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15 minutes ago, defianceEgyptia said:

They are .bin files. Can I merge them into 1 file?

You can but you would have to mount the cue sheet into a virtual cd program such as Daemon Tools Lite and "re-rip" the disk using ImgBurn, this is a pain in the ass and if you do install Damon Tools be extremely careful and read each step of the installer to not accidentally install the ad-ware, plus there are issues with it and Windows 10 if you are using that.

You can also convert to either a PBP file or a CHD file if you are using Retroarch to emulate the PS1. I know ePSXe supports PBP files but I don't think it supports CHD.

19 minutes ago, defianceEgyptia said:

I also have a four disk set that I would like to run as well. Can these be combined to 1 file?

These can be merged into a single PBP file. The other thing you can and should do for these is to create an m3u playlist file. To do this simply create a plain txt file in the same folder as the disk images then open the file in notepad and type in the name of the individual cue files on each line, then rename the file extension to .m3u instead of .txt.

For example here is what my Final Fantasy VII m3u file looks like:

Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 1).cue
Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 2).cue
Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 3).cue


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