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  1. If you set the button for the "Exit" command in BigBox that is the wrong field. You need to set it for the one labeled "Close Active Window". "Exit" field in BigBox is for closing BigBox itself.
  2. That's the default fallback so an image is at least shown if there is no platform background image. Background images are located inside the startup theme's folder. That arcade image you see is named "Default.jpg" so you can use any image you want as a default. Just add it an name it Default.jpg. I did not add a ton of images as this theme was just something I tinkered with to help Sirgubster9. So it was not a complete collection of media. All you need to do is add more images for your platforms that do not have any. Make sure to name them exactly as the platform is named in your LB set-up. Add background images to: \LaunchBox\StartupThemes\Multiple Image Controller\Images\Background\
  3. Nice! I just corrected my prior imports of RingWide games since it had been a year. Looking forward to more media for them. Thanks for all the drops on these and the other arcade boards.
  4. Maybe this one? I tested this one and the one earlier and they both work. I do not use Desmume so not sure what would be the issue if this one does not work. $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  5. Did you refresh your image cache? In BigBox settings for images there is an option to refresh the image cache. Sometimes you need to do this when adding new images.
  6. That posted script does not look right. Try this: $Esc:: Send !{f4}
  7. PPSSPP should not need an AHK to exit within LaunchBox. Just put the command line below in the Default Command Line Paramaters box and it should work. It does for me. --escape-exit Also just an FYI, AHK for exiting game should go in the Running AHK Tab. The Exit tab is for if you have issue exiting from the Pause Menu.
  8. The LaunchBox Database is community moderated and community contributed so it is always an ongoing process to add and clean up images. The more members that contribute the more data we can collect. So yes, this is an on going thing, members of the community continue to contribute, and the only other way is for you to use other sources to scrape media. Emumovies is one source that can be scraped within the LaunchBox UI.
  9. I do not use Kega Fusion but do have it set up and working fine with fullscreen and exiting just using LB/BB controller mapping. Fullscreen wise I never edited the ini file so the show fullscreen option is still set to "0". In the default command line parameters within LB emualtor setting I have -fullscreen added. So try adding that line in the box for Default Command Line Parameters. For exiting the game try putting either of these AHK scripts in you emulator setup in LB. Under >Tools>Manage Emulators choose Kega and edit it. Paste either script below inside the Running AutoHotKey tab and test. $Esc:: Send !{f4} or Also $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  10. In game hit Tab and then in the input for This Machine make sure the X analog is set to mouse. Memory might not be accurate, but I do remember needing to set that with my Tankstick. Depending on the Golden Tee game it might be Track X Analog or even Lightgun Track X Analog. You will know it when you see it.
  11. A little more info would help to try and troubleshoot. What exactly happens? What have you done to try and remedy if anything? Did you recently go through a Windows update or update Launchbox? Do you get an error and it closes out? Do you see it initializing and then nothing? Do you get a warning another instance is running and yet task manager does not show another instance?
  12. Funny part is it is me normally missing that little detail and one of the other mods have to come behind me and catch it. Glad you are sorted.
  13. Cool. I was not sure if the priority setting overrode the option in BigBox. Good to know it does.
  14. Yes. Other than editing a xaml I do not recall any other options in LB to update rom paths.
  15. If you are on version 11 of LB go into LB and then check your video priorities in LB tools. New feature with version 11 allows you to set a video priority in LB. This might be overriding the check box in BigBox.
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