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  1. Until Jason does implement a solution I would post a thread out in troubleshooting. I have seen a couple members post some in depth responses to AHK questions. Maybe they can help find a workaround. I would be interested in any solution as I am about to build a driving cab.
  2. It will only show the Save/Load if you have an AHK for Save and Load states for the emulator populated. The save/load states in Launchbox only work if an emulator supports that option. Jason populated some of the systems with known save/load states and the stock configuration keys they use to initiate. Ao for ones that Jason may not use or is not aware of the end user will need to populate the commands. Once populated they should now show up as options in the Pause menu.
  3. You should be able to run an AHK before the game launches using the additional apps feature. Right click and edit a game and choose the additional apps tab. I don't think a guide will be released. I recommend posting a thread in the troubleshooting or noobs sub-forum requesting help. We can give you a quick walkthrough there to keep the beta test threads clean for beta testing issues. You can also watch the latest video on this release. ETA shows you a quick how to on using the Pause feature.
  4. Did you try any other emulator? You mentioned in a prior post you have not tried other emulators. I see in your video you have Mame and Model 2 emulators listed. Pause screens work fine with those two. Have you tested those on your setup?
  5. Did you set the pause option for controller automation? There are LB and BB settings. Both your videos show an Xbox One controller recognized. It definitely works. It has been beta tested quite a bit. I have it running on 3 setups just fine.
  6. Did you set your Pause button/Key in Launchbox? It is not actually using what is set in RA. You have to set it in the Launchbox settings. There are two areas to set Pause map. A Pause key and an automation for a button combo.
  7. When you add your emulators to Launchbox, if you name the emulator something other than what it is normally called Launchbox will still recognize it to populate any AHK scripts Jason may have put in by default for the new Pause screen stuff.
  8. Updates probably will not be too big an issue since the scripts are simply an AHK command to press the keys mapped in the emulator for save/load states. It uses the default from the emulator. So as long as the emulator creators do not change the default keys in their updates than Launchbox updates likely will not affect much. What would be a bigger issue is if you use different key/button maps.
  9. Now that you clarified exactly what you have been doing I know. Use this AHK with the .exe and it sends it to full screen. I just tested it. WinWaitActive , DeSmuME ; Send !{Enter}
  10. OK Well, now I am confused. if it is not working why did you say earlier you are using the vbs?
  11. From your image it looks like you are launching an exe and not a vbs. You have the emulator path as DeSmuME_X432R_X64.exe. That's the exe for the Japanese fork. Here is an old post about launching desmume from a vbs in Launchbox. The last post advises to use one of the AHK I posted as well. I just set up the version you have in your pic as well and it works with the same AHK. Not sure why it is not working for you. Any chance you have another Desmume emulator setup (one for the vbs) in Launchbox and you are editing the wrong one with the AHK?
  12. Also just tested with the other AHK and that one works as well.
  13. You said "One of them is not working"...so does one actually work for you? Are you putting the AHK in the right place? I do not use Desmume, but just installed it and set it up using the below AHK and it works fine.
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