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  1. How do i edit the series list to add new series fields that are missing from the default list?
  2. Hi everyone, Im having trouble getting dolphin to work well with Launchbox, and hoping someone can help me. 1) is there a good way to launch controller config per game via CLI? It seems that Dolphin tries to load the last used controller settings for every game, which really does not work with controller emulation... 2) When a game launches via Launchbox, the menu GUI is not accessable. Is there a way to change launch parameters so both the menu and game window launch from Launchbox? I cant access the menu which i need for things like loading the emulated controller config o
  3. Thanks to the screen shots above and various youtube tutorials, I have it working! I noticed that the MAME emulator config was not using the "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" argument. So I installed MESS 0.216 to create a separate emulator as suggested, but only for retro computers. Set the command line arguments the same as shown above and everything is working. I am assuming that the bios files do not need to be updated with each iteration of MAME the way the arcade boards do? Thanks for the help Monkus 👍
  4. Thanks! Can you post a couple screen shots from a game edit window so I can try to modify my game specific settings? Not sure I want to run 2 versions of MAME
  5. So I have managed to launch the game from mame, but it's not simple... Step 1 launch empty Step 2 hit scroll lock to enter partial emulation Step 3 hit tab and select file manager Step 4 select cartridge Step 5 browse and select game file It works, but would be better with a launcher...
  6. Sorry to necro this one, but google pointed me here and for the one or two others who want to get a coco running through launch box, I assume it is best to keep the info together. I am trying to play a cart via MESS for Mame 0.193... I can launch coco3 from mame and start empty, but I think I am not able to see the rom I am trying to play. I am hesitant to mess with any of the MAME .ini or config because it's working for all of my arcade games via the awesome Launchbox importer for MAME... So I import a rom into launchbox under a new system for trs80. I added commands to the cl pro
  7. Ok - thanks Jason! I was just clicking and dragging which was not working at all. Hovering + wheel works and seems to have woken up the left click and drag functionality as well.
  8. I'm not running the beta, but I noticed that I cant adjust the sound dial in launchbox. Is this a known issue?
  9. So I cant seem to launch my launch box app... Big box also does not seem to launch. I believe that a beta downloaded and updated, but I am not sure which version... Is there a recommended workflow on backing up configs etc. to Install a clean copy and start over? Thanks
  10. Sorry if this is not the right location for my thread... I am looking for a way to compare my collection against the games DB. I would like a way to quickly identify games that are missing from my collection so i know what I am missing. It would also be good to have some type of notification of when new metadata is available that impacts my collection. It seems that if i search for missing metadata on a game that was already setup i end up with many duplicate images - probably something in my workflow that i just dont realize... Lastly i have been going through my systems and f
  11. Here is an example that is not blank. Most of the are empty. If sourcing new ones is the way to go... it is what it is. Ys I & II - Ancient Ys Vanished (HCD4074) (Japan).cue
  12. No - dropping the rom into RetroArch produces the same result as launching from launchbox. cue files are either blank or nonsense... Grabbing a single game with a proper cue sheet works fine - so it looks like my set just has messed up .cue files
  13. Hmm. Images are still ok. maybe because i used files in current location, and did not move into LB directory? So as i am trying to setup the PC Engine CD games it appears that my set of cue files might be bad. I got the set about a year ago, and i am wondering if anyone has run into this issue on here. Google tells me i am not the first person to encounter this from the same time period, but i am having trouble following a fix other then just re grabbing the roms... Any suggestions? I know i have RA setup with the bios files correct, and if i run roms not from the set they wo
  14. Yeah - mine is working, just had to change the platform name to TurboGrafx-16. Im guessing you renamed the associated platform in the RetroArch dialog and not the platform itself? Or you imported the system at a time when the import wizard allowed you to enter the name instead of pick from a list? Now to get the CD games working...
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