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  1. Retro808

    Set keyboard to controll big box

    Are you going into controller settings or keyboard mappings? Those are two different things and if setting a keyboard you need to use the keyboard mapping option.
  2. Retro808

    Launchbox and joysticks

    Launchbox is more the pc side (gamepad/keyboard) of things and BigBox (though usable with keyboard and gamepad) is more the arcade cabinet side and better with arcade joystick. I have never bothered with seeing if a joystick can be used in Launchbox since I only use it for configuration/set-up. As for your button mappings not working as coin and 1P buttons that is specific to the emulator and not anything that Launchbox or BigBox controls.
  3. Retro808


    i just tested what I have setup. In your display configuration in Snes9x is it set to D3D or OpenGL? If so try ticking the box for "Emulate Fullscreen" and see if that changes anything. I have that set in mine and it works. If I untick it the menu bar shows up and I have to hit Esc to hide it.
  4. Retro808


    Are you using Windows 10? If so, right click the snes9x exe and in properties then compatibility check the box for disable fullscreen optimization and see if that helps. I have seen that mentioned before here and it worked form some users.
  5. Retro808

    Unified Redux

    Thanks @IlhanK I like what you did. I was able to get coded what I needed shortly after my post.
  6. Retro808

    Not able to add platforms with 9.0 bug?

    If you manually add a platform what you named that platform really would not matter if you have the "scrape as" set to the system name. Right click the platform name and see what the scrape as name is set to. Adding a new platform using the game import wizard is a safer process to ensure something is not set up wrong. Like CDBLue said with the associated platforms all you have to do is type the platform name. You are not bound by what might show up as default. You can manually type in any platform name you created and added to Launchbox.
  7. Retro808

    Add new img to unified theme?

    I just added custom images for favorites playlists for my kids and no issues with Unified showing them. Png files placed in the specific pointers, borders, and background folders. LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme Is the 64 HD the only one giving you issues? Do you have any other custom platforms and do they show the images?
  8. Retro808

    Big box on 4k tv

    Yeah I doubted it would, but figure worth a mention. Seen some strange things posted in our forum...like speakers not being plugged into a pc affecting Mame not working.
  9. Retro808

    Big box on 4k tv

    I am no way an expert on this but I remember some earlier posts this year with 4KTV issues and that 30Hz was the problem. Setting it to 60Hz fixed it for other uses. I cannot remember if it was the partial screen issue you are having, but setting 60Hz and see if it changes anything. I notice in @neil9000 image he has 60Hz set.
  10. That is pretty odd. Like Neil I tried the link several times and on my laptop no issue. Even tried like you said in Chrome and Firefox. I have seen before someone post about similar error, but it was any access to the GamesDB site.
  11. You were not trouble....but yes, your second post was more specific than your first since the pic showed the error. You sorted so all is good.
  12. Specifics about the type of error or what you were trying to do that gave the error would help. The link you pasted opens fine so no error there. I see the thread title says database access error but access how?
  13. Retro808

    Unified Redux

    Vert Wheel 2 should show disc image and Vert Wheel 3 should show spinning disc image. I would check the Cart Front Image priorities showing in LaunchBox and make sure disc image is an option ticked.
  14. Retro808

    Start bigbox on last game played

    I do not believe an option exists to start at the last game, but there is an option in BigBox General settings to "Remember Last Game Each Platform" (or something similar). I do not use it so not sure how well it works, but might be worth giving it a test.
  15. Retro808

    Gba and Mame not working

    In the first pic uncheck the boxes for "Don't use quote" and "Use file name only".