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  1. Pinball fx3 individually tables

    You can try these steps. You can also get a code from Zen Studios that activates cabinet support which also allows you to launch directly into games.
  2. Let's discuss the new HD 3D boxes!

    They definitely shine in Cids theme.
  3. Let's discuss the new HD 3D boxes!

    I rarely use 3D boxes mainly because there is really no consistent view. These do look great and offer one heck of a unified look which is the great thing about them. Not my taste, but happy to see them being made for others. Kudos to those generating them. Keep up the good work.
  4. NEO GEO MVS AES, Retroarch, Game wont boot

    Wow, this is definitely a new on to add to the typos we have seen with the RA cores.
  5. Post Update

    Yes. When someone goes to your download post at the bottom they will see "What's new in version ****"
  6. demul fullscreen

    In Launchbox go to tools/Manage Emulators. When that window opens choose your demul emulator and click edit. When that opens click on the AutoHotKey tab and paste the AHK code in that tab. Click "ok" to save and now anytime you run Demul Launchbox will use that AHK.
  7. Post Update

    If you go to the post for your download and look for a button that states "File Actions". Click there than click on "Upload a New Version" a new window will open where you can than upload a new version or add files to the post. You can also enter a description of what was added or changed.
  8. Post Update

    Are you talking about updating one of your download threads with a newer version of the file or adding more files to it?
  9. Sega model 2 shooting games

    Not sure what is going on. As long as the game is not in full screen you should be able to set controls. So launch a game and if it launches full screen hit Escape to drop it to windowed mode. From there choose Game/Configure controls. Or launch just the .exe and uncheck "auto switch to fullscreen" then launch a game and set controls. Are the options greyed out and you cannot select it once the mouse comes back or is it when you get your mouse back once you move over the options list the mouse goes away again?
  10. Sega model 2 shooting games

    Just make sure the game does not launch in full screen. Open emulator.exe or emulator_multicpu.exe (which ever you use) and make sure under video "auto switch to fullscreen" is not ticked. Then launch a game. The mouse will still be taken over but in this mode you can now click on the Game/Configure Controls.
  11. Unified

    It will affect it in that it will add a new platform category, but that is a function of BigBox. When you edit a platform in the "category" box you can type in the name of any category you would like to create. Then you can set each platform to specific platform categories. As @CriticalCid mentioned you can make the platform category any name you want, you are not limited by BigBox.
  12. SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    @Lordmonkus Thanks for making the covers and for the google drive link. I went and deleted all mine and went with your new versions. I am sure I said it before but it is worth saying again....these are freakin’ epic!
  13. No TG16/CD Platform videos

    @Pr0FiT No you were clear. That's why I posted the first image showing TG16 listed with the BigBox Cinematix video showing. I was just trying to give as much info in case I read your post wrong. Launchbox does not like the NEC in the platform name when searching for platforms videos. A bit odd since the video creators files come up with the NEC name in some of them.
  14. No TG16/CD Platform videos

    LB will identify the videos for both TG16 and TG-CD. I chose to leave off the NEC part, but make sure you choose the "scrape as" with the NEC name. I just tested with TG-CD and it found videos.
  15. Xbox emulator.

    Xbox emulation is not really well developed. There are emulators like Cxbx-Reloaded, Xqemu, and another but as far as I have seen recently they are not very developed. Here is a pretty good and rather detailed video on the subject.