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  1. Thanks @kurzih I did mention in the original post this needs to be done on the GamesDB site not the forum. He misunderstood and posted in the GamesDB subforum. Thank you for providing the steps.
  2. No, I did not mean make a post in the forum. I was talking about directly in the GamesDB website where you uploaded the correct pics. There should also a process to submit a correction image to change an incorrect one. The forum is not for submitting updates or corrections. Please do not open another thread.
  3. No you just need to make to correction requests in the GamesDB website and wait for it to be processed by the moderators.
  4. In LB go to Tool>Options and in the Image Priorities check to see what you have set for Background images. I know one of the recent version updates reset some of the image priorities and users had to go in and correct it back to their preference.
  5. It does work with caprice32 core and .cpr rom files. In RA start the core and hit F1 to go to Quick Menu. Go to Options and change the Model to 6128+ Now try to run the game.
  6. Yes. For most of those metadata tags that have a drop down box you can type anything you want. LB will simply add it to the game and then it will show up in the drop down box for any other games you edit.
  7. Take a look at this thread and see if the solution there will help you. A couple users had a similar glitch and what was mentioned here helped. Also, BigBox and LB have separate video setting for VLC or WMP. So keep that in mind when changing that setting.
  8. In you BigBox controller mapping check to see if that same button is mapped to "Close Active Window".
  9. Oh me thinks there is but only one person being an @ hole here and it is not a moderator. Ask and you shall receive.
  10. A pic of what you see might help. Are you sure the image you download was a good .png (had an actual transparent background)?
  11. Retro808

    sufami turbo

    As Neil said you just need to type in any platform name you want. You are not stuck to any items in the drop down. That is a free form field and you can put anything you want in there. Just make sure what ever you call the platform when you add it to the Associated Platforms tab of the emulator that it matches. Yes, if you scrape it as Super Nintendo Entertainment System it does scrape the games. Emumovies does have media as well. I believe it is under platform name of Bandai Sufami Turbo.
  12. It was removed. I know it was not working due to the video priorities that got added in LB. so likely why it was removed. I could see it still being useful to have regular videos in LB and theme videos in BB.
  13. @rom116 We do not stress a lot of forum rules here but we do ask that members not post the same question in multiple threads. This is a small forum compared to most so answer sometimes are not as fast as some are used to. So please do not post this same question in anymore threads. This is probably a good spot for your question. One of names you see responding in the thread with answers is very knowledgeable when it comes to AHK. So give it some time for an answer. You could probably create a launcher to both run the game exe and x360ce and then once it sees the game .exe is closed also close x360ce. I do something similar for a few games. I am not near my pc so I cannot share what the launcher looks like. How to make it was provided from help on our forum.
  14. I am running ALG games in LB through .bat file without issue. Although my .bat file contains different command text. Admittedly I do not play these games so it has been at least a couple years since this was set up (the dated added was in 2017) and I do not remember how I came across getting it set this way. Just figured I would share.
  15. Need more information really to be able to help. What says it can't recognize the other controller? Windows, LaunchBox, the emulator? If you unlpug the working one and just try to one not recognized does it work?
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