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    Not officially no, but just be mindful when posting that links to sites/programs that have Roms is not allowed.
  2. Bezel Art for Mame

    About as easy as it could get. Just head to the downloads section and choose "submit a file". The first window will have you select the location to upload. Under platform media there is a bezels/overlays section. Next screen will allow you to drag and drop your file. You can upload a full zipped file or individual files. Then the remaining fields will then show up. You can add screenshots that will display in the forum upload as well.
  3. very few series in metadata

    Thanks @DOS76 I dont use wikis really for anything at all, even outside of emulation wold, since that data is not really validated and any one can post data. So makes sense not to recommend it.
  4. very few series in metadata

    Hmmm, I don't think I have seen that. When you import I know the metadata screen simply shows "(recommended)" after the Launchbox database listing. However, on the wikipedia listing it does not show not to use it.
  5. Anyone got the Wiiware box art template on hand?

    Not the exact one you posted but it is what I made to start making my own boxes. I did not like that simple rounded edge of the ones I could find. So I modified a box template to fit my needs. I wanted them to look more like an actual game case.
  6. very few series in metadata

    I do not believe it is a field available in Launchbox DB. At least I have never seen it. The series info likely comes from wikipedia since Launchbox also pull metadata from there.
  7. very few series in metadata

    Yes. I do believe a lot of game are missing series data. Just checked a bunch of games (Sonic, Mario, Castlevania, etc..) and a lot do not have that metadata listed.
  8. CoverBox

    Pics of what you are seeing would be helpful to better direct you what you need to do. Since his themes do not use certain banners or clear logos you just need to download the version(s) you want, unzip them to the \Launchbox\Themes folder and then open BigBox. Make sure you have setting in place to use different views per platform otherwise when you change one it will affect them all and you know which key is mapped to switch the theme while in platform view.
  9. Button to Joystick Mapping

    If you don't know ask. The members here are pretty helpful. I am still a newbie learning a lot myself and AHK (Auto Hot Key) is way beyond my current knowledge level. I know you said you are looking for a single button instance to close, but the controller automation in Launchbox does work to close Sega Model 2 it uses two keys. Could be useful until you find a solution exactly as you want. In Launchbox it is under tools/options/input and in BigBox if you have premium just look for controller automation in the settings. You have to set 2 keys. One as the hot key you hold the other as the activation key to actually close the process.
  10. DEMUL No fullscreen

    Yes typo. Like @JRPGod said try tinkering with the driver. I missed the part where you said other games look fine. So it should be possible. I tried searching the issues as well and well, you said it yourself, nothing out there.
  11. DEMUL No fullscreen

    Is that monitor actually a 320x240. If that monitor is a standard res arcade monitor than it is not actually 320 it is likely 336 or more depending on the size of the monitor and that may be why it is not looking good at 320x240. Edited: A couple of product spec sheets I found on google for the K4700 showed resolution for 25" and 27" set at 600x240. Comparing specs of the K7000 at 560x240
  12. Button to Joystick Mapping

    It should be possible. I use an AHK to close Model 2 using a two button combo with delay state that prevents the emulator from closing on just random button clicks. This is simply pasted in the AHK tab of the manage emulators screen. I do not know AHK I simply found what I need from a search and altered it to my needs. You could probably try something like: Joy7: Send, {Escape down} Keywait, Joy 7 Send {Escape up} Return or Joy7::Send {Alt Down}{F4}{Alt Up} Model 2 can also close with Alt+F4
  13. bigbox theme HELP!

    Just make sure when you download a theme before you unzip it, right click on the zipped file and go to properties. If you see a check box for "unblock" make sure you click it. Some themes have certain files that need to be unblocked or the theme will not work correctly.
  14. Launchbox and RetroArch 1.7.0 Troubleshooting

    Glad you are sorted. Recommendation as you add more systems is always set the emulator up and make sure your games are running fine in it before you add the games and emulator to Launchbox. That way is something goes wrong after the import it is easier to tell if it is a disconnect with Launchbox or in fact something to do directly with the emulator.
  15. bigbox theme HELP!

    You can get other themes from the downloads section of the forum. Install them into the \Launchbox\Themes folder. Did you accidentally change the view in the theme you are using? Each theme (including the default) have different view styles. Check your BigBox settings and see what key/button you have mapped to switch the theme view and use that to try different views. Without knowing what you had it set to before it is hard to be more specific.