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  1. Retro808

    Multi Images Startup Theme

    You need this xlmns code up in the top of the xaml. You can see an example of gifs working in GridBlocked startup theme. xmlns:gif="clr-namespace:WpfAnimatedGif;assembly=Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf"
  2. Retro808

    Creating a Startup Theme with Video Support

    @Jason Carr Thank you for this. I was stuck and it was getting irritating trying to figure this out. At least it is good to know as I read more I started down basically the path you showed here. So at least I was finally heading the right way with the code versus when I first started it.
  3. Retro808

    Marquee Banner Image

    For now you have to do a bit of a work around. Updates to marquee support just missed out on the last poll. So hopefully the next poll it will make the cut and maybe Jason can add an image priority for marquees. So for now you can try the below: Any of these will have their drawbacks, but should get what you want done. 1. If you are comfortable editing code you can edit the theme's specific GameMarqueeView.xaml and change the line of code to point to the banner instead of the game marquee. This would need to be done with each specific theme you want to use. 2. You could just copy and paste all banner images into the marquee folders. 3. You could make a symlink in the marquee folder to the banner folder.
  4. Retro808

    Steam Games - not possible to remove ???

    I mentioned it only because people have done this many times without closing Launchbox. Yes, a platform hide feature would be useful. Just tested a couple Steam games and no issue deleting as @fromlostdays mentioned as well. So I am not sure what is going on with your specific set up.
  5. Share a few pics. In Launchbox go to Tools>Manage emulators and edit the retroach. Share a pic of the Emulator Details tab and the Associated Platform tab (make sure it shows the line with your Neo Geo CD platform listed). Then choose a game from the Neo Geo CD platform you are having issues with and right click and edit the game. Share a pic of the Launcher tab and the Emulation tab.
  6. Retro808

    Steam Games - not possible to remove ???

    If you do the step JoeViking mentioned Launchbox must be closed before you delete the xml from the folder. Otherwise if you have it open and delete the file then close and reopen Launchbox it will regenerate it.
  7. You can roll back. Just look for the last version of the install you want to use in the /Launchbox/Updates folder.
  8. Retro808

    9.6-beta-1 Released

    Maybe because of Omen's screen name...making a link to "Damien" Omen??
  9. LOL. Yeah I am not sure what it is. I do not think anything Jason released in the last update altered scraping and importing games. I just know I have randomly seen what you mentioned. When I am talking save I mean the point at which after the media is done downloading the progress bar changes to Now Saving. It is from that point randomly I would get where it took like 1-2 minutes before the prompt showing how many games were imported. Normally it is only a couple seconds.
  10. I do not think it has anything to do with the updates. I have seen this sporadically during my use over the years with Launchbox. Oddly enough many times closing out Launchbox or rebooting the pc stopped it from happening. Sometimes though it would just randomly go back to normal a few minutes later without doing anything. I just imported 10 pc games and all only took a few seconds to download media and each took about 1-2 seconds to save after the media downloaded. This is on my test pc running the latest beta and on my main arcade.
  11. Retro808

    Add Game to Playlist from Big Box

    It is there as long as you do not have BigBox locked to a passcode.
  12. Retro808

    Hot Scripts

    For Snes9x you do not need an AHK just enter the below in the default command line parameters box when you go to Tools>Manage Emulators and edit your Snes9x. -fullscreen
  13. Retro808

    Options Legacy?

    They are called legacy likely because they came from the legacy framework. Maybe something Jason wanted to do just to reference the old system. I doubt they are going away as they are the foundation settings for your Launchbox setup.
  14. Retro808

    9.6-beta-1 Released

    They have been under the "Legacy" name since 8.6. That was the version Jason released the updated Launchbox interface. The settings from the old interface where put as "Legacy".
  15. Retro808

    How to force Big Box to load a filter upon launch?

    In BigBox settings go to "Options" then "Views" You can set the default startup up view there.