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  1. Been quite a few posts about it. Take a look here for one.
  2. While in the game hit Tab and then in video options choose Single Screen.
  3. We did not specifically say don't, we just recommended not to do so. Thing about doing it piece by piece is you do not know what version Mame that rom is for, most will work fine over the versions, but still can be an issue. Then you have to hunt down a bios or other supporting file that you many times do not know you need until you try to play the game. Also all these random sites that house roms, you never know what else they inject into the file. Getting a full Mame set from some place well known is always the best. You said you found a .202 set and downloaded it. Well if it is a full set you would have all you need for most games (roms and bios) with the exception of those games that need a CHD. Those are usually not in a romset. What games are still grayed out for example?
  4. It does not have to be done in VS. Many theme makers code strictly in NotePad ++. It can be coded like I said and yes a plugin could do it. It likely would still be theme specific. If Jason did create a control built into BigBox the designers code could still override it. Since that piece you want to hide can vary in location (grid, column, grid span, column span) it would be hard to know what needs to be hidden. It is not named a specific piece in the code.
  5. You cannot hide the side panel on demand. It can be auto hidden if the theme creator chooses to code it that way. I am not sure if it would be possible for Jason to make that a feature since it is how the designer coded the view in his theme.
  6. Most Startup themes use Background images to fill the screen. So make sure in your image priorities for Background you have Fanart at the top. I would then put other full screen type images in line like Screenshots. Other smaller type images like clear logos if they get displayed tend to get blown up like you are seeing.
  7. If all is working fine then you probably have the bios where they need to be unless I misunderstand what you mean by that. If you downloaded a full romset normally all the bios are in that set. Mame bios files can get dumped into the same folder as Mame roms. If you choose to put them elsewhere you just need to point Mame to that folder location. Launchbox only needs to know where the roms are. Unless you used the full Mame romset import option then it does not care as long as you have a full romset and Mame is already pointing to it.
  8. Threads merged. No need for two of the same issues. In a platform you can CTRL+Click as many games as you need and then got to >Tools>Download Metadata and Media to update. You can also select a platform and go to >Tools>Audit [Platform Name] and then sort by missing media if you want (say by those games missing video) , then highlight all those games and right click then choose to run the media update option.
  9. If you are talking about during the Startup screen that would be theme dependent (Same is usually the case with BigBox themes). What theme are you using?
  10. Should not take much to get it working. These are the settings I have for Xenia and it runs with no issues in Launchbox. Please share the same images on yours to see if we can spot anything. Also right click a game and edit. Share images of the emulation and launcher tabs.
  11. Yes, there are quite a few topics already on this. Here is one in particular.
  12. There have been a few posts on this. Are you on Win7 or Win10?
  13. Just edit a game and see. Right click a game and edit. Check the path there and check to make sure it is using the correct emulator. Also go to >Tools>Manage Emulators and confirm the emulator of choice is pointed to the correct path just to be sure.
  14. 1st and always most important question: Do your games work directly in Retroarch (without Launchbox)? If they do then we know the disconnect is in Launchbox somewhere.
  15. Drag and Drop still works. Just do not select the option to import as Rom. Use the "None of the Above" option.
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