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Mame crashes in BigBox


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I'm having an issue with BigBox where if I launch a game using Nestopia or Fusion from within BigBox, then launch a Mame rom, Mame quits working and it requires a CPU reboot to remedy. Mame just launches and immediately quits.

If I don't launch Nestopia or BigBox then Mame functions as intended. Even if I completely quit BigBox, Mame will not launch until the CPU is rebooted.

Strange but everything operates properly with LaunchBox, it is only with BigBox that I'm having the issue.

I'm using Winipac and LedBlinky as well. I've tried everything I can think to debug this and I feel it must be some temporary config file or xml issue but I'm not sure how to trace it.

I also recently set up RocketLauncher to handle the key bindings for exiting Fusion and handle bezels for Mame, however I have disabled this since the issue popped up to troubleshoot and have reassigned the emulation of all roms back to Mame, Nestopia and Fusion directly form LaunchBox. 

Running Windows 7Pro, Mame64 0.194 with compatible rom set , latest full release of LaunchBox/Bigbox

I can look up the versions of LedBlinky, Winipac and RocketLauncher once I'm home if that helps.

Any ideas would be on this would be great.


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I need Winipac for my controls and LEDBlinky for my led buttons. It's possible RocketLauncher introduced something when I set that up but it's not configured to use it right now so I'm not sure. It's just really odd this only happens with BigBox and not LaunchBox.

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