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  1. Retro808

    Hiding Arcade

    I do not believe you can hide platforms at this time. What you can do is in Launchbox change the view type to Playlist and only Playlists will show. The drop down box above your list of platforms is where you can change. Also if you use BigBox you can set the default startup view to Playlists and each time you open BigBox only Playlists will show.
  2. Retro808

    Nintendo Entertainment System.mp4

    Just an FYI there are actually numerous platform videos available through direct download in Launchbox. We welcome new content of course. So thank you for sharing.
  3. Retro808

    Gamepad scroll in LBnext?

    Probably because Launchbox is more of a keyboard/mouse user interface even though it has some controller support.
  4. Retro808

    Theme vs. Gameplay video by platform/playlist

    There is a setting in BigBox's video options to "Prioritize Game Theme Videos". It does it for all so you do not get a per platform/playlist option. It is at least already present in some form. You would need to submit a BitBucket to request feature updates.
  5. Retro808

    Playlists vs Platforms

    When you create playlists or platforms you can specify where you want them to display. So you could have say an Arcade Platform Category and under it have Arcade which shows all games and then either create playlists (Launchbox can actually create many of these with the import wizard) or platforms for all the other systems or game manufacturers you want. The new Beta has nested filters being tested so with that you could get an even greater layer of division for your games.
  6. Retro808

    Sorting games, not systems.

    You can make a Sonic Playlist adding all Sonic games from all the platform and then set Playlist as the default view on startup. If Sonic Playlist is the only one you made then that is all it will show.
  7. Retro808

    How to split a romset ?

    Yes. You can only have a platform name once. You can have the same emulator for more than one platform but a platform name can only be used once in Launchbox. Nested folders will hopefully be soon. It is on the list of things Jason is/will add from the last poll.
  8. Retro808

    Hello, New here and have a few questions please.

    So you cannot even just open the mame.exe and get to the interface? It just crashes? Or if you try to run one for your roms in a newer version of mame it crashes?
  9. Retro808

    Hello, New here and have a few questions please.

    I noticed earlier you said your Mame is 0.78 and that is the only one that runs for you. If your mame is that old and your roms are as well that may be the issue why other versions of Mame will not run those roms. Mame is currently up to .201 and there have been quite a few changes to mame and roms since that set from 2003 you have. Most notably updated bios files and qsound file needed for some games. If you plan on running updated mame you will need a far newer set of roms.
  10. Retro808

    Lag when browsing with joystick

    It is known this still exisits in someway. Please see this thread. Jason did work on it. I am not sure it was completely fixed as a couple said it was better but still laggy.
  11. Retro808

    How to set up Cave without random files?

    You should be able to drop this in your mame roms folder and just double click it. All it does is copy the games related to Cave to a folder called Cave so you do not have to hunt manually. Keep in mind it is all versions of the rom and there are a couple of games that do not work. You can right click and edit it to see what is in it. I did not make it. I think I got it off an Rpi forum. Cave.bat
  12. Retro808

    How to set up Cave without random files?

    If you do not do the process @neil9000 is mentioning then I think I have a batch file you can use. You just drop it in the mame roms folder and it will copy out the Cave games into a separate folder. It will not delete them from the main romset but copy them so you can move those to import. I will check later when home.
  13. Retro808

    N64 emulation with game specific controls?

    Thank @neil9000 for better clarifying. Yeah, I meant to say in Quick menu look for the user 1 and user 2 settings in Controls.
  14. Retro808

    N64 emulation with game specific controls?

    Retroarch simply is a frontend. Even they call it that on their main page. To set per game controls in RA simply load the game with the core you want. Hit F1 to go to settings. Find the input user 1 and input user 2 settings and bind your controls. Back out in the Quick Menu and go into Configuration Override then choose the Save Per Game option.
  15. Retro808

    How to set up Cave without random files?

    Agreed. Not sure where you got unzipped files for Mame roms from but I would just find a full Mame set and download it. I would not even try to mess with zipping those into the correct rom builds.