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I am having an issue in Big Box where the controls are always moving up.  On any screen where there is vertical movement - vertical wheels or the options menu the cursor it acts as if I'm constantly pushing up.  I have keyboard and joysticks enabled.  The funny thing is if I launch a game (I can do so in horizontal views) the controls work perfectly fine.  Also in Launchbox the controls work perfectly fine.  I've tried unplugging all of my usb devices and restarting the computer with just the mouse plugged in and the same behavior happens regardless of which devices are plugged in.  I have Vjoy installed for a couple games and even removed that and restarted my computer, I also downloaded and reinstalled Launchbox on top of my current install with no luck.  Does anyone have any other ideas on what I can try to get this fixed.  The problem just started happening this week.  I can't verify whether it started with 8.0 or not, I do download all the betas and just noticed it after downloading 8.0.  I also use IOBit Driver Booster and about 7 updated appeared this week that I installed....you think it could be one of the drivers?  I'm at a loss at this point, however it is odd that bigbox is literally the only software that this is happening.

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I wish I could find a good explanation for what happened but it is fixed.  It had something to do with vjoy.  To fix it I launched a game (street fighter 5) that I have a bat file for vjoy that launches with the game.  Then I ran my kill vjoy script once I exited the game and the problem is gone.  Very odd but I’m glad it’s fixed

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