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I would like to organize my media in launchbox.  I notice we can do this to a certain degree in the Edit Platforms.  Here we can change the folder path.  It would be nice if launchbox could allow us to use variables or file and folder masks for the file names and folder names where it saves the information to.  Similar to how mediamonkey or launchbox and some other media managers work. 

For example, I might want to be able to save my videos all in the same folder for my arcade games.  Then I could choose in the folder path something like:

Arcade\<title> - video<ext>  

This would put all the videos in the arcade platform in the Arcade folder with the name of the game appended with " - video" followed by the game extension.   So if I was browsing my files, i would see something like this in my arcade folder:  sf2 - video.mp4

I would then choose to put the box front in the same folder.  For that, I could do something like:

Arcade\<title> - BoxFront<ext>

Once again going into the Arcade form I would see sf2 - BoxFront.png

Most of these type of programs have multiple masks, so if we had something like <platform>, <title>, <media>,<ext> etc, one could get really creative on how they save their files allowing for the greatest compatibility with other systems and emulators.

For example, I could then do

<platform>\<title>\<title> - <media><ext>

and I would get a lovely

arcade\sf2\sf2 - video.mp4  which would allow me to group all my media by platform then game title and keep it all together.


Does launchbox have any type of filtering or masks like this or is this something might be added if it doesnt?

NOTE: One of the reasons I am asking, is I am currently designing a media manager that works along with launchbox to help people quickly see which media items they are missing and easily add them into launchbox.  Similar to how Media Browser, Elk, and Tiny Media Manager work for movies and tv shows for Kodi.  I am trying to stream line the output of the manager so the file/folder structure loads the quickest and is the easiest to handle within itself and within launchbox as well as the meta files.  I will post some screenshots soon.


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2 hours ago, greengeek said:

@Jason Carr

Does LaunchBox have any type of logic similar to this?

I'm not exactly following the question @greengeek, but LaunchBox will automatically pick up media that is named correctly and in the correct folder, yes, but it is not currently customizable. It will pick up videos and images that either match the name of the ROM file, or match the title of the game. We could add further customization to it all in the future, but it probably won't be a priority for the short term.

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