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  1. whoozwah

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    I couldn't get Gunvalkyrie to launch. First it gave an error about missing the dashboard so I found the dashboard that the emu devs said works best and loaded it but it just loads to the save game manager. Never actually launches the game
  2. whoozwah

    Star Wars : Rogue Squadron (N64) - no load

    If you want to play the game and don't care about emulating it I think it's on gog. I think.
  3. whoozwah

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    yeah. I'll just do a search for default.xbe inside my xbox folder and import them as files.
  4. whoozwah

    No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    So just to summarize, when using a non merged mame set you don't need to worry about bios files? clones are separate from parents and include any bios files like the pgm, qsound, neogeo etc within the rom file itself? on PD there is a separate pack that only has the bios files in it so it's no big deal if errors are produced due to them being missing. I wanted to clarify that though.
  5. whoozwah

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    lol. yes. all of them. This weekend will be fun trying out various games to see what they do. Tweaking settings to get it set right. Trying to set it up in launchbox. Good project weekend.
  6. whoozwah

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    I just tried it out this morning. Panzer Dragoon Orta launches and runs at mostly 60fps with a few hitches. But from the few minutes of it I played it's definitely playable. This game is one of my emulation white whales. That I got to play it even for a little bit today is exciting as all the cuss words.
  7. whoozwah

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    There are a very very low number of xbox exclusives that I really want to play but those games I REALLY want to play. I honestly think the worst thing that could happen to this emulator is that Sega releases excellent PC ports of their xbox exclusives. PDO, JSRF and even Gunvalkyrie are on my list of games I really wanna play again at some point.
  8. whoozwah

    Recommend a controller?

    Dualshock 4 controllers are my goto controllers for pretty much everything except genesis, saturn and mame fighters that use 6 buttons. I use a USB saturn pad for that.
  9. whoozwah

    What Kind of music do you listen?

    like most here I listen to metal and outrun/retrowave. I particularly like bands that combine elements of both like Haken's last album and the new ZETA album.
  10. whoozwah


    I used to collect but I've lived in 3 states in 5 years so I have gotten rid of everything except my model 1 sega genesis, everdrive and commodore 1084D1 monitor which I have connected up via rgb through the serial port on the back. I use that for the real deal classic experience but even then with ULMB, black frame insertion, runahead frames, universal shader support and a USB saturn pad I don't even need that anymore. So I pretty much only emulate now. The experience is better than the real thing imo.
  11. whoozwah

    No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

    I'd add all the cave games but if nothing else I'd add ddp doj black label.
  12. whoozwah


    Possibly the cleanest and most visually pleasing and well organized set of themes on the site imo. So glad to be able to use these. Makes the experience that much better!
  13. whoozwah

    Steam games for Arcade Cabinet

    all the cave ports. dodonpachi resurrection 1.5 deathsmiles mushihimesama
  14. whoozwah

    BigBox Particle Logo Reveal

    This one I really like. It's very tasteful, doesn't drag out too long, isn't tied to any specific theme and isn't as...ostentatious as some of the videos I've seen on here (as beautifully animated as they are). Works well with any bigbox theme. A+
  15. whoozwah

    Coverbox - Sega 32X

    Coverbox - Sega 32X View File Giving full credit to faeran for creating the great coverbox themes originally I present a modified Genesis theme to fit the Sega 32X. It includes the original copperplate font referenced by the theme. Unzip the file to your Launchbox/Themes directory Install the copperplate font located in the fonts folder if you haven't already navigate to your 32X platform in bigbox set the theme to coverbox 32X Enjoy. I thank faeran for their great work on these and hope I'm not coming off as crass by aping these and making mods to them. Submitter whoozwah Submitted 06/12/2018 Category Big Box Custom Themes