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one problem I run into all the time with emulators and pc games is if the controller isn't turned on \ plugged in before I start said application then it doesn't see it at all after I do turn on the controller. This was the main reason I went to retroarch for emulation and also why I also started using retroarch for mame. There are still other emulators and plenty of pc games I play. But having to quit then restart or if a second player wants to join just to get the controllers recognized. Sometimes the controller settings get wiped and I have to set it up all over again.

Is there a program like x360ce but for dinput so I can setup a "virtual" controller then emulator/game thinks is always plugged in? Like x360ce setup multiple controllers player1, player2, etc. So I can just start these applications then pick up my wireless Xbox 360 controller turn it on and start playing?

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