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  1. I do not believe it is meant to show in an game image wheel. The start shows only in Text Games view.
  2. This is actually what I use in a couple themes for marquees now. Some theme’s I use actual marquee images. In others I have a static background per platform and the clear logo switches per game.
  3. @drewjbx It would need to be coded to do that. I think I have one I made I used to use. Will check when I at back at the house.
  4. In the left hand pane in LB just right click on any listing and choose "Add" then "New Playlist". Under the auto-populate tab check the box to make it an auto-populate list and then select "Last Played" and choose the comparison criteria you want and enter a value.
  5. Yes. Just open the Platform one and make the adjustments I did in the Game one.
  6. Can you try the version I posted in my last response. That screen is a little different than mine it is actually not splitting the 1080 in half equally so it is not really showing at 540.
  7. I was hoping to see the affect with you keeping the original size of the AF Alpha image. I know what the affect does per the code, but I needed to see how it looked on your screen so I could then know how to properly realign the canvas to get the bottom of the images to fit in the viewable area. Can you try this one.
  8. @drewjbx Do me a favor and will you right click and edit that xaml I gave you. Look for a line that say Stretch="Uniform" and change it so it state Stretch="Fill" and show me those same 2 marquees. We will also need to adjust the layout but I want to see this first. Unfortunately since marquee images are not made to the same dimensions some compensation will have to be made.
  9. Place the AHK script below in the Running AHK tab in Launchbox when you go to >Tools>Manage Emulators and edit RCPS3 ESC:: { SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinWaitActive, RCPS3 Send !{f4} }
  10. Glad you are back up and running.
  11. 1: No. The downloaded metadata has nothing to do with if it was played or not. 2: This is likely the issue. Not all games have HD videos on Emumovies. So I would have other options checked.
  12. I would recommend using a different version of that code. That old version is a hard close and can cause issues with emulators not saving save states properly. It was something that was found last year. I would use the code below instead. Not that the prior one did not work, this is just a cleaner shutdown process. $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  13. @Moleburt Nice. Glad you are sorted now.
  14. Try this version and see how it looks. Yeah those lcd's are pretty much just a chopped 1080 screen. I have a couple so you would need to modiy the code as well. Your code looks different as the one I posted is my own custom theme. So try this one and share a pic of how it looks if it is not right so I can see how we need to adjust.
  15. You should not need to rebuild. All the import metadata is stored in the files in the \Launchbox\Data folders so back those up to protect them. Downloading the newest version or even reinstalling a prior version over top does not mess with your roms or your media. So you can rerun the installer for the current version you are using and install in the same folder. But if you want to be safe back up your roms and media as well. You should already be doing that as is.
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