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Exit All emulator with global key presses


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Hey guys, first post here and I tried as much as I could searching the forums but I couldn't quite figure it out. I have 2 X-arcade boards hooked up as a 4 player cab. I was previously running hyperspin but have loved everything about big box I've seen and made the switch. Everything works perfect minus one issue. I cannot figure out how to exit all emulators with a 2 button press like in hyperspin. The x arcade is essentially a keyboard and I could remap the buttons and make the escape key as one of my arcade buttons but I really don't want to do that. I thought I could go and edit each emulator and set a hotkey script but I can't figure it out. I would like to use the number 0 and the = symbol as the exit emulators global key presses. In my cab those are the player 4 start button and the pinball button on the side of the x arcade stick.  Any help would be appreciated. You guys are awesome.

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I have the Tankstick and for the emulators that you can set internal exits with I use those.  For those that do not I use the AHK I posted in this AHK thread. Just go to manage emulators and edit. Paste the code in the AHK tab and change the button numbers to the ones you want. I have mine set to right pinball bumper (4) and 2 player start (2) keys. My tankstick is set to Xarcade default layout. 

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Should work as pasted. It is a delayed response in the AHK so you have to hold the buttons for longer than 2 seconds. 

What emulator are you using for GBA? Emulators like Retroarch and Mame you can directly set the exit command in them and I would do that instead of using the AHK. Mame will let you hit two buttons at once to make an exit command and in Retroarch you set a hotkey and an action key. 

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