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streaming bigbox to other computers


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just FYI.  i tried streaming using the program "parsec" this morning... works great.. very happy... very low lag... really supprised.. to me alot better than stream in home streaming but that is just my experience. and i have just tried over local area network right now.. i'll try over the internet at a later time... my network is gigabit wired and ac 5ghz wireless.. both were great.. and one computer was a i3 with only 4gb or ram (which is below what they recommend)... so just in case any body was wondering.. i've had good luck... 

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To add to this: I've recently tried out Parsec as well, and I was able to successfully play co-op with a friend who was in another town. It set up his controller to work with my PC with Bigbox/Retroarch recognized. We played a complete playthrough of Sunset Riders and also played a bit of Salt & Sanctuary, He said he noticed no lag or quality issues. I suspect there is at least a LITTLE BIT of input lag, but both of those games require moderately fast reactions and he seemed to be playing just fine.

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I just set up Parsec to play BigBox and some pc games while I'm away. I am using my phone and a dualshock4 with a clamp mount to connect to my home pc. As far as latency I did notice a tiny hit in latency but that was in a bad 4G area so I'd say it performed fairly well. This actually made me want to get a new phone so I can still game when I'm in other states and such, playing on my 6" Galaxy S6 was acceptable but it would have been better with a larger screen, especially with pc games but console stuff was pretty ok since it is mostly designed to be view from a distance. My home connection has 30Mbit up and 300Mbit down so it's pretty solid on wifi but expect to see some latency over 4G as noted above.

Edit: Strike that bit about 4G, turns out I still had wifi on.

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