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Make Porject64 invisible


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When I start a N64 game I first see the main ptoject64 screen in windowed mode with all my roms.  The screen then flashes black and loads the rom.  

Is there away to not see this screen?   it really takes away from the experience

When a ROM starts there is a blue box in the bottom center that says "emulation started".  I was able to remove the text, but the box remains.

Is there away to make the box disappear?



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No way that I know of, this is just a side effect of how PJ64 launches. You can either use RocketLauncher and fades to hide it or wait for Jason to implement fades directly into Launchbox which is coming sometime in the semi near future. It was fairly high up on the last poll so it shouldn't be too far off but there is a couple of things that are being worked on first.

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