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So, I've used Launchbox to play games on a desktop it's worked pretty well but I use an LCD. Although it has less then 5ms it, isn't the same as using a CRT. I can get access to either a CRT TV or CRT monitor, but I wanted to get some advice on getting near Arcade quality of a setup. I don't want to use any plugins or special effects within emulators, use a CRT and have a small desktop connected to it. It's pre-built from Dell, so my only option for I/O is VGA. Any suggestions on if I should get a Monitor or CRT TV? Should I get one that takes VGA or look into getting VGA to Component cables? I'm not stressing displaying 1080p. I am completely fine with displaying games in their meant resolutions, I'm more into the input response/refresh rate of a CRT when you put cost into play. Also, I don't have space for any monitors higher then 27 or interested in spending the kind of money that go with most monitors that were used to edit videos (the ones that still cost a couple hundred dollars).


I also don't mind being given some online resources for my question, and I can take it from there. Please and thank you for your help. Hopefully I'm not missing any information. 

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