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  1. Just right click the platform name in LB and edit it. Or you can just rename the image files in the theme to what you named the platform.
  2. In the 2nd and 3rd images those are game level views. This particular theme uses images on the game level views to create to platforms logo and the video border around the smaller gameplay video. If you look inside the theme's \mages\Theme folder you will see all the art for the theme. If you go into the \Logo folder you will see the theme creator labeled the images for 3DO as "Panasonic 3DO" so if that is not what you named the platform it will not pull the images and give the theme the correct look.
  3. You can bulk download any image type needed. You can do it for a selection of games, all games in a specific platform, or for all games in one go. In LB select all the games you want and then go to Tools >Download >Update Metadata and Media for all games. As you move through the wizard just check the box for the media type you want. All other you can uncheck.
  4. You can have default images for the following image types: Box, 3D Box, Cart, and 3D Cart. In LB if you right click on a platform name you can add a new image and then select the appropriate image type name for it. As far as videos goes there is not a default setting for that. It can be done with a custom theme in BB.
  5. There have been no changes that would affect controller support in BB. Have you double checked the controller bindings are still mapped correctly? Also do you have the option for "Use All Controllers" checked? If so try unchecking and see if it changes anything.
  6. You can edit the binding path to "ActiveGame.StarRating"
  7. That is currently not something being worked on for BB. So using the mad genius @JoeViking245 plug-in is your best option right now.
  8. BB does this by default. BB marquee view have been updated to now show marquee image first and then clear logo second if marquee absent. In LB there is also a new image priority for Marquees in which you can set your order preference and fallback image types. So you can set Marquee image and then set clear logo or any other image type as a fallback. If the theme you are using is not doing this open the theme's \Views folder and see if it has the GameMarqueeView.xml and PlatformMarqueeView.xml. If it does not simply go the the Default theme and copy those files from the \Views folder in the Default theme. BB also has a new Marquee setting that can work with the odd marquee monitor sizes. In BB settings >Options >Marquee Screen
  9. Follow the beta thread and you will be kept up-to-date on what is being worked on in the betas to see what the next stable version will have added/fixed. You can also see information on our "Latest Changes" page for Android. https://www.launchbox-app.com/android-about/change-log
  10. There are no particular timetables/schedules for releases. They come when they are ready for stable release. On average I would say we get 1 new release a month, but that is not always the case. The free version limits you to 100 games. It does not limit emulators that are currently supported.
  11. Take a look at this plug-in from Joe. I am not sure if his plug-in would be able to see if a file has additional apps. However the data is stored in LB xml files so if it is possible Joe may be able to help out finding a way for his plug-in to trigger a custom badge. You can tag him in his thread and see if he can indeed assist.
  12. In LB >Tools >Download >Platform/Playlist//Category Theme Videos
  13. I do not believe there is. There is not a setting option in LB for that and I believe the context menus are back-end coded and not something that can be themed into a custom LB theme.
  14. Did you download platform videos from within LB UI? Themes do not come with the platform videos.
  15. You would have to edit the theme’s code. There will be animations affecting the Wheel and likely the pointer that need to be altered.
  16. BigBox you map to the option for “Close Active Window”. “Exit” in BB is to exit BB application.
  17. Yeah, that means your license is not being applied. Do you have the license.xml in the root of the LB folder? Where the LaunchBox.exe is located.
  18. I would definitely do as @faeran mentioned. Curious though, when you open LB does your license name appear at the top of LB?
  19. You should be relatively good to go. Most of the time if anything is not working you may just need to correct a path. Good thing is it is easy in LB.
  20. Technically if you keep everything within the \LaunchBox folder structure you should be able to simply copy paste onto the new pc. One caveat would be some emulators are not truly portable due to where it might save some and you may need fix the emulator.
  21. It is not. If you are seeing menu slow downs the latest beta has fixes in place and prior users have advised the slow downs are gone. So you can either download the latest beta or wait until the next stable release. ETA on that is currently unknown.
  22. By customer service do you mean our support@unbrokensoftware.com team or Is this a pre-built hard drive you purchased from one of those rom sellers and you are not getting help from them? Do you have a valid license you purchased directly from our site?
  23. Do you mean 12.7 beta? You have to turn on beta options in LB. >Tools >Options >Updates
  24. @evilmrfrosty So where you have it in the pics, the emulator is only closing properly from the Pause Menu? Can you paste it both in the Running Script and the Exit Script pages and test.
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