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Sorry if this is not the right location for my thread...

I am looking for a way to compare my collection against the games DB.
I would like a way to quickly identify games that are missing from my collection so i know what I am missing.
It would also be good to have some type of notification of when new metadata is available that impacts my collection.
It seems that if i search for missing metadata on a game that was already setup i end up with many duplicate images - probably something in my workflow that i just dont realize...

Lastly i have been going through my systems and finding that several of my box art settings need to be changed.
For example - NES 1942... i get both the us and japan box cover listed as "Box-Front".
It seems this causes LaunchBox to randomly select which version of the box art to display when i refresh the image.
I have been manually changing the image settings to "Fan Art Box-Front" which is making my OCD come unglued.
Maybe a region subcategory would be nice for things like "Cart Image" and "Box Art" etc... unless others have a more appropriate workaround?



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I went through the images for my games and deleted a bunch of stuff. All the non-region-appropriate boxart, all but 1 piece of fanart, all but 1 screenshot, only the biggest and cleanest clear logo. Then I went to tools-->clean up images and it deleted all that stuff from the HDD.

It was tedious, manual process but I don't think there's a better way in my case as I only really wanted 1 image per category and I wanted to pick it out myself. Having so few images in my media folders vs the massive dump that launchbox scrapes by default makes my image caching take way less time. The caveat here being that my curated collection is around 450 games across all systems so it only took a couple of days to do it. If you've got thousands and thousands of games like a lot of folks on here do, this might be too tall an order.

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