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  1. Theme DLL issue

    I figured out the issue with the .dll from Nosh's theme for the SlimDX.dll. My pc did not have Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable installed. It had 2015 and 2017. So installing 2010 fixed that issue. I can confirm that was it because when I uninstall it I get the error. Now to try and figure out why I cannot get the .dll from eatkinola's Ao BigBox customs unblocked.
  2. Tecmo Classics

    Probably just a simple oversight since there are so many playlists that could have been created from the get go.
  3. Theme DLL issue

    @eatkinola I am running 64bit. The error I get is the one to right click and unblock the dll. Issue is I did that and it still says I need to do it. I have even deleted it, downloaded a new one, right clicked the zipped file and unblocked, then extracted to plugins folder and it still says I need to unblock. The Ao Bigbox version I downloaded is Ao.Bigbox-2.0.1 I just tested a couple other plugins and had no issues with them (Startup video manager for one). For some reason my pc does not like the .dll in your plugin and the one from Nosh's theme. Those are the only two it has given me issues with.
  4. Big Box Cinematix

    @JamesBaker That is hilariously epic my friend. This will definitely be on my cabinet when you drop it.
  5. Theme DLL issue

    No luck with that either. Not sure what is going on. I am going to try a few other plugins to see what results I get. If it is just with this .dll file I can live with it since I mainly use Critical Zone theme.
  6. Theme DLL issue

    No luck. Reboot so I know LB/BB is not running, made sure the .dll was unblocked (plugin in the theme folder) and same error. Reboot, put the .dll in the main LB plugin folder and BB will not launch due to the same error. Something weird is going on because the AO BigBox Custom .dll will not even unblock. I downloaded an unblocked it but Windows still says it is blocked. So I tested with something simple like the quote of the day plugin. Downloaded it, right clicked and unblocked, and it works fine. That does seem to be a pretty simple plugin, but at least I know I can unblock a plugin .dll and it work. This pc was only built for LB/BB so anything loaded on it was specific to emulator needs or LB/BB needs. Windows 10 (not Creators Update), 7700K, 1070ti, 16GB Ram
  7. Theme DLL issue

    @CriticalCid and @neil9000 I will give both these a try.
  8. Theme DLL issue

    Just tried to install NoshOnThis theme and unblocked all the plugins related to it. When I switch to the theme I get this DLL error. Outside of this error my BigBox runs fine. DirectX 12 is updated on my machine and Visual C++Redist 2017 as well. Saw on the post for Nosh's theme someone update these and the error went away. For me no luck. Anyone have any idea what dependencies this error is talking about.
  9. Big Box Cinematix

    I second maybe putting your youtube channel and FB page links in the first post. I am one of those that stays away from FB. I do follow you here and on youtube.
  10. Full name removed?

    Ah maybe payment type alters what is shown. I paid with a credit card I use for online only purchases. Interesting. Thanks @neil9000. I dont mind it shows just my first name, but probably would not want my full name.
  11. Full name removed?

    Just a question out of curiosity as mine only shows my first name, but yours actually shows your full name?
  12. Is it possible to have a genre listed under platforms?

    Yeah, playlists are pretty easy. You can also have the playlist auto-populate any time you create a new playlist or if you want an existing playlist to add games to it any time you upload new games. Just right click the playlist and edit. There is a tab for auto-populate. You can have it auto by name, series, genre and so on. A whole slew of options are there.
  13. Hard drives and rom paths

    As DOS76 said you can have the roms where you want. Leaving them within the Launchbox folder just makes it that much easier to move launchbox if you so choose to another pc or drive. But if you do not put them in the launchbox folder structure it is not really a major issue to update rom paths. When you import your games just keep them stored where you want them than you link to that path. Just be sure to choose the option during import to have launchbox leave the files where you have them. There is an option to have launchbox move them and you do not want that.