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  1. Does the game load properly (not worried about fullscreen just that the game actually loads) without that additional app?
  2. A couple things could be at issue. 1. If BigBox is not closed properly it cannot save data to the required xml when it closes so if you change a setting and it cannot save it right then this could cause and issue. So if the OS app shutdown does not allow BB time then you get your reported outcome. 2. How do you have either of the two options shown highlighted in the pics?
  3. That is how the theme looks when in TextGames view. You need to switch the view to one of the Wheel views. You can set a key/button in BigBox to "Switch View" and then when in the games view hit that key/button to see it change to a different view. In the Wheel views you get a screen that looks something like this. All theme will usually have several view types. One of which is always a TextView like you show in the video.
  4. Anyone got a screen resolution with something other than 4:3 or 16:9 (1080p) they would be able test the theme. I made a 4:3 and 16:9 on 1080p that work fine. I want to make sure I can cover 4K resolutions. Mainly need testing because the vertical text, options text, and up/down arrow fading could possibly be off line in higher resolutions and most assuredly in a different aspect ratio.
  5. If you are going to use platform videos during the startup phase of BigBox you need to make sure you put them in your \Videos\Startup folder. Names do not matter. BigBox will randomize one on startup.
  6. Working fine here. Try highlighting all games and refreshing images.
  7. You can still run a game directly in mednafen. We need to test that to make sure it is not an issue with mednafen first. I did read that part that you did a search. I posted that thread since Jason directly responded in it about the issue just this past Wednesday. He advised he will likely be removing Wikipedia.
  8. New beta fixes a lot of this. So I would suggest using the beta. Unless you prefer not use betas than your best option is either use "Old Default" theme in 10.9 or revert to 10.7 until next stable release.
  9. It could be because for WiiU each game rpx file is located in subfolders in the games folder name. Launchbox looks for a singular folder to scan. If you edit your WiiU platform and look at the rom path folder you will see what folder it is scanning. Why it would hang and not just return a "0" result I am not sure. But scanning is normally best when all game files are located in a single folder.
  10. Is this happening only when you launch a game from Launchbox in Mednafen or does it happen even if the game is launch directly by the emulator (not using Launchbox)? There have been a few threads on this.
  11. I will definitely release it. It will likely just be minimal in detail like in the first images. The whole point of this pause would be to facilitate a quick look at game controls. Not meant for all kinds of game/platform detail. I was originally making marquees to show this, but now that we have pause I would rather my marquee be just for actual marquee images.
  12. You may need remove "-keyboardprovider dinput" from the Default Command Line box. That 0.132 version of Mame is real old (2009 or 2010 I think) and predates the use of that command line. That command line was added a few versions ago to Launchbox for the Pause feature to be able to work.
  13. Yes. I scrape all arcade games even if put in a custom platform as "Arcade". If I delete the database ID and all images and run a search it finds the game and find the images from our DB.
  14. Not sure about the error. I have both imported fine. Although they were added quite a while back. As far as artwork for LBH I am seeing artwork for that game.
  15. I do not think this is possible. The playlists would use the platform level views so they will respond to only show the view type set for the platform. It has never really been requested to set a playlist to a different view type. So this is likely not something on Jason's list of things to look at.
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