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Mame launching problem with ini file checked !


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first, please excuse my bad english, it's not my mother tongue.
Then my problem seams to happen a lot, but I couldn't find a fix anywher, so sorry if you think "another dumb noob". Well, I'll try my best to keep logical and be the more informative and specific.
The probleme is : MAMEUI (and MAME) 0.198 launching roms (from a 0.198 rom set), but launchbox fails to.
Launchbox ver is 5.9, premium. Windows is 10 1803, I recently did the April update and struggled to fix many problems, so I suspect something going on here.

MAMEUI64 is my default Arcade Emulateur and launch successfully through Launchbox.

I tried different things :

1) Separate roms from emultor :
So my emulator is here : F:\Jeux\Emulation\Emulateurs\Arcade\mameui64_198\mameui64.exe
My mame.ini file rom path is set to : rompath  "F:\Jeux\Emulation\Roms\Arcade\MAME 0.198 CHDs (merged);F:\Jeux\Emulation\Roms\Arcade\roms_split0198;F:\Jeux\Emulation\Emulateurs\Arcade\mameui64_198\roms"
BTW the mame roms folder is empty
I can launch a rom throught mameui64 (e.g: three stooges) but not through Launchbox (message error NOT FOUND, see picture)
The rom path in launchbox :  ..\..\Emulation\Roms\Arcade\roms_split0198\3stooges.zip

2) Then I tried to move a few working roms in the mame rom folder :
My mame.ini file is still the same
I moved my 3 stooges rom from the separate folder to F:\Jeux\Emulation\Emulateurs\Arcade\mameui64_198\roms
now the rom can be launched throught both LaunchBox and MameUI.
Great but, since I want to keep chds, roms and other stuff separated, the "everything in the rom mame folder" solution is a bad solution for me.
3) The I thought, ok, maybe I can use subfolders in the rom mame folder. So I put my 3 stooges rom in a rom mame subfolder mameui64_198\roms\roms_split_0198, but same problem as #1. (I added this subfolder to the ini mame file rompath)
4) Finally I tested to put my 3 stooges rom in a folder named rom_fav next to the rom mame folder (adding rom_fav to the ini rompath). Same problem

So the only working solution is not a good solution for me, and I never had this problems before my windows update.
Does it ring a bell ?
Thanks for helping, please let me know if you need more informations



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