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  1. If you left the box checked for "Rough Matching...." then yes it will take a while. That option compares each downloaded image to all others to ensure it does not download duplicate images.
  2. I think the below piece of the original post from @faeran Should not be overlooked by all of us. Yes, the prior poll from 2019 had very specific types of items users got to vote on. With the LB team growing this poll is a great chance for the team to see which way to better take development. So, yeah it may not be a poll for "Hey do you want this feature or that feature, but one to get a better feel for where to put an emphasis on development. To me that is a lot of user input. Getting to let a developer know which way you want them to lean.
  3. In LB go to >Tools >Options and in the Game Details section make sure you have Video checked. This will allow you to see videos in the right side game details pane in LB.
  4. Forum is perfect for troubleshooting, general questions, and yes even asking about features. However, to make best use of getting a feature noticed and allowing us to better track feature requests and how many users want it BitBucket is the best avenue which is why that is linked when you click on Feature Request. So I always recommend make a feature request then come to the forum and post about it and post a link to the ticket to hepl drive users to it and to vote. Bitbucket allows us to see votes and sort/search easier. The forum, not so useful for this. Thanks for the positive feedb
  5. Could have been a bug in the prior version. I know in the latest release they fixed something that was giving users some video type playback issues so it maybe fixed what you were seeing before. I am sure it would be possible with an update to BigBox. It would likely need a feature request. I see you asked about it on the poll thread. Thank you by the way for realizing you posted something off topic in that thread. Not that it is a big issue but we are trying to keep the thread clean so the devs can clearly see poll specific questions. Hopefully, Jason responds there and give you a bet
  6. BigBox does not have a way to prioritize like this. It only has an option to prioritize video playback as a whole. So it cannot prioritize how it plays back a game video on a platform level and then prioritize how it plays back game videos when in the game level. In either way it adheres to how you set your video prioritization in the LB >Tools >Options >Video Priorities setting.
  7. Those items did not actually make the cut. Only the top 20 from the 2019 poll did. There were a couple under the top 20 that did get added only because it was an easy implementation with other upgrades.
  8. This is exactly the reason we ask that feature requests be made in our BitBucket site and not spread out randomly over forum posts and discord messgages. Attempting to gather an accurate count of a feature and how many users request it is not easy in a forum. However, on our feature request site it is as we can sort tickets in seconds by votes and search for similar items. So those hesitant to post a proper feature request have to deal with the risk of a feature they would like to see never gaining real traction as it easily gets lost in forum posts. NOTE: Please keep posts in t
  9. I do not believe any import issues were looked at during the betas leading up to this release other than making some region/beta rom prioritization tweaks.
  10. I do not believe there were any fixes made in this release of LB/BB to address the issue with the plugin not working. Unfortunately the plugin creator will need to update the plugin or an update to the theme will need to be done.
  11. Man I need to add some more MSU-1 games. I had not messed with them in a while. Thanks for keeping the artwork coming @MadK9
  12. If you did not store the roms inside the default folder LB sets you need to change the folder path or the scan will not look where you actually have the roms. Right click your NES platform name in LB and choose Edit. Go to the "Folders" tab and edit the path to be where you actually store the roms.
  13. Oh. That is only a BigBox option. There is no need to have it in LB since LB does not deal with animations like BigBox does. Can you post a video of what you are seeing happening in LB?
  14. Alt+F4 is not a setting in PPSSPP it is just what the developers set as the key command to close the emulator. If you open PPSSPP and hit Alt+F4 you will see it close. Same with Kega Fusion. "Escape" for Kega is the full screen command so trying to map something to send the keyboard key of "Escape" is going to do exactly as you are seeing. If you just go into LB and BB and map the buttons or keys to the option for "Exit Game" (In LaunchBox) and "Close Active Window" (In BigBox) it should work fine. What happens when you map these options is LB/BB will send some of the common commands
  15. In the pic I cut off the image. FPS is technically the 4th option from the bottom.
  16. You definitely should not need any AHK or even that command line to exit PPSSPP cleanly. The default call to exit a game and close PPSSPP when direclty in it is Alt+F4 and that is one of the commands LB/BB controller automation sends when you bind a key/button to close out the game. If having the command line works then leave it in. Is there any chance you are running PPSSPP as admin? Although that would not explain why adding the command line works, but worth asking. What version are you running? Kega Fusion should close cleanly as well without any extras needed. I recently set that
  17. Are you on one of the betas or the stable 11.13 that was released for a short while? Tested a couple of machines and seems to be working fine. You have to bind a back button and hold the button for about 5 seconds if memory is correct.
  18. Since the theme is designed to use Background images it likely has the Stretch aspect of the image type set to either "Fill" or "UniformToFill". So with you using the box art image it is blowing the image up to fill the screen. You would have to edit the theme's code and change that piece of the code to read as: (Change UniformToFill to Uniform) <Image Source="{Binding BackgroundImagePath}" Stretch="Uniform" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" Height="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=Canvas, Path=ActualWidth}" />
  19. Any chance you are running Dolphin as Admin? Just tested Dolphin on a few builds and it closes fine without an AHK from either the controls I mapped for exit or from the Exit option on the pause menu. Also is this from LB or BB that it is not working? Or both?
  20. Try the latest BizHawk dev build. Looks like they fixed whatever was causing the issue.
  21. The controller image in that pic is a custom image I make for all my games and platforms. So it is not a transparent background image of just the controller (see attached pics). That is an actual black background the image is on to make it easy to see the controller labels. Unfortunately controller images have to be made and making something changeable and highlight-able would require a plugin for that type of creativity. @OhBoy uses custom made images the exact same way. His just happen to have the console in the background. I can produce the theme in the layout as you would like. Howev
  22. Those would go in the \Videos\Playlist folders. Name the file exactly as your playlist is named. I recommend spending time looking inside LB folders to get familiar with them. You will quickly see how and where LB want media stored.
  23. If you want to use them for any theme they go: \Launchbox\Videos\Platforms\ If you want to use them only for a specific theme they go: \Launchbox\Themes\[Theme Name]\Videos\Platforms\ Place each platform video in either of the folder options above named exactly as you have your platforms named.
  24. I have a Startup that does somewhat what you are looking for. I actually never posted it (actually forgot it was in my test folders) as it was just something I was tinkering with when I made the Pause Menu versions. I can tweak it a bit if you want and then send it to you. Let me know what changes you might be after.
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