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Dolphin and nNasos

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Hi, someone can help me please?

Until a few days ago I was using nNasos with a script to be able to launch my compressed games of cube and wii in dolphin. Is this... 

I have been using this method for several months without problems ... but recently I have switched from PC to another more powerful one. I am configuring again launchbox and all the emulators and now nNasos is giving me this error coming from Dolphin. The script seems to work fine and even decompress the iso well but when you have to launch dolphin, it does not start and I get an error.
I have tried to change the dolphin version and even use its Ishiiruka version ... and the same error keeps coming up constantly.

P.D: post this here because the creator of the post of this script with nNASOS seems to give no sign of life.



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Thanks for answering.

In the Dolphin emulator configuration I have -e and -b ... as I had it until 2 or 3 weeks ago. I do not find the reason why nNasos decompresses well but then at the time of having to launch Dolphin this gives me error.
I have the same configuration that was working correctly until changing my pc ... except for the change in the routes of the roms and isos.

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Probably too late now, but try a simpler path then what your using and also check that its actually a .dec file you are decrypting.

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Thanks for answering, it's not too late ...
I never got to know why I was giving that error when I finished the decompression. Try changing the routes and places of files, other versions of dolphin ... and nothing.
In the end, dismiss the self-decompression and do it manually.

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