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  1. Parsec is a good program for remoting in to a computer and it supports gamepads. There is also Steam in home streaming. I use Splashtop personal for general remote stuff as well. As for a laptop just about anything really, I would just make sure it has good wifi ac (5ghz) and at least a 1080p screen. Also a good keyboard and trackpad
  2. Happens to me too. I have to wait and wait then finally the edit window opens and responds
  3. Might need an ahk script that sends the keyboard shortcut to exit retroarch so retroarch can write the files it needs to as its closing
  4. I think Microsoft one drive can work in this way. Once a file is opened it gets downloaded. Don't know if Dropbox or Google storage is the same. People who use other cloud storage services would have to comment with their experience.
  5. That is how I got my psx games. There just are not any European roms in the collection. Which there are some Japanese games released in Europe in English so I've hunted those down separately.
  6. Yup chds and the beetle core in retroarch work great together. I downloaded a whole chd torrent collection for psx from a dome place...
  7. I've used a program called pakkiso to uncompress those type of compressed roms. Then most Emulators can load the cue or other files
  8. this is the main reason I use retroarch for fba and mame. Once you start using retroarch for mame then you can start researching and testing and playing around with ini files and mame bezels. Other then the mame core not using opengl or direct video renderer it works pretty work and the controllers work easier.
  9. What I do now is just update the missing media then run image cleanup and if I run into an image I don't like I delete it (usually fanart backgrounds or bad looking front box) using the launchbox interface.
  10. I have noticed the samething. One thing I can add is if the image in the LB DB gets updated in at all it will be seen as a "new" image by the scrapper because it's hash is different and will be downloaded again. At least that's the behavior as it seems to me
  11. I would like a start up screen that is configurable, something I would like would wait till a button on the controller was pressed. There are games and emulators that have to have the controller turned on before they are launched or the controller doesn't work. Maybe also picking some options (with the controller) before the game or emulator launched. To do something like copy over an ini file to a directory or other behind the scenes things. I'm not a bezel person. They only time I like bezels is on the compilations where they show moves or stats. A pause menu would be great. I would check the manual or another pdf for a moves list or statergy guide. Being able to save and load state on the pause menu would be great on emulators that don't have easy to use controller interface. I try using borderless full screen mode whenever I can. My tv/monitor or Windows just doesn't switch resolutions elegantly. Also some emulators work/behave better in windowed mode so I use that if that don't have a borderless mode. So having a bezel to cover up the window in that situation would be cool.
  12. Could create a junction shortcut to a different location. I haven't examined the ini and settings files for launch box to see if the image cache path is in there somewhere
  13. The name of the image should be the database name with a - 01 at the end (ex. Super Mario Bros.-01.png), I believe the image can also be the name of the rom file. If you have multiple images per image type then just up the number value at the end -01 -02 -03 etc.
  14. Shouldn't the main name just be the name of the game and ad&d/advanced dungeons & dragons at the beginning be alternate name entries?
  15. These advanced dungeons & dragons edits are making me sad 😭
  16. Apparently enough people approved all the ad&d edits. Now I'm getting advanced dungeons & dragons: game name edits now
  17. Why doesn't the database have a series entry but the launchbox app does? Where do we suggest improvements to the whole database system?
  18. Ran into them a few days ago. Rejected all of them and one had a typo of AR&R which I thought was funny
  19. I use Ctrl+p now to launch a game from keyboard. Not the same workflow but I keep my hands on the keyboard the same.
  20. I would download the retro arch full install exe (which will be the largest). It'll have the prerequisites and dependencies needed to run
  21. Not that I've noticed. The compression isn't the best, like a zip file compression set to it's least setting. But its mainly about speed, I don't noticed that the files are compressed when launching games. Once the folder is set to compress when you copy/move files over it gets compressed on the fly so it can appear to be copying/moving slowly.
  22. I use the Windows NTFS compression. On my cd/dvd based systems it goes from 1.91TB to 1.33TB, so not bad. My Roms folder on the whole goes from 3.05TB to 2.36TB. To enable it just go to the folder properties, then advanced, then check compress to save space. I have it set on my whole rom folder.
  23. that is just wow. I use launchbox to launch all games. especially pc games bought on all the different stores (steam, Gog, origin, uplay, Facebook gameroom). Must of been just the mention of the word rom.
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