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  1. Yeah those need to be removed. Only thing in there should be the specific platform xml. That is what is confusing LB and BB. LB does not put backups there. Is this a build you did yourself or one of those builds people download like ColPipes builds?
  2. Understand completely. It was a good right up for sure. Just wanted to make sure to highlight that one piece is something we recommend users do not do.
  3. Running LB/BB as admin is not recommend as it can have consequences on other emulators/games as well as other possible issues. We have seen it numerous times cause more problems.
  4. In your \Launchbox\Data\Platforms folder are there any backups of your platform xml files being stored in there? We have seen users make backup copies of those platform xml files and store them in that same folder and this exact issue happen.
  5. Are you running LB stable version or the latest beta? If beta this is a known issue. Also if you are running the beta it is always best to post issues in the beta thread.
  6. Working fine here. Is it doing it regardless of game or platform you are scraping?
  7. Honestly, I have not messed with it in a while. Issue I was having is the LB Arcade - Marquee images defaults to a users Box - Front image priority is a marquee is not present and no matter what I tried it always displayed either the existing marquee image or the priority fallback. Even if I coded in a FallBackValue it still gave LB built in priorities preference. Hopefully next poll go round Marquee update can get voted more and it gets some updates. I can get it to work if Arcade - Marquee images are in a custom folder location, but that is just an unneeded workaround. I will mess with it again. Maybe I have learned more in the time and can get it to work.
  8. Just an FYI he did release the files you can use to create additional platforms images. I believe GIMP which is free can open psd files.
  9. Did you recently update anything? Windows or LaunchBox? Possibly change any drives or folders? I would right click a game and edit it. Then check the rom path to make sure it is still correct. If you try to run the game directly in the emulator does it still work there?
  10. @sirgubster9 Just an FYI we may need to tweak the coding in the theme. The next version of LB that will come out will affect a piece of the code in the theme so I will have to tweak it to work. I have tested it with the new beta and it is not a major fix. Just a heads up in case you try using the beta LB version or for when the next stable version drops. It is just a small matter of replacing a few areas of text.
  11. In his response to your very first post he linked to a thread about showing control mappings in LB Startup themes. He was advising using one of the Startup theme's that can display the custom control mappings before the game would probably be your better avenue.
  12. I just tested what I think you are doing and it did focus on the game after adding. Steps I did: Selected my Windows platform, clicked the add button, added the game name and selected the .exe then clicked OK. Once done LB processed the data and added the game. The game was then selected and showing the media and metadata in the game details panel. Is that what you are basically doing and saying on your set-up it is not showing the game in the details panel when done?
  13. My apologies. I forgot I had replied to this and then went looking for that old post I mentioned. Funny enough it was your prior post about pause issue with this controller. The mute thing I am not sure of. It is muting your PC and only occurs when in Mame?
  14. Yes, but to be honest without us knowing what it is you are really doing it is hard to be concise on what you should do. Perhaps showing what the batch file you were using it doing would help someone better direct you. LB itself can close most emulators without needing any specific AHK. So you may be doing unnecessary steps based on what your old batch was doing.
  15. These are just images to be used in a theme. This is not an actual theme.
  16. Can you run the games directly in the emulator not using LaunchBox?
  17. I edited your post. It is against forum rules to link to roms / rom sites. That link was to a curated Mame rom set. Mame roms do not get unzipped. Each individual mame rom must stay in its zipped and properly named format. You would just import the zipped files like any other console. Import the zip files adding them to your platform name, be sure to set the "Scrape As" to arcade if you choose not to call your platform "Arcade". If you are using Mame as the emulator be sure inside Mame you set up the path to where the roms are stored if you are not storing them directly in the Mame/Roms folder. When you add Mame to LB as an emulator make sure in the Associated Platforms tab you add the name of the platform in Launchbox you imported the roms to.
  18. Keep in mind also you need to download your own media. You mentioned the game wheels look plain. This could be either because you are in a Text View or you are in a Wheel View and you never downloaded Game and Platform Clear Logos. Theme's typtically do not come with media. There are some that have certain media types, but you will more often then not need to make sure you download media for your games and platforms.
  19. There is a bulk edit game path option in Launchbox. You have to do it per platform. Choose a platform, highlight all the games, then... >Tools>Change Rom Path for Selected Games.
  20. Retro808

    Launchbox 2 player

    Are you talking about for playing games? If so that is all done in each unique emulator you use.
  21. Yes, different scenario, but just slightly. As I mentioned in my posts it still works if the custom images are in a folder inside the theme's actual folder structure. If the folder is outside of the theme that was still an issue. Switching the code to LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER was needed to get it functional again with the new LB build.
  22. Ah like we would do with custom Fonts also. Just tested one theme and it works perfect. Thanks Jason now time to update the rest of the files with the LAUNCHBOX_ROOT_FOLDER change.
  23. For example my Startups and Pause theme's as well as a custom marquee xaml I use a custom folder stored in the main \Launchbox\Images folder so I do not have to have multiple copies of those images in each theme. I just point the theme xaml or marquee xaml to a custom folder in the Launchbox Image folders. Below is the code used for marquee images similar to what I do for game controls: <TextBlock x:Name="MarqueeStatic" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Images/Marquees/Platforms/{0}.png"> <Binding Path="SelectedGame.Platform" /> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock>
  24. So far with new beta no more issues with theme's and custom images if the folder is located within the theme's older structure. Still have issues if the custom folder resides outside of a theme's folder. You did say some outliers remain, but I just wanted to mention.
  25. If it is telling you which specific file is corrupted you can just open one of the backups zipped files and copy the specific xml to the \LaunchBox\Data folder. You can copy them all, but not needed if it tells you which one if corrupt.
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