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Disc based games creating multiple copies in the platforms directory


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So a bit of a weird problem, that I can't see anywhere else.

I'm new to launchbox, but I've not had any major problems with it so far. Even this one is relatively minor.

Basically when I import a CD based game (PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-CD or PlayStation games so far) I'm having the import pull the file from one USB drive and transfer it to another where I have my launchbox installation.

It goes fine, all the games appear in the library as expected and even multi-disc games get one entry (With the other discs mentioned under the "Additional apps" section of the games meta-data page), but within the actual folder where the Bin and Cue files have been copied there are now two copies of each file.

For example...

Clock Tower.bin & Clock Tower.cue now have copies alongside them (Clock Tower-1.bin and Clock Tower-1.cue). So for this one game there are now four files instead of two.

Some games have several copies with -2, -3 etc at the end. The files all appear to be straight copies (They have the same file sizes) and while everything appears to work fine, when I'm looking at games that come on three or more discs it's adding up to a lot of wasted space.

Any suggestions? I'm going to try deleting the extra files for one of the games to see if that makes any difference.

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I think I've figured it out.

If I ask it to import only the .cue files, or only the .bin files, it will automatically copy/move the other file as well.

So when I ran the import tool and selected both, it ended up making two copies of each file. Not sure where I ended up with some that ended in -2 and -3, but either way, problem solved.

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Nah that theory doesn't sound right if you got it fixed that is great but it shouldn't have done that to begin with if you move the files into the folders it should only move each file once if you copy it in there it should still only make one copy of it.

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