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HELP! Cant understand how to setup video theme


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Hi all,

I am new here...totally new.

I have bought this Launchbox and emumovies. I am very happy to play, to setup and to "live" in this news videogame world. I play from 9...I have 43...so you can understand me.

I am here to make some questions. I have looked a lot of tutorial video and I have tried to search in the forum but there are some questions that I have.

Anyway I suggest you to organize the tutorial, because I dont know where to look for some, probably, easy questions.

What I have understood is that there are 2 types of video. Normal playgame video and the theme video...the ones with some static graphics I suppose.

I want to use launchbox with normal video, with a lot of details, adding personal scan from my collection.

But I'd like to use BigBox for what it is born, cinematics. 

I have downloaded some platform cinematics but cant work.

I have put video in theh video/platform folder, i have named it like in bigbox (arcade folder, arcade.mp4), I have launched it but I am not able to make them appear in retroflash theme...why?  what I am doing wrong?


second question. I'd like that my arcade collection is shown with cinematic video, one for each game...but I want to keep the normal video in launchbox...how I do that?


Can anyone help me or direct me where to read/look how to setup this things?


Thank you !








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