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  1. You have to map a button or key to the option for “Change View”.
  2. LB forum has no hidden options. The only way to download media as a complete platform media pack is from another external source. Also media from within the LB UI is done based on the games you imported. Not as a whole platform.
  3. What website? This one? https://www.launchbox-app.com/premium
  4. @mcfilmmakers Please see my post just prior to yours. I know your post came only a few minutes after mine and you were likely typing as I posted so I will leave it be. Any more comments on polls, Jason’s reasoning on dev decisions (which he owes no explanation to anyone), and/or anything non beta is getting deleted. From this thread or any beta thread moving forward. If you have nothing about the beta to post. MOVE ALONG!
  5. Any more Non-Beta related posts in beta testing threads will get deleted. These threads are solely for testing data related to beta releases so our two devs can have feedback to move forward. if it is not beta related start an appropriate thread in the appropriate sub-forum.
  6. It is known that LB/BB startups will not work with all emulators, part of it is due to fullscreen concerns. Teknoparrot and especially when using Game Loader have been known to have this issue. Take a look at this thread and see if anything in it can help.
  7. It sounds like you may have some of the keys you use in Retroarch also mapped to some of the BB keyboard automation controls. BB uses your emulator settings that were done inside of the LB UI, so it has no individual emulator set-up. All LB and BB do is send a command line to the emulator telling it what game file to run. In the case of Retroarch it also lets it know what core to use. So if things work in LB they would/should work in BB. I would check your BigBox keyboard automation mappings and make sure you do not have key 1 linked to anything like BigBox Pause menu.
  8. Good enough or not it is nice a developer even does it. What is important to one is not always important to another. Personally everything on the list you quoted I can go a lifetime without ever caring about if it gets added. Though there are a couple I think are good additions. So it is nice to see our dev team at least allowing users to vote on items. Or we can just leave it to our dev team of 2 to decide what they want to do. Like many software developers do.
  9. All good items to eventually get added and that's one of the great things about Jason doing polls. Items get added and users get to vote on items to prioritize over others. Unfortunately none of these garnered enough user votes last time. Maybe next poll as there are a couple items on that list I would not mind seeing.
  10. You can call a platform anything you want. The one thing you must do is in the emulator launching those games you need to make sure that the name of the platform in the Associated Platforms tab matches exaclty what you named the platform. So if you named it "SNES" in the Associated Platforms tab in Retroarch (in LB >Tools>Manage Emulators then edit Retroarch) the name must be listed as "SNES".
  11. Yeah that would be a possible menu option to eventually add. Honestly though, it is doubtful that would be high on the list of improvements unless enough people voted for it since you can simply use Windows and do the same sort/search function then drag and drop the files.
  12. LB has no clue what the necessary files would be for any platform/emulator. So you would have to manually select them like you would do for the .cue files.
  13. You can go into your \backups folder and in one of the zip files copy the InputBundings.xanl from it into the \Data folder. It will restore the inputs to one of your prior states.
  14. This is currently how LB/BB sees controllers/gamepads. It does not identify individually as Joy1, Joy2, and so on. So button 1 on any controller is simply seen by LB/BB as Button 1 and not 1Joy1 or 2Joy1. This has been brought up before but currently an upgrade to LB/BB is not being worked on to allow for the unique identification. I am not aware of any way currently to make this work.
  15. It is the InputBindgins.xaml you want to deal with. You can restore an old one if you still have backups in your \Backups folder or delete the InputBindings.xaml in the \Data folder and that will reset all binding to stock. Then you can use the keyboard to move around and get to the options to rebind.
  16. Not from within LB metadata fields or really any preset way from within LB. In order to do so within LB you would have to find those games and tag them somehow, such as using a Custom Field and then be able to filter that custom field or generate a playlist from that custom field.
  17. @JohnnyK Is this without the FLV videos? If so, it would be interesting to see a test with them back in.
  18. LB can be placed on any drive. It does not matter about the game either as all you need to do is tell LB where to find the game.
  19. It is possible. It is just something that you would need to code into a theme to show what you want. There are no settings to pick and choose. I currently have one marquee showing a game marquee image, control mapping image, and the game metadata notes. There is a lot that can be done, but it has to be done in code for a theme.
  20. You cannot delete them. LB will always generate them to ensure the proper folder are there if you ever add images manually.
  21. Agree. 4.2 much better. Now it has that Colorful feel.
  22. Enjoy seeing all the mock-ups and glad to see some new things coming to a great theme. I typically am not vocal a lot on theme looks, but as a user who prefers Text view show up before I launch a game, I have to say Text Game v4 is my least favorite. Way too much white makes it miss out on that "colorful" feel of the Colorful theme. v3 would be a good choice.
  23. It has been advised since the addition of Startup Themes that some emulators, game .exe, and random launchers may have issues. I have several TTX games in my install and Startups work fine. These are only TTX games that can run in TeknoParrot though. How are you running your TTX games? If you are using something like TeknoParrot you may need adjust a setting (in Manage Emulators if you edit the emulator you are using there is a Startup tab - see example pic below) for the Startup specifically for the emulator you are using or turn Startup themes off for those games.
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