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Problem with intro videos


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I start configure my launch box and i want video for platforms.

I use CriticalCid them and i download this Platform video:

Now I have arcade, Consoles and PC categories and into I have:

Arcade ------  Sega Naomi

Consoles ----- Super Nintendo Entertainment System



Where I need put the videos and the correct name to show in Big box? I try a lot of different names and Locations and It's impossible to show.. only Images.


I'm waiting you reply and thank you so much!

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Yes, i think so, but the problem is that i try put sega naomi( it's my directory name for this platform) into this director y and the other( sega naomi.mp4) and when i start big box i can't See the vídeo on theme Criticalcid Blue. I don't know if i need put other settings in launchbox or big box!

Could you test in Your launchbox(big box) with criticalcid theme?


Thank you so much for your help

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Do your other platform videos work?

Is Sega Naomi set up as a platform or a playlist in your machine? I ask as Sega Naomi is one of the playlists LB will create if you choose to let LB do that when you import Mame Roms. 

Also what view in Cid's theme are you using. I think there are some views in his theme that will not play the platform video. 

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