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  1. Sounds like a permission issue with windows, maybe try running launchbox as admin?. I know i had same problem with clrmame pro, it would not see my network NAS drive when i tried to scan. I moved it to a different location and it worked.
  2. Anyone have any setting recommendations for Beetle PSX HW? I know it depends on hardware ect, but like mostly changes that upscale it to look better overall from original without out going silly, that would allow most games to play fine on a mid range PC. I have played around with settings a bit but still trying to find that happy medium so to speak.
  3. makjade

    Platform problem..

    Thanks for the reply. Looks like that fixed it, But instead of being in the playlist folder it was in \Launchbox\Data\Platforms folder Removed All.xml from there and now seems to have fixed it. Thank you.
  4. makjade

    Platform problem..

    Yeah it looks like i might have to try and remove some lines in the .xml. I think from memory i accidentally renamed my mame platform to "ALL" then when i realized it was to late and i could not edit to rename it back or delete it.
  5. makjade

    Platform problem..

    Hi, Not sure what has happened here but i seem to have two "ALL's" under Platforms as in picture. And it doesn't allow me to delete one? Also shows double ups of games when i click on one "ALL" but if i click the other "ALL" seems normal. Is there somewhere in the config file that i can remove one? Thanks heaps.
  6. Probably too late now, but try a simpler path then what your using and also check that its actually a .dec file you are decrypting.
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