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  1. Exiting Games/Emulators

    I am currently running Cemu 1.10.0f and use two AHKs. One specific to my Xarcade controller since it simulates keyboard keys and one for my 8bitdo controllers. There may be a better way for me to do this, but for the past 9 months I have been using these AHK with all the different Cemu versions it has not failed to close. I know the first one I modified the keys from a post I found on this forum and the second one was from AHK forum I think.
  2. Nostalgia

    No problem. Happy I can at least be of a little help on the forum. Thanks. It is not the slickest of set-ups but it was fun making. I owe a big thanks to Launchbox and forum members such as yourself. The software and the members reignited my interest in emulation. Looking forward to the next drop. The theme just keeps getting sharper and sharper. Speaking of backgrounds if there is any way you can add one for Famicom Disk System that would be awesome. Really the only one I am missing on my consoles.
  3. Nostalgia

    @eatkinola I figured out the issue with playlist dates. If even 1 game is missing the date in the metadata it will not show a date in the playlist category. So if you have 15 games in a playlist and 14 of them all have a date in metadata and 1 does not, the playlist category for those games will not show a date. I tested both by adding the date to the game that was missing it and the playlist then showed a date, as well as on a playlist that did have a date deleting the date from one game in it and then that playlist no longer showed a date. The couch one is growing on me as my system is set-up with 3 screens. 2 on the arcade cabinet and then the 3rd is the large led tv when you want to sit down on the couch and play that way. Default image wise I was picturing for consoles having the pc screen and then like several different consoles around it, or maybe even just different controllers. Maybe do something similar for handhelds by putting several different handheld system laying around the screen. Just a thought.
  4. Nostalgia

    Finally back home and have the latest update in place. So far no issues from my end. Things appear to be running just as smooth. Added the new default it looks good, but may go back to the old default. The couch just does not seem to fit for games. I guess it is because my system is in a stand-up arcade. I do like that as a default for categories it is different from other views so I may leave it. @eatkinola How/where is the theme pulling metadata for the vertical dates on the left side of the screen? Reason I ask is in my playlists some of the playlist are showing a date and some are not. I am sure it pulls from metadata of the game and the platform in the normal platform and game screens so I sort of figured a playlist would not have a date since a playlist can include games from multiple platforms. When I saw some of my playlists showed a date and some did not it made me want to ask.
  5. Nostalgia

    Gotta love notes of a programmer. 😃
  6. Nostalgia

    Dang. Will not get to test until I return home from business on Thurs. but if @neil9000 says it is running good then I am sure it is. I agree with Neil on how good the theme is. Thanks again @eatkinola for all the work you have put into it. Talking wishes...I would love to see a couple backgrounds for platform categories. I was thinking for something like handhelds do the standard pc screen but put random handhelds lying around it. Similar for consoles use the pc screen and maybe put like random controllers from different consoles lying around it. Just a thought. Does anyone have a .psd for the stock image maybe I could mess around with?
  7. Big Box Cinematix

    Looks like I just found my new BigBox startup video! Now I am going to have Gorillaz stuck in my head all day. Thanks JB!
  8. HELP: Configuring Retroarch for keyboard input

    FYI: I am not the best at this, but this is what I have done with custom configs. I use them because RA's core remap and game remap functions only lets you remap a controller. It will not do arcade sticks like Xtension or Xarcade for some odd reason. Remaps would be better as they load automatically Hopefully if I wrote anything incorrect one of our resident experts will chime in... To save a core specific config just open RA and load the core you want to make a custom config for. Then under the first row of settings go into "configurations". In there choose "save new configuration". RA will then save a .cfg in the configs folder and it should show up as the name of the core you just loaded. I typically save the new config first then load it and make my control changes just so I do not accidentally change the base RA inputs. Or you can turn off autosave, make your control changes then save the new config. You have to tell Launchbox/BigBox to load this custom config for the system you want. So in LB you will need to open Manage Emulators and edit Retroarch. Find Retroarch, click edit then click the Associated Platforms tab and in the default command line field of the system you want you need to enter the custom config command. For example here in the image for Game & Watch I use a custom config. -c "config\gw_libretro.cfg" When you input the command line make sure you include the -c and the quotes.
  9. BigBox Video - ends early

    In the latest beta I believe BB will now run startup videos at full length. However, if you are not running the latest beta release you would need to adjust the seconds to delay BB startup. In BB options under general look for "Minimum Startup Video Duration". You will have to test how many seconds you will need to adjust it out for your system specifically. The max is only 30 seconds so any video longer than that will not play in full unless you install the latest beta.
  10. Movies big box issue

    That's what I was thinking as I have a couple of Vikings videos too and that just looks trippy.
  11. Movies big box issue

    Looking at image 1 is it because it looks like the background image tv screen is showing the background image in it and within that little tv it is playing the video? Almost a video playing within an image within an image????
  12. HELP: Configuring Retroarch for keyboard input

    The main Retroarch.cfg is located in the root folder of your Retroarch emulator. Editing that one will edit controls for any game or core that you do no have either a core remap/game remap or a custom config loading for. If you create a custom config for a core that specific .cfg file will be in the configs folder.
  13. Using a controller in mame

    To set up your controller in Mame have your USB controller plugged in, launch a game and hit tab on your keyboard. this will open the Mame settings and from here you can set global Mame controls and unique controls for each machine/game. Just choose the control, hit enter on your keyboard, then hit to corresponding button on your USB controller you want to map it to.