things are already happening. While Jason has developed the first release of Android version we got a couple betas released as well. Even while Jason was developing Music Box, development on LaunchBox features still came at a consistent pace. I see no signs of LaunchBox taking any back seat. Happy to see Jason possibly adding new users to his software and giving others another platform to have fun with.
  2. Double check make sure you have your rom path set. Current version works fine directly in the emulator and in Launchbox. Did you do a fresh install or just overwrite the old one with the new exe?
  3. In Launchbox right click the name of the Wii Virtual Console platform and choose edit. In the parents tab you can check the box where you want that platform to show. Just make sure to uncheck any other ticked boxes.
  4. If none of the sites referenced had what you want maybe post an image of the style you are looking for to see if anyone has a psd of that style.
  5. Are you downloading directly from the Yuzu and Dolphin sites? Dolphin and Yuzu downloads as an .exe file and so you would not need to unzip. You just run the installer.
  6. Your post is a bit confusing. You say you have "been trying to install emulator like yuzu and dolphin and both say missing file" Then you proceed to say "I havent installed it yet" So which is it? Did you install it or not? With the CPS1 issue you know you have a thread from Sunday that one of our other mods tried to help you on here. Did you go back and look at what he recommended and try it? Certain emulators and some games in emulators will require some additional files like bios files, sound files, chd files, and other various things. So you really should take a look at tutorials to give you a good start. It is hard to tell you what is wrong or what you need to do without accurately knowing what you actually did. So I would recommend go one system at a time. Take a look at your CPS1 thread and follow his tips and try to get that one working next. Then move on to another system. Set up an emulator first and test games in it before you try to add anything to Launchbox. This eliminates it being an emulator issue if we need to troubleshoot.
  7. In both Launchbox and BigBox there is a controller automation setting. You set the button you want to "hold" (the hotkey) and then set the button you want to "exit" (the action key) in either of these settings. In the Launchbox image below you set the "Hold this button" and the "Close the active window" options.
  8. You will have to use the ones in our forum downloads section or source your own. The forum has a large download section for lots of media ranging from clear logos, box art, marquee, videos, and so on. Just click the "Downloads" section at the top
  9. Do you have a clear logo downloaded for PS1? If not you need to download one. Once downloaded make sure it is named exactly as how you named the PS1 platform in Launchbox then you will need to likely refresh the image cache. Like I told Smellbringer make sure you name the file correctly. It must match how you have each one named in Launchbox. The clear logos are stored in each platforms specific Clear Logo folder. Example for Sony Playstation: (folder path and file name) \Launchbox\Images\Platforms\Sony Playstation\Clear Logo\Sony Playstation.png
  10. No I get what you meant, just the "I like my Mame where my Mame is" bit was odd since Pause menu option did nothing to affect your Mame. It just added a feature you can use or not. We are always happy to help and you are very welcome.
  11. OK, well not really sure what that means, but as long as you are sorted that is all that matters.
  12. It is in the Options menu in both Launchbox and BigBox. Look for "Game Pause".
  13. In game Menu? Do you mean the new Pause screen feature?
  14. So the games just are not running or not importing? If not running do they run outside of LB? What name did you import the games in under? Whatever name that is, that is the one you place in the associated platform tab. It must match exactly. You can just yps in that box. You do nit have to use the drop down lists.
  15. I believe you would need to add a command line to tell Mame to run the console. For example for Sega Genesis in the "Default Command Line" box you would put "genesis -cart" but do not include the " ". It has been a while since I messed with consoles in Mame. I am not sure what it would be for AdventureVision. It is probably "advision -cart". It is usually a short name such that GameBoy Advance would be "gba -cart". The Associated Platform tab is where you enter the exact platform name you imported games into for the emulator that will run those games. So what you did was exactly the purpose of the Associated Platforms tab.
  16. Something is not set right then in Model 2. You really only need to set the path. My roms folder does not have a model2.zip and it works fine. That zip file is not really a bios file. It just contains a bunch of common files used by several games. So if those games already have those files in their zip it makes the model2.zip unnecessary. I am not sure where you got your roms from so your files may need to model2.zip. Can you share a pic of inside your .ini file showing the rom path?
  17. Can you share a pic of your Associated Platforms tab for Mame and a pic of the platform list on the left side of Launchbox showing the platform names for these 2 systems?
  18. Do the games run directly in the Model 2 emulator without using Launchbox?
  19. Sounds to me like your old launchbox build got corrupted and is the culprit. New install plus fresh data = no issue. New install plus copying over old data = issue. I would continue to test the fresh install adding games and editing data to see if it stays issue free or does not.
  20. Have you tried a clean install at all? If your Launchbox is corrupted somehow and you are just transferring the same files to a different drive or pc it is still corrupted files. Sure, I am looking at it in simple terms of troubleshooting, but without knowing if you have tried this it is a missing piece. I would test a fresh install, import only a few games and test making changes to those games to see if it still occurs and I would try on a different drive and folder location. I am not saying it is in no way possible a bug (anything is possible), but the probabilities of your specific system finding a bug that no one else has experienced in the years Launchbox has been in action is pretty astronomical.
  21. Okay, for that you need to just make sure they are in the folder I mentioned and the images are named exactly as the games are named. Then once done go into BigBox and go to the settings. Look for the option for the image cache and then refresh the image cache.
  22. Instructions from where? Where exactly or how are you wanting the clear logos to show? Are you referring to LaunchBox or BigBox specifically? Maybe share an image of what you are trying to set/fix? The actual clear logo images though need to be named exactly as each game is named and is stored in your \Launchbox\Images\Future Pinball\Clear Logos folder. In BigBox you may need to go into the settings and then Image Cache option and refresh the image cache as well.
  23. Yeah, The first step I mentioned is only in Launchbox. Since you are directly editing settings for emulator use that is only done in Launchbox and would affect BigBox as well. The second part is global setting for Launchbox and/or BigBox since changing it affects all emulators at once.
  24. If you only want to not have the shutdown show, but still want to have the Startup screen show you will have to go into the Edit Emulator for each emulator you set up and untick the "Enable Game Shutdown Screen" in the Statup screen tab. If you do not want either you can simply go to Launchbox\Tools\Options and in the Game Startup up untick "Use Game Startup" and this will stop them both. The same option exists in BigBox if you use BigBox.
  25. I am not sure on that. Looking at some of the plugins created by our users I would think it should be possible. I will check with Jason and the other mods to confirm.
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