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  1. Completing Meta Data

    So I have been out of the loop in terms of current updates, 3rd party plugins and forum chatter. I am cleaning up the metadata on my SNES system and I am finding that a lot of the games I have in Launchbox have some metadata that was downloaded from the LB database, but when i try to search for updates i get a message that the game could not be found in the database... not sure whats going on here. So i was going to start populating the immages manually from the interwebs, but i am sure that me putting files in my own folders is not the most efficient way to improve the situation. Is there a recommended method for how i should go about finding metadata and uploading it to the data base so that everyone's games can be updated, and the auto-update functions will work better for my collection
  2. Win 3x0

  3. BigBox Performance and How to Make it Better

    Is thathe raw clock speed or does a multi core system offer advantages? Does BigBox take advantage of multi threading?
  4. BigBox Performance and How to Make it Better

    Is BigBox more ram intense or is the clock speed also critical? I can ado plenty of ram, but I don't think I can upgrade the processor unless I want to build a new pc. I'm running a 2.6ghz processor, but I only have 6gb ram. I have 3 open slots and could easily add another 48 gb of ram if it would help?
  5. Win 3x0

    Is it possible that someone can walk me through launching Heroes of Might and Magic, Advanced Civ, and Sword of Aragon in Launchbox. Most of the other games I am able to fix on my own when needed, but these 3 have given me a significant amount of trouble. Thanks And I definitely agree - TYVM for all the effort that went in to creating these sets! I can not even imagine...
  6. Win 3x0

    Is it of use to document my reults here or is this a waste of effort? I would assume most of the issues will fall into a few categories of how to adjust to make it work. It might also be helpful for Jason to identify opportunities for improving? If it's not of value though I don't want to waste everyone's time? -Coleman
  7. Win 3x0

    Thanks for the response. Initially when I attempted to run the dos importer I had the files still zipped. When that did not work I started unzipping them manually 1 by 1 and using the dos install option in LB. So far I have been about 50% successful getting the games to launch from Launch box this way. After reading your response I decided to go back and try a few of the games I could not get to launch (Advanced Civilization, Sword of Aragon, Heroes of Might and Magic etc.) The Dos import did not work for any of the games that I was also not able to install manually... I think my next try is to ma's import several games I have not tried yet and then remove any that did not properly setup. -Coleman
  8. Win 3x0

    So I just found this: Next time I'll search first-post second...
  9. Win 3x0

    Thanks Patham! Is there any info on expected timing... should I wait or is it going to be a long time? Also, I just got a game working through dos box, bUT I want to use controllers instead of keyboard commands. Is there a preferred way to impliment this? TIA -Coleman
  10. Win 3x0

    For the eXo dos games; is it a process of importing one at a time or is there an import all function I should know about? Think I'll play around with the win 3x0 as well see what happens...
  11. Win 3x0

    I am looking to install the win 3x0 set in Launchbox. The Readme file states that there is a .bat setup that will install all of the games to run in a FE called MEAGER. Is there a different setup for Launchbox? Do I load one game at a time? It also mentions that any games requirin special configuration's of DosBox have already been correctly setup. Is there any special consideration for this in Launchbox? Any tutorials that I'm missing?
  12. Matching the database with No-Intro names

    Thanks, but what do I rename them to?
  13. Matching the database with No-Intro names

    How do i determine what the correct game name is supposed to be? I am going through a C64 import. it seems that most of my zip folders have the correct name, but the actual files inside the zip are all wrong. i was going to use a utility to match up the names, but i need to find a list to match them with... any suggestions?
  14. Total Dos Collection

    Ahh. I did not realize that EXO everything.
  15. Total Dos Collection

    Yes - I agree that this would be the easy button, but there should be a resource available to learn how to deal with the TDC format as well. I am more interested in having a complete collection that I have to work for a bit then a collection of games that are a plug and play selection of what someone else liked. I am just struggling to gain a little traction on the 'how to' of it. I would think that if an auto import of EXO for Launchbox could be done then also an auto import of TDC could be done?