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  1. Conflict with some key configurations

    If you are worried about a user backing out into the menu and accessing your settings you can set a lock code. This will prevent them from getting into the settings piece of the menu. They can still back out to that main menu, but that main one will only allow them to use the filter functions on that page if they want to browse your games by certain criteria. They really cannot mess up your settings.
  2. Is any other ROM management app required?

    My original answer may not have been exactly the answer to the original questioned posed. My bad on that. If you have LB and want to verify complete and working roms than yes you will need a separate rom manger as I do not believe LB will verify this information for you.
  3. Is any other ROM management app required?

    You do not need a ROM manager to use Launchbox/BigBox. As long as the roms work in your chosen emulator and you have the emulator setup correctly outside of LB then LB will launch the chosen game. I do not believe LB does any auditing of roms to ensure they are complete or working.
  4. custom platform logos

    Do clear logos show up for other systems and playlists you have? As long as you are naming the playlist logo and the platform logo the same way you have the playlist named and Final Burn Alpha named in your Launchbox setup it should be as easy as placing them in the correct folder. Playlist logo should go in \Launchbox\Images\[Playlist Name]\Clear Logo folder If Final Burn Alpha is set up as a platform then it should go in \Launchbox\Images\Platform\Final Burn Alpha\Clear Logo folder. Keep in mind the folder would also match how you have Final Burn Alpha named in your setup. You can add these to any theme folder as well. All that does is override any image you have in the core Launchbox image folders when you use that particular theme.
  5. custom platform logos

    Did you refresh the image cache? Anytime you add new images you have to choose refresh image cache from BigBox settings.
  6. In the meantime a user wrote a useable AHK to shutdown from within BigBox you can try out. Here
  7. Can't get Splash screen to change for BigBox

    @ernie12121 Eh do not back out in shame. The great thing about the mods and many of the members on this forum is they are extremely helpful and will try to stick with you until you fix the issue. User error or not. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Fullscreen video not working

    Good tip @jayjay I know for a while now VLC has been a bit of an issue for some users. I cannot use it as I get odd BigBox crashes.
  9. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    @neil9000 Thanks. Corrected the error. I knew it was one of those two genius creators.
  10. What Mame are you using? Command line or MameUI? If MameUI in addition to what @neil9000 mentioned another issue specific to MameUI is it now reads the config files from the main folder instead of the Ini folder. You can copy the config files in the Ini folder and paste them in the root (main) folder you have the mame exe file. I had the same issue. Since getting this to work I ditched MameUI and just use the command line version.
  11. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Nice work on the logo. Excited to see how the theme evolves. I have it installed on one of my bartops. I enjoy comic style themes. Grilla had a ComicBox one I still use. He has some cool screen transitions. Maybe check it out to get some ideas. Grilla and Cid are definitely awesome theme makers and I know we welcome you to the ranks!
  12. Annoying glitches

    1. If your are using VLC as video playback try switching to WMP. This has helped some (not all) with this issue. Jason mentioned he is working on fixing as he can replicate the issue. 2. I have seen one other thread with a couple people having this issue but it was not resolved in the thread and I am not sure how common it is. Here. Sorry I have no insight as to how to fix this. 3. Same as above. 4. If you are talking about how it switches when you scroll through games I think that is pretty much theme drive. Try a different view in your theme or try a different theme. Some themes have static backgrounds. I know off the top of my head Nostalgia does only as I use it as one of my options. There may be a way in any theme to set a static background, but I never had a need to do that so never inquired or learned if there is. 5. Favorites exists as a custom playlist you can create. Add a new playlist, call it favorites, and you can either populate it yourself or have it auto-populate with those you mark as favorite or based on star rating. You can then have the Favorites playlist show up only in playlist views or add it to platform views. With auto-populate anytime you mark a new game as favorite it gets added to the playlist. 6. Not sure on this as I do not see that type of data. Someone must care about it if the view and data exists. In BigBox settings you can go into game details and uncheck what you do not want to show up. If that is scripting in the description field you can manually edit any game's text there. By the way welcome to the forum. We have a lot of great and knowledgable members and mods. Hopefully they can help square you away and have you playing more.
  13. Fullscreen video not working

    Did either of you two try switching between VLC and WMP to see if it helps? Neil9000 mentioned switching to WMP worked when he tested the issue.
  14. Big Box Cinematix

    Not an actual theme. The thread is for all the videos Mr Baker makes for our community.
  15. Since 2016 Jason has made a lot of improvements and updates. If it worked before and all you did was updated, then something in your settings got altered. I was not trying to say you changed anything, just recommending you check that connection. The "scrape as" function is working. I just added 3D NES emulator and had it scrape as "Nintendo Entertainment System". All the metadata imported and the roms launch fine in Launchbox.