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  1. I am not surprised. I used Rockstar once and the email response times were horrible. I am in the US and sadly way too many places here have just as bad service. I did recently use a company called Arcade Art Shop based in the UK. I was really pleased. Work times got a little delayed but he was always quick to respond to let me know. So even though it took 5 weeks, the communication was spot on and the prints were good quality.
  2. No, that means when you deleted the file and then refreshed the cache in BigBox it did not change the cached image. If it did it would look like the image I attached but say Strategy instead. Do me a favor. 1: Make sure LB and BB are closed. 2: Go to the clear logo folder for the Strategy playlist and remove the image from that folder. 3: Go into the Cache-BB folder and delete the image file for the Strategy clear logo. 4: Launch BigBox and go to the Image options and choose the cache options to Refresh All Images. Let me know if it still shows the clear logo or now shows the text logo. Also let me know if the clear logo reappeared in the clear logo folder.
  3. Go back to the original thread and see where I asked you specific questions to try and help you out and you ignore them and simply said (see image). You have to find it yourself? We gave you clear cut steps on what to do. I gave you instructions how to fix this. You just ignore and keep beating a dead horse about being lost and tutorials not having the info. I am trying my best to help you and you just keep going in circles. If you want help please return to your original post in the other thread and respond to my questions. We are done derailing CMOSS's thread. Any further posts on this specific subject in this thread will be deleted.
  4. You definitely have something weird going on. BigBox does not need an option to prevent clear logos from showing in Playlists as logos only show in 1 of 2 ways. 1: If you have a clear logo for the playlist in the main LB associated playlists clear logo folder. 2: If you have a clear logo in the theme's specific images folder for the playlist. If there are no images in either of those folders BigBox will show just the text. Also it is not a Default theme concern as the Default theme does not have clear logo images built into it. So it would only pull from the main LB image folders. You can see here in the images I used the Default BB theme and I took the 19XX playlist logo and took it out of the image folder. BigBox now shows just the text. Can you go into your LaunchBox\Images\Cache-BB and look for an image file named after your Strategy playlist (might be like .bbflow-Playlist-Default-Clear Logo-Strategy.png) and click on it? Does it look like a clear logo image or just a text image?
  5. Did you check the theme you are using and see if the theme also has playlist clear logos in it? Some theme do come with logos in their image folders so I would check that as well.
  6. You have been given direct help in the thread below. Do not post the same requests for help in multiple spots.
  7. Yeah that did not answer any of the questions I asked. You say you have nothing to go after??? So the steps I gave you on how to change a view in real time and the questions I asked you in my prior post are nothing for you to go after? If you do not wish to answer our questions and/or do the steps we gave you to actually try and get you to the look you want, I think there is nothing further we can do for you. Until you are actually ready to listen to us and provide actual responses I cannot help you anymore.
  8. After you delete the images make sure you go into BigBox and refresh the image cache.
  9. How exactly are you changing the view type? In your BigBox settings go to >Options>Views and tell me if you have the item highlighted below checked or not.
  10. Yeah, I honestly doubt you will find any tutorials on LB, BB, or truthfully any other software that is going to tell you everything you need to know. That is why a forum is helpful. So I would not dwell any more on being lost and just ask the questions on things you want to know or cannot figure out. When you add a theme if the look is not what you see in the video or the download thread change the view and see if that helps.
  11. What region of the world? There are plenty out there that do custom arcade cabinet graphics from full sets to individual pieces. You can even find sellers on Etsy and Ebay that ship worldwide.
  12. Yes, but like everything else with software you have to change settings to your liking. Its never just one an done. I recommend you spend time looking at all the settings in BigBox.
  13. You have to change the view. In your pic with the text and black background that is the TextListView. Coinops does not have a dedicated TextListView so it defaults to the BigBox Default theme for that view. In order to get to the view that has clear logos on the wheel you need to change the view. In an earlier post I told you how to do that. Here it is below again in case you missed it. I get that you say your lost, but you have to at least do what you are being advised. Here is Coinops Redux in TextListView. You background is black as you likely do not have a background image for the Playlist category you have highlighted.and then using my mapped button to change the view to the wheel specific view.
  14. Its a small forum sometimes help is not instant especially when it is all volunteer work. Only reason I could see it not showing is if your license is not valid and we confirmed it is. Even if the folder was empty the name of the theme would still show. Try going into your \Launchbox\Data folder and remove your Settings.xml. Do Not delete it. Just move it out of the folder. Do this with LB closed. When you reopen LB it will generate a new Settings.xml. See if it works then. I would also try downloading another LB Theme and see if it works.
  15. There likely will. But it is not announced until the day of.
  16. That view is a Text Lost view. It is supposed to look like that. If you want logos you need to change to one of the Wheel views.
  17. Do you have your license in the main LB folder? Also is the theme unzipped in the folder. I see you say you have a license just confirming that with the free version you cannot change themes and the custom theme will not show in the drop box.
  18. Can you post a pic inside of LB showing the platform panel on the left hand side and then a pic of what you see in BigBox?
  19. Is there anything in the Exit AHK Script tab?
  20. Can you share what scripts you are using (a pic of you setting would be best). Pause working fine for me and as far as I recall there are no default scripts for exiting from Pause (the Exit AutoHotKey Script tab is the one used for the Pause Menu exit).
  21. Do you have Attract Mode turned on in the BigBox settings?
  22. No. You have to turn it off.
  23. No. The change is instant. I could not tell you why it is not working for you. I tested on several builds and all worked as designed.
  24. Just tested with NES. Did the name change, said yes to the prompts, but I did not change the Associated Platform name. Game did not run. Changed the Associated Platform Name and game works again. So the process works as designed. Not sure why when you changed the Associated Platform Name it did not work. Maybe Jason can add a prompt reminding users to change the Associate Platform name is he does not automate that part.
  25. Yup. Even changed a second time to NGCube and all media was moved to new folder name. Kept the rom in it's original place. Now I tested only with Dolphin since that path is set in the emulator as well that may be why it still ran. I will test a NES game.
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