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Any preconfigured builds?


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I bought Launchbox premium some time ago, but never fully got it set up.  I'd like to finally get that taken care of though - the problem is, I don't spend very much time in front of the computer that I've installed it on.  Are there any preconfigured downloads?  That would save me a lot of time and hassle.  I don't need game packs or anything like that, I'd just like a quick and easy way to get Launchbox fully configured.  If it matters, my primary systems that I would be wanting to set up are some of the Ataris (Atari ST, 5200, 800), the Amiga, and possibly Intelivision.  Anything else (ie Sega/Nintendo) would be a bonus, but the other systems are the ones I'm particularly after.  If not, does anyone have any favourite tutorials to direct me to?

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