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  1. If this is a preloaded drive from a seller we typically do not troubleshoot those. We have no idea of what the seller did in the set-up and if you do not either than troubleshooting becomes a chore. Where is the drive from? I would ask them why it is not performing as it should.
  2. Or you can use the rom path change option in the LB tools.
  3. I believe colorman3605 still wants the video and images there. Just does not want to accidentally click on it and it open to a bigger video or image. If it is a frequent issue for a user, best recommendation is to submit a feature request using the link located at the top of the forum under "Help & Support". A custom theme might work, never messed with those specific bindings in the game details view so could not advise on what to change.
  4. Your shutdown xaml code has a background color brush that is giving the image a shade. I take it you used the default theme as your base. Remove the lines below and it will remove the darkness of the image. <Grid.Background> <SolidColorBrush Color="#66000000" /> </Grid.Background>
  5. Default may not have the UserControl line for the gif. At the top of your theme you may need to add this line. Paste in where you see the other xlmns lines (starts at line 1). xmlns:gif="clr-namespace:WpfAnimatedGif;assembly=Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf"
  6. Merged your threads. Please do not spam multiple forums or threads with the same issue. Retroarch should automatically map an Xbox controller to a default setting. When you are in the settings menu under the "Device Index" does it show "Xbox One Controller"? Been a while since I messed with controllers but I think this is still true.
  7. That target name is used in the image line of code. So if you look at line 73 of the xaml you will see Jason labeled the image in that section of code "DiskImage". This is what links the storyboard piece to the image. So you can do the same using whatever name you want. You just need to make sure the name is referred to in both sections of code. So be sure to look both at the code in the UserControl and the code in the lines for the actual image.
  8. Look in the Default Startup theme folder. Open one of the CD based platform xaml files. In there you will see an example of rotation. Triggering animations is not too hard. You may spend more time refining the movement/speed than anything else.
  9. During import if you check the box "Force Using Mame metadata...". This will name the files without you manually doing it. Since it will then bring up the Mame import screen make sure to uncheck the option for "Skip Game Unplayable In Mame" as well. In the 3rd pic you see that without the Mame option it just sees the files. With the Mame option checked it show's that actual game name (see the 4th pic).
  10. You would need to make a feature request on our bitbucket site. Link is available at the top of the forum under Help & Support.
  11. Yes. Seems to not be affecting everyone as some users are able to upload things to the forum. You can see some posts on it here at the end of the thread.
  12. Devs are likely done for the day. They typically do not do everyday troubleshooting, though they will pop on daily and tend to some items if they can. There are only 2 of them so they tend to work on programming. Our community is small with only a handful of users and mods that respond to help troubleshoot so sometimes not all threads get responded to quickly. Have you tested various themes to see if it may be a theme issue (always test with the default theme)? What theme are you using? If you revert to the prior LB/BB version does the issue go away. I am not seeing this on any of my builds so the information above would be helpful.
  13. Can you post a pic of what you have showing on your "Details" tab?
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