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  1. Well if you are following an old video to the letter and using a newer version of Launchbox then of course it will not work. You even stated things are not the same. Also we cannot control if Youtube channels do not take down old content or make new ones. So that is just the nature of Youtube tutorials. We can get you going and setup right. First before we do, can you confirm your games play directly in Retroarch without using Launchbox. Also do you still have your roms imported into Launchbox or did you delete it all?
  2. I think the post is about gameplay videos vs. theme style videos not about views/themes. You cannot set which will play on a per patform or playlist basis still.
  3. In the "Controller" under "Device" try selecting the name of the controller and see if it works. For the music just go to >Options>Sound and uncheck to box for "Enable Music On Screen Display".
  4. Figured I would check and I am seeing the same. Just running the Dark theme in Win10 1909 as well.
  5. Do you have any of the "Hide Games Missing..." items checked in BigBox under >Options>General?
  6. My bad. I misread exactly what you were describing. So you mean the actual game as it is playing, keep it showing but pause and blur it. Then show the pause menu items. If so, that is not currently possible.
  7. It is doable. You can actually edit an existing theme or create one and just need to add code to add a blur ot the background image. Adding something like the code below to the specific line for the background image would do the trick. You can edit the Blur Radius for more or less blur. <Image.Effect> <BlurEffect Radius="20"/> </Image.Effect>
  8. Never really seen anyone ask for something like that. To be honest though it is likely something that would not be put on high the list of things to add because of that. Or maybe this was specifically not put in place so people could not use LB/BB as a frontend to charge people money to play games. This may be something the team has to look at. The option to Allow Exit While Locked specifically adds the "Exit" menu item to the options when BigBox is locked. I do not know if it was coded to allow/prevent the controller/keyboard button options. I will let them know.
  9. Are your 3D Box images in the correct folder for each platform? Did you download 3D Box images during Launchbox import of your roms or did you manually add them?
  10. Two ways. 1. You can turn off Dynamic Box sizing as this is caused by that feature. 2. You can download the latest beta I believe one of the recent betas had a fix in it allowing you to keep Dynamic Box sizing on.
  11. In both BB and LB there is an option to set an exit in the keyboard/controller mappings. You just need to be sure to spend time looking around in settings and get familiar.
  12. Launch the emulator and most will have a menu item to map controls. You may have to look around in the emulators UI, but usually you will see an option. For example Retroarch when you launch it without a game or core under the Gear icon you will see the "Input" option. Mame you can edit the cfg file or launch it without a game and choose "Configure Options" then "Device Mappings". It just depends on the emulator.
  13. You got a response from me over 10 hours ago asking you to post images so we can keep trouble shooting. You say when you answer questions you get no responses....well taking a look back at your thread after every one of your posts someone has responded. So what you claim is the exact opposite of what the visual record shows. This is a small community of people doing things on their spare time. People have jobs, families, and other things to take care of. You have to expect some time delays. You have received nothing but help and if you keep posting and providing information you will keep getting that help. If you wish to keep troubleshooting respond to the open questions in your original post. If you want a refund you were also provided the steps to request one. Its up to you now.
  14. Well there ya go. Glad its sorted. 👍🏾
  15. When I get back to the house I will double check my Naomi setup.
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