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  1. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    I think a couple others mentioned it. I know @Suhrvivor was one. I have messed with resolution settings in those pc games and it does not affect it. The error still happens. Only thing that does is taking it out of fullscreen. Even then it is not 100%. Maybe 1 out of 10-15 times it freezes Next on exit. Even tried compatibility and DPI options from properties right clicking the .exe and no affect. Good thing is I primarily use BigBox so there is no issue there. Just reporting since it is affecting Next.
  2. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr The issue I mentioned earlier with Next freezing up on exit from Mame also does it with PC games. Mame was easy fix keeping video on openGL, but still unsure in testing why that affected only Next (OG LB and BigBox did not have the issue). After testing a bunch of pc games I see the issue happening with several pc games. About 18 of the 30 I have installed. A few, if I knock out of fullscreen, work fine and when exiting Next does not freeze up. Most, even that does not help. Still with the pc games only Next has the issue (BigBox and Original do not freeze). This is probably something that will only affect a few and will be hard to replicate.
  3. Retro808

    Set marquee image priority

    Right now there is no way to set an image priotiy for marquees like you can for box art and backgrounds. Marquee support missed the poll cut so updates to marquees may be a while. For now you either have to copy the images into the marquee folder (which unfortunatley increases data size) or you can make a symlink in the marquee folder the the image folder you want to use.
  4. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    You can fix that subline issue by adjusting the option for "text spacing". The lower the value the closer it brings the text to the game image pulling it away from the bottom of the box frame
  5. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Spacing adjusts the vertical and horizontal space between two objects (the space between the box border of two games that the image and text actually lies within) so they do not touch each other. Padding adjusts the vertical and horizontal spacing inside that box between the boxes edge and the contents inside it. So the image and text inside does not touch the edge of the box.
  6. Retro808

    Big Box Startup Video Cuts out

    Anytime. Just let us know.
  7. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    OG LB getting closer to that big arcade in the sky!!!!
  8. Retro808

    Big Box Startup Video Cuts out

    Not sure on that then. I do not think anyone lately has reported that issue. For latest versions all you need to do is have a folder called "Startup" in your \Launchbox\Videos folder and place any video you want in there (does not need any specific name) and BigBox will play them in full and randomize them if you have more than one. So if you start BigBox from the BigBox.exe no issue, but if you start it from within Launchbox you get the issue?
  9. Retro808

    Big Box Startup Video Cuts out

    What version Launchbox/BigBox are you using? Newer versions (from7.12 to current) play the full video before entering BigBox. Sounds like you are using a version prior to 7.12
  10. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Options > Keyboard Mappings> Then set a key for "View Images". When you highlight a game and hit that key the images show up full screen. Full screen videos are left to the theme and the view option in the theme.
  11. Retro808

    SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    Damn, I am behind on some of these games. Thanks for keeping the update of releases going. And more so thanks for the artwork @Lordmonkus and @MadK9
  12. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    @Jason Carr Does not appear my issue (which also @Suhrvivor reported) is related to video driver. Updated both pc's prior to updating LB beta and this issue still showed with Mame. New beta same issue though I know you did not specifically update anything related since you cannot replicate. So far it appears to only occur with Mame since I can change the video options. LB OG and BigBox have no issues. Will test with some of the other emulators that have video option changes to see if I can replicate with another emulator.
  13. Retro808

    Favorites Playlist: Can It Be Put In Platforms Listing?

    Yes. If you have the setting for "skip games detail screen" unchecked this will bring up the game detail screen where you click on a game. In that screen is the option to add favorite a game or to add to a playlist. Or you can map a button so "show games detail screen and when you highlight a game and hit that button it will bring up the same screen.
  14. Retro808

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Thanks @Jason Carr for trying to replicate. Definitely odd it only affects Next. I tested a bunch of setting changes, clean installs, only thing I have not done is an video driver update check. Both pc’s I know are on the same driver release. Just do not remember if it is the latest. Will have to test that when I get home from this business trip. For now at least with it set to opengl no issues.