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  1. You can either edit the individual game and go to the Images section in the edit window and download media from there or highlight all the game missing media and then in the LB tools menu select the option to Download Media/Metadata.
  2. That could be the issue. Go into your \Images\Platforms folder and look in the platform folder for N64. Then look in you image type folders like 3D Box. Are there and images? If not check the old named folder of Nintendo 64 and see if the images are there.
  3. Can you post an image from one of the themes? Seeing exactly what you see can help in troubleshooting. As long as you used the LB UI to download images they will be named correctly and placed in the correct folder that no other work should be needed on your part for a BB theme to show the images.
  4. Most of these should already be available in the download. Just select the option for “category” in the download link.
  5. That check box in the BigBox menu for the clear logo will only affect the default theme. Custom themes typically have the clear logo command coded into its view xml. So that will override the BigBox setting. You would have to edit the theme’s code to change that. The issue with changing view in the game details is because that specific view also needs to be coded. All views in BigBox can be custom coded. Most creators do not custom code the GameDetailsView, so it typically defaults to the Default theme’s coding of that view. So if you want the GameDetail screen to look different you
  6. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    Well it fixed the issue for the original poster and another member so that was the goal. But good to know as you have mentioned a couple times your set up does not need an AHK. The end goal is it works.
  7. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    @Koroth I just set up ryujinx on a few systems and 1 of them worked fine without needing an AHK, but the other 2 did (I am unsure why this would be the case, but I have seen this on a couple other emulators). So I tested the code below both with starting game in fullscreen and not starting in fullscreen and the games exited correctly back into LB and not into the Ryujinx UI. So give this a try. ESC:: { SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinWaitActive, Ryujinx Send !{f4} }
  8. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    Kind of makes sense. I remember something similar happening a few Cemu versions ago. I will try and set it up and test on a couple of my set-ups.
  9. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    I figured. Just wanted to confirm. Is the affect any different if the game is not run in full screen?
  10. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    @Sbaby Is there any particular reason you are choosing not to post the pic we are asking for? we cannot effectively help you if you do not want to help us. @Koroth What tab are you putting that script in? Running AHK or Exit AHK tab.
  11. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    Its simple what I need from you. Stop overthinking it. I dont care about the thousand things you tried. I want to see what you have right this very second. In LB. go to >Tools>Manage emulators and edit Ryujinx. Go to whatever tab you have the current script you are using and share a pic of that. Not sure if I can be any more specific about what I need.
  12. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    Does not matter how many emulators you have. They do not all function the same. See my quote of my post below. I need to see in LB your Ryujinx emulator settings. Where did you put the script you use? Post a picture of that. Make sure the pic also shows the script.
  13. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    Can you respond to my original post? It helps to see what you have exactly when troubleshooting.
  14. Retro808

    Ryujinx quit

    I do not emulate Switch but quickly messing around in the UI looks like Alt+F4 closes the emulator. Where are you pasting the scripts? Can you share a pic of where you have pasted the script in LB and what the exact current script looks like?
  15. If you are importing alot of games at once and downloading media make sure you uncheck to box that references “rough matches” for media. Having this checked will slow down large imports as it is comparing every image.
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