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  1. You actually will not bind the specific action to a combination of buttons you bind a "hold" or HotKey and then you bind a button for each action. In RA find the input then Input Hotkey Binds options. Go to "Enable Hotkey" and bind that to your Left Thumbstick. In that same menu section bind your Save, Load, and Reset to your button of choice and do that for all that you need.
  2. Retro808

    Database changes not saved

    Just to be clear when you say "database" you mean your Launchbox, correct? Not to be confused with the database we have called Games DB. Make sure you do not have any of the "Hide" options ticked under the View menu in LB.
  3. Retro808

    [REQUEST] Additional Apps Breakout in Audit

    No worries. Also forgot to say post a link to that ticket here. The more users vote for it the more likely Jason would look to adding it.
  4. Retro808

    Neon Deluxe Startup Theme

    @Mr. RetroLust good looking theme!
  5. Retro808

    [REQUEST] Additional Apps Breakout in Audit

    I recommend also sending an official feature request using the link at the top of the forum. Under Help & Support there is a “Request a Feature” link.
  6. Retro808

    Launching Games opens Windows Explorer

    Can you provide some more details? Does this happen with certain emulators or all? If certain one or ones can you advise which? What version Launchbox are you on?
  7. Retro808

    MAME not working with LaunchBox

    Are you using Launchbox only or BigBox as well?
  8. Retro808

    Pinball FX3 setup

    Hmm not sure. It should work. I know in your other thread you said you got a code from Zen Studios as well. Just want to confirm you need 2 codes from them. 1 for PBFX2 and a separate code for PBFX3. You did get two correct?
  9. Retro808

    Pinball FX3 setup

    Did you get a cabinet support code from Zen Studios for Pinball FX3?
  10. Retro808

    launchbox window is streched out

    The area highlighted if you click and hold on the gray line you can drag it down. Like resizing a window.
  11. The Dreamcast cores are right there in the drop down. In the pic I added the Dreamcast platform then clicked the drop down and there are the two Dreamcast cores showing. Sames as the two cores in RA (redream_libretro and reicast_libretro).
  12. Retro808

    Pinball FX3 setup

    Were these the steps you tried?
  13. Retro808

    Option for video duration missing

    As long as you are on a version from 7.12 to current, videos should play full length. The video (or videos as it will randomize) simply need to be put inside a folder called "Startup" located inside \Launchbox\Videos folder. If you do not have that folder there create one. The videos can be named anything. Just place them all in that specific folder. BigBox should then play them in full.
  14. Thanks @Kondorito glad my feeble coding skills is somewhat useful in the community. 🤣😂 If the simple version of the theme is at all useful to you please do so. Thanks again.
  15. Retro808

    Big Box Playlist Refresh

    Yeah it should be fixed at least I remember Jason putting a fix out for something with playlists and auto-updates not happening. I am on the latest beta and just tested adding a new game to a manual playlist and the count updated. I think the other machine is still on 9.3. I will check and if so test on 9.3.