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Cuphead , arcade stick Encoder and setting

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Hi . 

I spent hours doing tests with all the methods that are found in the various forums and on youtube to try to make Cuphead work with X360ce , unfortunately, every experiment had a negative aspect and so I abandoned the idea of X360ce with Cuphead .
I have experienced antimicro  portable for windows https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro/releases
and finally cupèhead work perfect with my encoder . Now , the problem is : 
apparently antimicro is not like x360ce that starts autonomously with the game, and then closes. If I leave the antimicro open, it will also impact the launchbox when I leave the game.
Do you know if antimicro can be used with a single game like x360ce does? Or is there a different method?
Thank you
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I solved it with a .bat file

start "emu" "AntimicroPath"
start "app" /W "cupheadPath"

echo Deux fritures.

taskkill /f /im "antimicro.exe"

Rename txt in .bat.
Put .bat in launchbox 

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