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  1. This is why we need OR descriptors for auto playlists. then you could have 3 tags, Non VR, VR optional, VR required. then you could make an auto playlist with the rules "contains, Non VR OR VR optional" and "VR optional OR VR required". But as it stands now, auto playlist functionality is pretty neutered until we get some real query logic.
  2. you could get pretty crazy with subgenres. You'd have to define what the top level genres are, major subgenres, styles of those subgenres etc. So like if you wanted to classify say DoDonPachi it might look like: Action-->Shooter-->Shoot 'em up-->Bullet Hell I'd imagine the genre tags would have to fly out like collapsible folders for all that to be useful though as for something like Warframe where it clearly fits in multiple different genres (RPG, Third Person Shooter, Hack n' Slash) you'd need to have the ability to define that easily too.
  3. For something like Outrun, I can't imagine playing the vanilla rom anymore after discovering and properly setting up Cannonball. That is clearly the definitive way to play Outrun for me. Sound fixes, customizable difficulty/traffic, customizable maps, 60fps, true HD widescreen support. It's the only way to go for that game imo.
  4. I was able to solve my bluetooth latency issue by ensuring that the dongle was plugged into USB 2.0 port and not 3.0. apparently there's something about the 3.0 bus that interferes with the way BT operates. Also found that I needed better line of sight between the dongle and the controllers so I connected a usb extension cable to said 2.0 port and routed it to a more centralized location in my game room. I then monitored the latency with DS4windows to ensure that it stopped spiking. Some of the latency for me though doesn't feel like controller latency, moreso the way big box loads in images sequentially on particular wheel views.
  5. is the controller a D-input controller? X-input? are you emulating x-input with inputmapper or similar? is steam running in the background? I had similar issues with my DS4 and it turns out steam will grab exclusive control of it before Ds4windows gets a chance to put it in exclusive mode. what then happens is that windows sees the controller as both the d input controller and the x input controller so it gets assigned 2 slots for a single controller and produces double inputs. I had to disable steam at startup to fix it.
  6. Go into launch box and select Sega Saturn platform and change your image group from disc to box
  7. that's good to know as I was heavily considering setting up RL to create fade screens with per game control diagrams before the game launches as well as having the walkthroughs/movesets available in the pause menu but if it doesn't work right anymore then I'll hold off until those features are integrated into launchbox.
  8. Does controller companion have a no steam version? Steam seems to grab my controller and mess up the slot assign ments when it's open
  9. looks great. Love that you tested it with dodonpachi
  10. Ah. I see now. A per platform, customizable placeholder image. Thanks for clarifying.
  11. What does "custom default game images per platform" mean? Like to be able to choose between mega drive over Genesis covers, for example?
  12. these batch files you make are very useful. They really help cut down on time spent curating a library. Time that could be much better spent playing the games. I just want you to know that the time you spend doing this is appreciated.
  13. sounds like a bad drive. bummer dude. usually even mechanical drives won't spin really hard like that if they're fine. I'd see about doing an exchange on it.
  14. if you use retroarch then you can enable integer scaling globally and that will usually bring the game out of "full" screen and introduce smaller black bars across the top and bottom but will still technically be running in full screen mode. That sounds like what you're looking to accomplish.
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