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  1. Coleman

    Games Database

    Sorry if this is not the right location for my thread... I am looking for a way to compare my collection against the games DB. I would like a way to quickly identify games that are missing from my collection so i know what I am missing. It would also be good to have some type of notification of when new metadata is available that impacts my collection. It seems that if i search for missing metadata on a game that was already setup i end up with many duplicate images - probably something in my workflow that i just dont realize... Lastly i have been going through my systems and finding that several of my box art settings need to be changed. For example - NES 1942... i get both the us and japan box cover listed as "Box-Front". It seems this causes LaunchBox to randomly select which version of the box art to display when i refresh the image. I have been manually changing the image settings to "Fan Art Box-Front" which is making my OCD come unglued. Maybe a region subcategory would be nice for things like "Cart Image" and "Box Art" etc... unless others have a more appropriate workaround?
  2. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    Here is an example that is not blank. Most of the are empty. If sourcing new ones is the way to go... it is what it is. Ys I & II - Ancient Ys Vanished (HCD4074) (Japan).cue
  3. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    No - dropping the rom into RetroArch produces the same result as launching from launchbox. cue files are either blank or nonsense... Grabbing a single game with a proper cue sheet works fine - so it looks like my set just has messed up .cue files
  4. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    Hmm. Images are still ok. maybe because i used files in current location, and did not move into LB directory? So as i am trying to setup the PC Engine CD games it appears that my set of cue files might be bad. I got the set about a year ago, and i am wondering if anyone has run into this issue on here. Google tells me i am not the first person to encounter this from the same time period, but i am having trouble following a fix other then just re grabbing the roms... Any suggestions? I know i have RA setup with the bios files correct, and if i run roms not from the set they work. But once i get past the bios screen to load the image i get a an error loading message and hit a wall. I can pull down new roms manually 1 at a time, but that seems like an awful waste if someone has a better idea
  5. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    Yeah - mine is working, just had to change the platform name to TurboGrafx-16. Im guessing you renamed the associated platform in the RetroArch dialog and not the platform itself? Or you imported the system at a time when the import wizard allowed you to enter the name instead of pick from a list? Now to get the CD games working...
  6. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    Its interesting - I can launch my rom with the wrong associated platform name if i add the CL to the global setting, but it seems that i cant add a -L command to the associated platform additional commands which i think would allow me to name the platform however i want and launch with a custom command line argument.
  7. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    I typed this here to show what i was trying to do. If i type the -L command here it erases whatever i type once the window is closed.
  8. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    Typing in the -L command here will work without matching the platform names, but it tries to launch all platforms with this core now...
  9. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

  10. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    I am running 8.4 - beta 6 I can get to the associated platforms tab from multiple places. When i enter the command it looks correct, but when I click ok and go back to the associated platform tab my command is erased. Maybe a bug in the beta?
  11. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    Yes - It works! Thanks! I don't understand why I cant add platform specific CL parameters, and I dont understand why i have to match the platform names, but it works following your advice. 👍
  12. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    So it seems that if i add a default command line parameter -L "cores\mednafen_pce_fast_libretro.dll" everything works... Except for all of my other platforms that use RetroArch. I tried to add it as an associated platform command line, but after i close the window it removes the text. If i add it as a default command line parameter then everything works... Your on to something Dos76! If i rename my platform: TurboGrafx-16 it works. When i name it NEC Turbo Grafx-16 which is how my file structure is setup it does not.
  13. Coleman

    NEC Turbo Grafx

    I am importing Turbo Grafx Roms for the first time into launch box. The import went ok, but now when i try to launch the games the launch is not responsive. I can access other functions in Launch Box like editing the config for the game, but the play/launch commands do nothing. I am using the current beta, but i dont think this is the problem as other games will launch fine - unless it has to do with a bug specific to importing a new system? Anyway - if i drop the .zip into RetroArch via drag an drop the game will launch fine. Just wont launch out of LaunchBox. Launching other games out using RetroArch run fine just not the Turbo Grafx games... Using the beetle core for RetroArch. Any Suggestions?
  14. Coleman

    Duplicate Images

    Hello, Noticed i was missing an image for box cover front - image was showing 3D box art... So i download images from the database, and i get a handfull of duplicates (I thought that wasn't supposed to happen anymore?). Trying to delete an image from the .Next interface on the side bar.
  15. Coleman

    LaunchBox.Next missing from header

    i have this also. i think its due to my windows font size. there is a menu extender button thats hard to see 'cause its black on black...