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Launchbox won't remember roms


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After working pretty flawlessly for a while, Launchbox won't seem to remember the last few roms I import, causing me to have to re-import them every time I start it. One rom is for PSX, the other is PSX2. I have plenty other roms from those systems that persist. It's only the new ones that disappear. Any ideas?

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  1. add a rom
  2. open `\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\<platform name>.xml` with a text editor (like notepad or if you have it installed notepad++)
  3. ctrl+f, search for filename of just added rom

is it there?

If yes....

  1. close launchbox
  2. reload xml file
  3. search for it again

still there?


if no.....

  1. make an edit to the xml (just change a game description or something)
  2. save file

did it save ok or was there an error?

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Looks like that was where the issue was. In the platform folder, there were conflict xml files created by Dropbox when I synced it. Launchbox was using those conflicted files. In fact, it created conflicted files in a lot of places. I deleted them all and now things are working fine. Thanks!

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